Could someone do a reading for me, specifics in thread.

  • Hi Brianna

    I feel u have fallen into the lingo most first time pregnant women fall into. The lingo me me me me me me n hardly us us us us or you you you. I feel ur man feels kinda left out. NO dont get me wrong, im sure you fill him with every detail on what is going on with u n the baby BUT do u allow him to voice HIS feelings n emotions? Men often feel left out somehow.

    I feel u need to purchase 2 books. What to ecpect when exspecting for men n women. Google online for other articles on how to bring in ur man in this pregnancy without taking over? ivillage dot com is as great start. Scavnger for sites with lines such as How do men feel when they hear they are to be fathers? men and fatherhood, mens persepctive regard pregnancy

    As much as u may be happy n thrilled n scared, i feel he is terrified bc being a father , a fam man is a lot of responsibility. N in this time its like all else a gamble so i think he is worried on how u can afford n get by on a dailybasis.

    But for starters bring him in with the pregnancy BUT dont over take it all ok? Ull see once u get some reading studying done u get tools to help ur man help himself

    best of luck n congratulations!

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