Cancer woman & a Leo man, will it work?

  • thanks Leoscorpion. Lots of on point stuff there. It's true that life is never boring around here and that there's a tendency for upheaval. You've given me some things to think about.

  • I am a Leo and involved with a cancer..we get along great and share a lot. I am wondering will it last.?

  • good luck blue

    the compatibility is based on the time you were born

    so at this age your personality would be determined by a lot of things, not just planets position

    glad that the chart gives you some things to think about.

    they said life is 99% fate, 1% is what we make out of it

  • suzie

    what is your dob and his? I'll pull out something later in the day

    gotta go out

  • I was in a Cancer/Leo relationship for 3 years.

    Things went well for awhile but they got old. I always missed him and had him in mind, where he rarely thought about me and was more absorbed in himself and his thoughts and other aspects of his life. He needed his alone time and I wanted to spend all my time at his place, even if we were just sitting around watching TV.

    We both got really annoyed with each other and fought often.

    We're obviously not together anymore, but we're still close friends and really value each other.

    I'm sure it could work, but it might not be easy all the time.

    There were a lot of "Really? How could you think that way?" questions and we sometimes just didn't understand each other at all. But like I said, we really care about each other and I don't regret our relationship in the slightest.

  • pulp

    it might be a good idea to be friends first

    then go from there, if you still love him

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