Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself

  • Being in the ugly Real Estate Disaster that has hit all of us to some extent, we must better our lives with the gift of giving, helping and knowing thyself. We have all indulged the material nature of this world and must turn now to Spirit to help others and mostly to love yourself! I see doors opened and doors closed do not turn your backs on those who have even less -give a little if even from you heart by pleasant gestures, calm movement, a smile, a dollar to someone by the wayside, a surprising gesture of letting a car in a lane, or a generous donation.

    Maybe that one gesture or smile can make someones heart sing. Happy Thanksgiving all and may the spiritual guides show us all the path to a better tomorrow,

    Learn about yourself today- talk a long or even a short walk and look up at the heavens in glory of breath, family, friends, don't have any hug a tree, feel the earth beneath you feet, smell God's world ( Pines, leaves, lavendar, spirit) Love to all N

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  • Very well said! A sense of Humor is a good thing too now The Holiday Insanity has begun . I went to a large department store yesterday and man oh man can you say crowded! I tried to graciously navigate in between the hoards. I'm kinder the less I have to experience such crowds. I'm staying out of it and just baking for a few this year. Very simple but from the heart. The oven warms my kitchen, I put a fire in the living room and settle in. Everyday is a day of Giving Thanks. I'm so grateful for what the Spirit has given me, our Health and the eyes to see. My daughter all curled up in her quilts in her bed and our kitty curled up in my lap. Life is good.

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