Any readings/insights anyone can share on my situation?

  • I'd be interested to hear any input anyone has on this.

    My husband (dob 27/2/76) has had ongoing issues with drinking. Late in 2007 he received some bad health news, and stopped drinking. This was wonderful and made me really realise just how bad he'd got. We were very happy, he was doing well and we had a baby. A few months after the baby was born, he started drinking again. I've made it really clear that he can't continue to drink excessively and be a parent to any child I'm having a share in raising. Hubby gets that and while it hasn't been a totally smooth road, he's been making progress. I've been encouraging him to get help with stress management, which I feel is at the base of the problem.

    Recently he's had some work related stresses. He seems to have decided that gives him the right to drink again. I've spoken to him about it, including the fact that it makes it really hard for me to support him with the stress when he's making our lives miserable. Today, we found he was at the pub when he was supposed to be elsewhere. He had my car and I was worried about it (he put a ding in it the other day driving it after drinking) so I went and got it and drove it home. I left him his car, but forgot he had not taken his keys for it. He rang up very angry. I explained he could walk (it's only five minutes!!) and he hung up on me. I went to take him the keys but couldn't find him. He has since sent a text saying he will be staying at a friend's house this evening. This is not normal practice for us at all and naturally I'm very concerned about where things are headed.

  • Hi Saucie

    How long will you keep it up before you as parent and wife break down yourself? This is endless stress. New mom and has to worry about your husband?

    As sad as it is, I think you need to have him fall all the way down. Not till then will he be able to change. Im sad to see it will involve a DUI !!!

    So you may want when you find he is out with your car or his own drinking, call the police because he endangers everyone with this. Including himself. One think is he doesnt care for himself n u and ur baby but another everyone else. Im sorry to say but this is what it takes to wake him up once n for all.

    Yoiu need to loo out for you n ur new baby.

    good luck sweetie

  • Thanks CWB. I appreciate your thoughts.

  • You´re welcome sweetie!

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