Full reading please someone

  • hello my DOB is June 29,1987. I am requesting for someone to do a full reading on myself also with good news to one thing in particular. Please.

  • I meant June 20, 1987. Sorry

  • Dear 143jastin,

    I am not a psychic, though I do dream things that come true on occasions. I see that at almost 23 years old, u are eager to have children. You are young, and there is so much life to live. I am a single parent of a two and a half year old boy. I always wanted to rush the big picture , to have the house, the man, and the kids, and obsessed about when where and how constantly, and particulary if it was going to happen with a certain person. My life was not in order, I ended up with my son who is so beautiful and I love dearly, but is very, very, very time consuming. When u have a child, u give up the right to the freedom of popping up and going where ever u want. It is expensive having a child, and while rewarding, it is time consuming. U will not have a minute to yourself. I don't regret having my son, but sometimes I wish I would have waited till I was in my 30's and had my life where it needed to be bc it is hard to turn things around bc I worry about how it effects him, and adding time management issues. Make sure u don't want a child to fill a hole in the soul, bc that hole will still be there when they are here too. Take time to explore hobbies, go travel, develop a career. As for the man issue, if u are worried and not sure he is the one to start, a child is not going solve that issue. Make sure u can handle the child with out him in the equation. You want a person that is going to be a good father , and someone who is going to be there for your child, whether u stay together or not. I became pregnant at 26 and had my son at 27. he will be 3 in spring. You have plenty of time. Like I said, take time to learn , to be with your friends, and love yourself. I just have a feeling that you are not really happy, and u think having a relationship and baby will make u happy inside and fill some void that has been created. I am not trying to lecture u, I am just sharing my experiences.

  • Ckdgh703,

    I understand where you are coming from and maybe I am rushing things a bit to quickly. I respect your advice and opinions. I need to really think about living life first.

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