Can someone interpret? Thanks!

  • In regards to getting back with someone: Not sure if I can do a reading like this. I shuffled the cards each time I thought about a question.

    Does he think about me? Three of Swords

    How will he feel about me in 6 months? The Star

    Will we have a beautiful family together? The World

    Will he be the one to contact? Page of Swords?

    Will the contact be to get back together? The Hermit (guess not, lol)

    Will it take him awhile to want to get back together? The Fool

    How should I react to his contact? Six of Cups

    Will he always find me beautiful if we marry? Two of Cups

    I took the reading asthe following: He will contact, but will be slow to want to officially get back together. I should receive him positively. We will get married and the union will be happy and strong.


    Any feedback greatly appreciated.

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