Can someone please do me a reading

  • No, no one like that at all. R. is tall, on the slender size and my age. I wonder who could it be?



  • Summerbutterfly, I don't know what to say

    .... Saw male with cup as if offering you something

    it is someone in the present

    hope this helps..., he doesn't have to be chunky... Main point was male offering you something,

    see if this means any thing..." The kind hearted spirits that regulate

    emotional balance...."

  • Hi im replying from the other thread i started about the palm reading. My dob is 13/02/86 and my partner is 28/01/83 if this is helpful. So what do you think of my "gurella palm read" lol?

  • Emma23, that was quite a " read",I wouldve been scared and felt a boundary crossed,

    however will see what the cards say, am happy to read for you, will hav post for you w in 24 hrs on thi thread, While you must wait fir me to get back to you I pulled "a dessert card" to hold you thru


    I calm my mental turmoil so that I can listen to my heart, I do not worry about others opinions. I discover the small inner voice and let it guide me. I trust this inner voice totally, for I know that my intuition always leads me towards my place within the heavey plan....

    Hope this helps ease your mind fir now, will get back yo you Asap,

    Blessings to you

  • Emma23, Hello , I appreciate your patience, ran a bit late in reading. Please sift thru this and take what is meaningful and leave the rest, you are very young and there is much to learn, do not fear, this reading, you must walk thru to your destination, just be aware, and alert, and if cycles keep repeating in your relationships as you mature and need further answers as to why??? therapy can point in right direction, for now, you must walk thru and take risks, just as you are doing now... there is nothing wrong, with what is going on or what is to take place in future, we all grow, only thru hardship and pain... I wish you only the very best always on your journey...

    Here goes:

    Past: Much contemplation and pondering, wondering about deception. A handsome man came into your life with offering of Love/Care etc. Deceptive.

    Present: 2 men present one goiong one way and the other going in another direction-you get to choose( if not 2 men in your life a@present, there will be another soon) not current partner but another offers you the "Stars".

    Future: you end up defeated, you are the giver, supporter of this man- I see 3 children -girls

    I see you will be and are currently successful, you will tend to life partner, you have fear of success, fear it may leave you, "IT" wont, you have much strength, you are strong!!!!

    There is a male round about you who is deceptive, with negative malicious intent, you will get burned by him.

    Messages from your Angels Card: "You deserve the best" Reach for the stars with your dreams and desires, and don't compromise."

  • Thank you so much GoldenHill for your time and your reading. Many blessings to you!


    boaz al was the city i was born in

  • Fairyjaye, hello and tx for letting me know,

    you ate ver welcome, hope reading was beneficial

    Blessings to you always ...

  • i will surely let you know! thank you much.

  • Thank you goldenhill, ill take the info on board. i really loved the angel card at the end.

  • Emma23, thank you for feedback!

    Wish you many blessings on your journey!

  • Goldenhill. Thank you for my reading , it was much as I expected . Love and Light to you

  • Llindieloo, you are very welcome, always

    and thank you for feedback.... You know where to find me if can help

    in future

    Best to you today and always...

  • Hello Goldenhill nice to see all the people you are helping, i could really do with some advice right now if you don't mind, my cheating ex has suddently popped back into my life, every so often he comes back for a day or 2 to go again, im sick of this now i just want my feelings to vanish and for me to be over him could you please tell me my best course of action, and why is he coming and going.

  • He pops in because he can. He pops in and out of a lot of people's lives. I'm assuming that you feel this is out of your control. It sounds like what your saying is you have not risen above him yet and so when you do make contact it is still painful. You have an otherwise favorable star studded attraction but there is also something in his nature I call the mars thing that is not well suited for a long term intimite relationship. He can only maintain small doses of intimacy then he's got to make tracks. A lot of people get agravated with him and he really is clueless to what makes him tick. He does suffer from bouts of depression every once and a while because he has periods of loneliness---yet he sabatoges any chance he gets for closeness. You could die of frustration loving this man It's during these short spurts of loneliness when he tends to jump in close out of the blue--only to get nervouse and disapear. So the question is what does this challenge have for you to learn? To figure out why you can't break this cycle is the key. Spirit says you won't get the answer point blank because this is your rite of passage to solve this one. But there will be guidance and it will come to you in bits and pieces. A light bulb will go off and then another and you will move farther and farther from that no win relationship and yes one day you wil be able to be in the same room and smile than later even laugh at yourself for ever having that problem. Spirit does garantee this. Spirit says--next time he pops in your life--what if your life was too full and there was no room for him? When's the last time you took a class? I see you looking in the mirror August and seeing a whole new you. I feel happy vibes in your future. There is always free will so don't sabotage yourself

    all you have to do the next 9 months is say yes--I deserve this prosperouse time.

  • Angelgirl1, nice to see you again! Would be happy to look into this

    for you.....asap hopin tonite if not for sure over the next day or so, not sure wi hav much mote to add thN what blue moon has said, will make an attempt ok? : )

  • hello, thanks for replying, thank you goldenhill if you could 😃

  • Dear Goldenhill,

    Hope you are doing well today. I have seen you on different threads and thank you for the wisdom & intuition you have shared with others. I would like to request a reading if you feel guided to do so. My dob 5-21-64 and my friend dob 7-6-68.

    Love & Blessings to you always 😃

  • DEarest Danr, yes I am happy to do a reading for you,

    I enjoy reading all your posts too!!!! Some have really made my day!


    I will post your reading asap over next day or sooo ok?

    Love and Many Blessings to you ...

  • Dear Goldenhill, I'm glad to hear that my posts have touched you in some way. We are all here to love and support each other whether that be through the ability to do readings or just share with one another. I enjoy visiting this site and all the wonderful people here! To be able to share with others or just receive inspiration when I'm having an off day like today, really means alot to me! Thank you in advance and I look forward to whatever insight your reading may provide.

    Love & Hugs to you my dear friend 😃

  • Thank you so much blumoon this sounds exactly like him, it's kind of hurt me what you have said, because i thought there was hope for us, but what is ment to be is ment to be and i just hope god sends me someone nice to replace him, brakeing the cycle is something i really need to figure out but it's yet so hard like nothing ever works,i think he hates being on his own because he was with me for a year and half so being on his own two feet must worry him, im currently seeing him now so i guess hes going through a lonely period, i just dont no what im going to do now, but this has helped me to think what action to take, so i am very gratefull blumoon, love and many blessings to you.

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