Trying 1 more time 2 get answers

  • I've been in love with my friend Chris since I was 15.

    We hadn't seen each other 4 a long time and we reconnected a few months back.

    We spoke intimately then he backed right off.

    No one has heard from him in months including me.

    He has been deployed to Iraq.

    I have questions.

    1.Will Chris and I ever be together as a couple or even intimate?

    2.Why has he cut contact with me and everyone else?

    3.Will I hear from or see him b4 he goes?

    4.Is he currently single as he is divorced and I heard he had a bad break up?

    5.Does he have feelings 4 me?

    6.Will he be ok in Iraq?

    It's a lot but I'm worried about him and it's affecting me.


  • Hi Taurus guurrll

    1- time will show, its fuzzy for mer to see fully

    2- he is a changed man n maybe he fears he wont b loved or liked with this change

    3 - time will show

    4 - bad break up n change hurried moved with battalion can leave guilt. as in iraq he faces death each day, n leaving in with fights n no closure with any brings guilt. i need the city n country to look deeper

    5 - yes he does but since he goes to or is in iraq r they kept on a friendshiplevel - again changed man - not sure he is loved n liked in the change new old man state level

    6 - time will show

    i suggest u pray n wish him positive things, positive thinking

    hope it helped a bit

  • I messaged him saying I'm ok with us just being friends.

    He's in the Navy so on the coast of Iraq is all I know.

    My Mum was in the Army and I keep asking her "They don't get off the ship right?".

    She keeps saying no but it's Iraq and as long as it is Iraq I'll be worried.

    Whether he's on a bloody huge ship or not.

    I'm hoping absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    Crossing all fingers and


  • His birthdate 25/01/1974

    Mine 15/ 05/1974 9.50am

    Both Aussies born here.

    If that helps anyway.

  • yw hon

    ahm dob i dont work well on so to me its numbers lol

  • i get he ainy got much time for lovey dovey stuff. like they r kept on toes n allert at all times.

  • Oh well gotta have hope.

    If I don't have hope I have nothing.

    I keep telling myself he'll be ok even though I'm afraid 4 him.

    He'll always be my friend and in my heart so I'll always worry about him.

    You don't meet ppl everyday where their energy is so addictive and his energy just bounces off you and u can't help but be intrigued.

    It was like that in high school and is still like that.

  • I SO know what ya mean. Is also why i NEVER gave hope up on that ONE day i would get my libra back and that ONE DAY ONE DAY i´d truely be with him in flesh. So yea LOL

  • So many ppl tell me to give up but if I gave up everything I got told 2 give up I wouldn't be alive.

    I would've thrown the towel in many years ago.

    It seems easy 4 them 2 say that but giving in is easy and if everyone took the easy way out where would we be.

    I laugh when ppl say give up. : )

  • I hear ya taurus, dont u EVER give up. the sec u find u feel u hafta u ring me n ill tell u hell n high fire NOT TO Thhihhihihih

  • : )

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