Insight re: how to embrace shadow and stop attracting miserable job situations

  • Can someone plz shed some light on how to see and e

    brace and stop fighting shadow and how to attract pleasant working situations and environments

    Thank you

  • I'm with you on that one; nothing worse than unpleasant work environment...I quit my last job because of that...and i'm still looking for work now. I've come to realize with time though that my karma and attitute wasn't helping the situation, and that people mostly look out for themselves a lot. I've become bitter over time because of this since I had to take off my rose colored glasses and really see people for what and who they are, and I guess I was a bit bitter at work sometimes too..hope this helps. If people show you who they are the first time, believe them; I dont know who said that, but they we're right. I went on a job interview the other day, I had such bad vibes about it, and boy was I right, the boss almost jumped out of his chair about something I said, and I would definitely never work for someone like that my instincts we're right.

    P.S. my last job I was hired by one person, then , I had a new boss for 4 years, I had bad vibes from the day he walked in to the day I left.

  • Forjo, tx for replying, gosh I sure hope I hav paid my karmic dues,

    for once I hope to hav a pleasant work situation, wonder if it even exists????

  • Become your own boss I think is the only way, and even then you have to deal with other that's the key...shrug it off.

  • Forgo, I agree with you... I would love to do readings and/ or hav metaphysical bookstore.... Just dream right now am hospice nurse and left job3 weeks ago due to horrendous work conditions,

    am in transition don't know what to do, may request a read over next few days or so

    tx for your insight

  • Goldenhill

    thanks for thinking of me

    it was a nice surprise to see you drop by

    I hope you are keeping well and find the job you need to support you

    any job will do, just to keep you afloat and make the payments needed for debts

    while you are working on starting the business

    I worked 2 jobs once: some janitor job and factory labor

    just to get my debts down and get capital for my home business

    I know it's hard, but when you have a dream, you have the drive to make it come true

    you will do well in the business you mentioned

    you'll find the money you need I believe

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