Should I leave or stay - need help desperately

  • I must be going crazy, but, I need external help in looking at my situation. I am madly in love with an older man. I am recently divorced and I really cant wait to resume this passionate relationship. For the past six months we have not seen each other and I believe that he may have been seeing someone else in the interim. I do feel connected with this person and it was really my fault that we had been having arguements and disagreements in the past. He was a great provider and protector and I really have seen the errors of my ways. I know that he is mad at me for arguing and fussing, what can I do to show him that I have really changed and matured?!

    I am worried that because all this time has past - it may be too late....

  • Hi Princess

    It is never too late, if u feel say it then it is. Ur call here is ur inner most psyche telling it is NOT to late.

    try to approach him by snail mail and give an update on how u have been and what u have done , further what has changed u. N apologize not profusely but just say im sorry for laying on u my own flaws. ive seen the light of my errors n corrected n changed them

    then await his reply by mail or snail mail or by phone., leave all 3 just in case.

    i doubt he has seen someone else, if he has then as poor dates

    Ive been where u are n i kept asking i know i have changed but if i dont try to win it back i wont never know n i will always ask myself why i didnt at least try.

    reach out if not to win him back then to get closure once n for all

    good luck sweetie

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  • Moshiach1

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