How do you think Libra women are like in a relationship?

  • Just wanted to know our weird behaviour if we did have one, or if we were really good.

  • Libra women are the love goddess, passionate, just don't rush us. We are patient, very loving with the right guy. Love is a art form to us, soft music, candle light. We take very good care of our men out of the bedroom as well as in. A relationship with a true Libra woman will never be forgotten, faithful to our mate if we are treated right and not cheated on. Does this answer your question?

  • hehe this one was just begging to get me in here and say something, a little history on this Libra girl im seeing so that everyone understands, shes only had one relationship before, and the guy wasnt really that good to her, he liked to party(shes the more reserved,book reading, only hang out with close friends Libra) and when she was there with him he wouldnt pay attention to her at all,(the back burner i geuss) and of course she was in love with him completely, even though he never talked about his feeling for her, or even at all really, she said this also "me and my ex did jump into things very fast and skipped a lot of the getting to know the "real" me part" i dont know how they broke up or anything, but i geuss a year after they did, he finally called and told her how he felt, (she lived in colorado before moving too AZ) and i remember reading that she wrote that she had been in a long distance relationship, (which makes me think she took him back even after moving outta state), but they are done now,

    i think its been a year and a half since then, and last August she was on a dating website(with no real hope of meeting someone) and my brother sees her and thinks shed be perfect for me after reading her profile, so my brother called her before i even knew about her, and told her about me lol, and then we would text ALOT!!! (we both shy and easier too talk that way) and at first it we were moving fast,(but didnt even kiss and still havent), over these last few months we are "friends", but ill post up some direct quotes from her and see what you ladies think,

    all this below is ALL her over these few months

    "i never in my wildest dreams thought i'd meet another guy i might get serious with right now and then you show up and i'm not sure what i should do. i always want us to be honest with each other but i know (for myself at least) that it can be hard to say what you wanna say how you wanna say it. i was up half the night last night thinking about us and this situation and i dont know what to do. cause i DO wanna take it slow and i still wanna hang out and talk and stuff but at the same time i'm scared that what IF i'm not ready and then we have spent all this time together and i end up hurting you? """"""I do like you lots and LOTS but yes I am cautious and scared of anything serious right now." """"you are the only guy i'm interested in right now but its not fair for me to keep you at basically arms length (like i have been) so as stated above you can see other people if you find someone you like.

    I just really hope that you'll stay my friend and wanna hang out with me. Who knows how we'll end up in a little while? But you make me laugh and I'm comfortable being around you"""""" School HAS to be my number one no if, ands, or buts about it. I'm sorry if that sucks (trust me I think it sucks) but thats how it is""""

    OK and i should probably mention that ive said (twice now) that i love her (as a sag like me, we fall hard lol) and the first time of course scared her lol here it is "'wow...i dont know what to say really. I knew you liked me and I knew you felt more comfortable opening up to me. But I really didnt think you'd grown those kind of feelings for me.

    DAMNIT I dont know what to say to you. I'm not putting this right but /sigh I dont know. I actually think I'm gonna cry.

    I thought we were just friends right now?

    THEN I ASKED HER WHY SHE ALMOST CRIED, ""i felt like i was gonna cry cause i didnt wanna hurt you and i was so fustrated that i couldnt be what you wanted and i couldnt be at where i wanted either. your such a great guy cody and your friendship means a lot to me so i was so mad that i might have screwed it up!"""

  • ok i now that its been 3 months almost 4 now, ive always felt a strong connection with her cause we have SOOOO much in common, and i dunno its hard to explain lol i know how shes feeling etc... im not pushy anymore with her, and im being patient( with us sags this is difficult!!) but not just her is scared , i am too!! ive never had a relationship before lol but ive noticed the last few weeks (after my second time sayin i loved her) she says this "as bad as this might sound....thanks.but as much as i like you i just dont feel that. its not because i couldnt or anything its because right now i cant let myself feel that way for anyone.""" and ive noticed EVERY time i say shes beautiful , or whenI SAID THIS to her " everything ive ever said to you im not gonna deny. what i said i will admit thats the way i think and feel, but i dont want that to ruin us having a nice friendly conversation(today was fun as h-ell lol) and yes i dont KNOW you completely, but i do wanna know more, you think your not that interesting but i beg to differ lol"""" everytime i say something or anything about how i feel about her, she gets extremely child like and cute as h-ell, i cant tell that i make her very happy(as she does to me) but then like the next day all that goes away, and she ignores my text, almost like she realizes "omg i cant let myself feel this way over him, not right now" (thats what i think), so being the good, sensitve guy that i am, even though i think she possibly loves me, i still am respecting her wishes until both her and I are ready for anything more, god this libra has me soo bad lol in the short months of knowing her ive changed alot because of her(all good), and whatever happens ill be there.

    any of this sound weird to you? it does to me!! lol she acts like a kid with a HUGE crush then it goes cold, i think i might be right but i dunno what you think about my situation ?

  • Libra girl is extremely adorable and trusty. No one can ignore her.. The reason, The Guy ( Whom She love before) couldn't forgot her and she also loves him still, Because, Once A girl love some one, She can't forget that guy and can simply switch to some other guy for her convenience and comfortableness.

    Is her name is Sushma ??????????

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  • The phrase actions speak louder than words that's a Libra woman. She spoils her man to the point he stinks. They have been told "any man would be lucky to have a woman who loves that deeply". As he is going out the door. But she wants to be appreciated. The minute she feel that something she does is expected, watch out. She can be jealous and possessive. She given enough time can talk herself out of doing something with all the practical reasons why she shouldn't or couldn't. Will give to her man an do without and resent the fact that she doesn't have it returned. Will commit and then be mad because she really doesn't want to do it. She will hurt herself to keep from hurting those she loves or cares for around her. All for the sake of being fair. But when she is mad you better stay out of the way. She does have a temper and will show it if she feels she has been done wrong. You will see it when she is standing up for what she feels is right and the underdog. She can tell you off and smile when she does it and never say a swear word but leave you with your mouth hanging open cause you don't know what happened.

  • yeah im in a completely different mind set than before when im dealing with her, cause after all our messages back and forth over the months, i was understanding already but now im much more understanding thanks to her being willing to talk to me about stuff that she didnt want to talk about(so thats good), and thanks to all the wisdom i have gained on these forums,hearing the womans perspective.


    , her name in Jennifer, and yes she is very adorable lol, im very different and (better i must say) than her ex, he was alot different than her and didnt seem to care about they way she felt, but with me, we have an insane amount in common, and i do show her that i care,and also she did put up a song on her myspace the other day about " being ready for more" but i think that goes into what Libraslair has said.


    , ive noticed that what you have said describes her perfectly lol and i feel that her putting up a song saying "being ready for more" is her way of saying that she is giving into what she thinks will make me happy in order to keep the peace, because SHE HAS SAID THIS" sometimes i feel like i need to say something to make you happy, so you dont tell me to f-uc-k off " i already have seen her angry(well not seen but in messages lol) because i pretty mush said that i wanted answers from her and wanted to see if we both were wasting our time, and it sounded like an ultimatum,(boy was she pis-sed cause she felt like she was cornered) but all that is straightend out, we met in person and talked, and i think me going to see her showed her something im sure. so for me right now im done putting pressure on her, she doesnt need it and i do care about the way she feels so im gonna be good lol but as of now, we both havent talked since thursday, since friday she went to new moon without me when she said we were goin on sunday, but ehh yeah it sucked, but im not mad or anything im sure she had her reasons.

  • If you love some one truly from bottom of heart, First and foremost thing is to trust them.. There is no trust there is no love. You may ask how to trust,with out knowing him/her completely. The answer is yes, Is my love is true,then the belief would be certainly true,...People may say many things about your loved one. But, You willnot accept, as you trust that person..

    Ego, temper,anger, keeps you away from the love.. As a Lover, I don't want to hurt my lover's feelings, though she is wrong.. Give some time. Today I am a very good guy.. tomorrow i might become a bad guy.. Transformation is the nature of every thing. Only love can last for ever.. I cannt stop loving her till my last breath, whether my lover is bad or good..

  • I am sure that she never express her love to him .Libran girl is very beautiful physically. The Problem with woman is that they will never come take initiation to resolve any issue. always try to expect from the guy to show the heroism in all the cases, though it is small or big.

  • this whole time that i have been talking to her over these months, everyone has said that i should move on, or shes weird, she wants her cake and eat it too, that she is playing with me, that she is stringing me along, ive heard this for almost 4 months now, from close friends, to my older sister and older brothers, they all say that above, at times i started to believe them, and was gonna stop everything, but .....i......just. couldnt believe that, i dunno ive never felt this way before so i dunno know what it is, that day when she was mad at me, well it got me mad also, but we both didnt want to be mad at eachother, i thought "how can i be mad at her?" which i realized that i wasnt mad at "her" i was mad at myself for making her mad cause i didnt want to see her being angry when i just want to see her happy, but when i went to talk to her about it just seeing her i didnt want to talk about it any more lol

  • I told you not to push her and you did anyway. You got just exactly what I told you would happen. We don't always say too much about how we feel from our hearts that's why I said actions speak louder than words. She sounds like she is getting a little more approachable. Maybe she doesn't feel as much stress with school and tests right now because of the holidays. But the beginning of the year may be back to the same ol same ol. If so back off or you are asking for trouble again. And when your saying I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry all the time and not changing your ways well you don't want to push her to that point. And when you say it all the time it stops sounding sincere too. Just a word to the wise.

  • that arguement we had was like 3 weeks ago so its ok now, the reason we havent talked in the last few days is because i asked her about her wanting to run, asked her if she felt cornered and was looking for a way out, and she actually responded which i didnt expect, because i messged her say that i shouldnt have asked her those questions and yes i said sorry lol but she said this " you did kinda screw up cause you are asking all kinda personal things and you want me to go to a place I've said no to. but i'll try to be fair and answer some things.... " she said of course more, but she wasnt mad surprisingly, and then in my response, i cleared things up and it seemed to make her extremely happy and thats when she started acting like a lovestruck little kid LOL and in her next response she was saying this """im usually pretty open with most things. I'd tell you if i wanted to not talk anymore. oh and just fyi if you DO feel like you just HAVE to ask me something or you need me to clear something up just come out and ask me. dont say you need to ask me some things and then wait til the next day. im not saying we cant still talk about feelings and stuff we just have to be careful of which feelings we're talking about. anyhow ya just let me know if u wanna know something or w/e and you can always talk to me."""" after her last message we were instant messaging online, and thats when she was extremely flirty and cute as he-ll, we just had fun really nothing serious, she even text me the next morning and got a big kick out of waking me up with her text messages, then it all stopped after that, she probably realized how she was acting and deicided that she couldnt let herself do what she wanted,(cause im sure she knows next semester of school is coming up in jan) so in other words she hasnt contacted me since thursday cause she needed to not think about me and get her head back on straight on what she needs to be focused on,

    so Libraslair, i know i have messed up, but i get alot of mixed signals from her so whats a guy supposed to do? lol as of right now we havent talked still, but ill think ill text her tomorrow seeing how shes doing, and im just gonna be her friend until whenever, im done putting pressure on her, i know she needs to focus on school, but sometimes i think i should just stop all contact completely cause i dont wanna be a distraction to her. but i dont think thats the right thing to do, cause when ive asked her how she did on a test, shes excited to tell me about it, and when shes worried about a test coming up, i tell her shes gonna do great etc... and i think right now i think that what she wants and needs is for someone to encourage her(and as a sag we are optimists so that comes naturally for me), and shows her that i do care, im done talking all serious with her, so ill just be there as her friend. Libraslair thank you for the help over the months, im gonna listen this time

  • chevelleman I think now is the best time to be her friend. And as her friend you can check on her and tell her that if she wants to take a break from studying and get something to eat to just give you a call. Call or text and tell her your at some fast food place does she want you to bring her something. Not everyday but if you know what day she will have a test and you know she will be cramming and may not take time to eat make contact. Just don't put on the pressure cause your only going to be a thoughtful friend remember? Not a pest. Always acts more than talk. Thoughtful and you'll win her heart.

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  • shes starts fall break tomorrow i think, and she and her family are going to disneyland i geuss lol, but i text her twice today and i still havent got anything in return, just seeing how she was feeling cause last night her mood status on myspace, was "im feeling down tonight" and her mood was "lonely" , i dont like to think it was cause of me not texting her since thursday, but i think it might have been about me, and since i feel a connection with her, after i read that, i felt really down also yesterday, shes still avoiding my texts and its getting a little annoying lol, maybe i message her saying that im done talking all serious and im done putting pressure on you, and that ill just be there as her friend.? i dunno maybe but worried she might not like that also

  • JANFRYMIT and LibrasLair (ur first comment on this post) i totally agree with u........

    we Libran women, are extremely loving with our men....we take care of them and we always do things to keep them happy....... relationships with libran women will never be will be as if ur dreams will all be coming true......

    but disappoint a libra and c can be really off .....have to keep her happy,which is not always difficult.....

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