• We Latinamerican tend to copy everything that comes from USA, fashion, trends, perfumes, food, certain celebration (snowy Christmas, in the middle of summer, the names for stores all in English, in fact Halloween has been celebrated for only 5 or 6 years), and I wish we would copy this wonderful holiday set aside for thanking God, my family, my country, my president who being a woman has set such a good example for all women and the changing behavior in men, my heritage, my alma mater that prepared me to be a good professional, my pet for making me feel loved, my people for what I am, thank you for the bad time which have make me stronger, for the good times which have made me happier, for the boring times which have me more creative, for the anxious and expecting times which have me more patient, for my parents, my children, my town, my home...i really would love to promote THANKSGIVING IN CHILE: DIA DE ACCION DEGRACIAS, GRACIAS POR TODO LO QUE EL PAIS, LA VIDA, LA FAMILIA Y DIOS NOS REGALAN A MANOS LLENAS...thanks for this occasion and the many things you do for me...patri

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