Can someone please do me a reading

  • Destiny9709, sounds Like what you need is finding you re: Chakra work

    best wishes ...

  • im just very worried these knotts wasnt even ones you could unknott

  • Angelgirl1, could you with a straight pin????

  • *couldn't

  • the one at the bottom was very tight

  • Angelgirl1, have you considered where U may be tied up in knots????

    Remembrmer your thoughts and energy putting out there, may not need to be giving pendulum soooo

    much power

  • That very true i was giving it to much power i was asking it the questions and living my life by the Pendulum thats a very good explanation thanks i might leave it for abit and try a penny thank you for getting back to me

  • Angelgirl1, Best to you... And you are welcome

  • Thank you for your reading. I have been divorced for five years and have only dated a few guys.

    The guy, I e-mail is tall and he lived next door but was going through a divorce and I didn't feel

    that he liked me as much as I am now beginning to realize. He is not older but appears that way as he is a sheriff very serious, staunched, kinda guy. Keeps his emotions close to his heart. We are only a few years apart. I have not seen or talked to him in the past two years and we started talking again this summer. I think he is a nice guy and we would get along well but dunno. The number 9 is a puzzle for me dunno what that is all about. Thanks again.

    Love and Light

  • Khomosabie, yea those 9's are something to look into came up twice I'm past not so favourable

    in present/ future was in more of favorable Light

    may be 9 people you work with, family members children,

    grandchildren, parents or a timeline,

    sooo could be referring to work group, family group or

    Occurence 9 months, 9 yrs ago that has changed

    or will change for the better

    I hope this helps,

  • i would like a reading if its no trouble and if you will. DOB aug 12, 1979, 8:50 am boaz al.

    Thank you for your generous offer and your time. bless u


  • Fairyjaye, am happy to read for you,

    plz clarify boaz al???

    If any specific question ? If not will do a general past/ pres/ future


    will post late tonite

    best to you

  • Goldenhill. Yes please if you could try again with my reading . thank you so much . I think its on page 7 ur last comment is on there .

  • Goldenhill,

    Hoping you can help me too.

    I'm 38 years old and either my hormones have gone haywire or its my biological clock ticking, but what I really want in my life right now is a child. I love children, and while I would like to have a life partner, my heart is begging for a child. All my readings keep on telling me that my world is about to be transformed ( the wheel) and the knight of wands and emperor, keep coming up in my readings, yet I still haven't met anyone. A friend has told me she sees only one child for me, yet another friend has said she sees two-four kids total in my life. I was wondering if these might be stepchildren or adopted ones. Either way I will feel blessed. Do you feel or see this also?

    DOB 09/15/1971 1: 16 pm Jersey city, new jersey , usa


  • LLindieloo and Summerbutterfly, will try my bestedt to get them tonite

    or late tomorrow pm best to you both

    Llindieloo, plz forgive me for not following up

    sooner.... Radar screen cont same, however I will pull cards

    to clarify ok? : )

  • Fairyjaye

    What I see is in the past, there was much contemplation, you are intuitive and seek Higher Knowledge, read in books in past to attain this

    Things are now better in the present, the Sun shines bright for you , things are now

    better in the New Horizon, I see success in the future and older women helping you

  • Llindieloo, Initially before drawing cards, I could see that , he has no intent of coming back to you,

    The "Love" is questionable, his love was not the same as yours, the Love, or Relationship, as quickly as it started, it quickly burned out, on his end..

    Future-.1st card I drew was of a beautiful woman-'You" waiting, looking and hoping.... for the 'Stars", ----the illusion/reality of what it was and what it is now.

    Present 2nd card-dark ethnic female on a camel subservient to him, he stands as an older man, with sword in hand-appears as a controlling, domineering male.

    Past 3rd card-shows little boy listening obediently to older male figure-father or father figure

    he is obedient to elders/parents etc....

    Best to you....

  • SummerButterfly-I see love in your past, torn by two, kept them at bay, did not allow them to get to close, you were well supported in past either by loved ones or in Spirit world, in the present I see you are offered support/see lovers-does not turn out as expected, sooo none of this is written is stone, you have free will to change-things, becautious with who and how you choose love partner- I see a very controlling man in the future, who presents as offering you the world/.support

    you have Guidance and HigherPrudence at your side, utilize Spiritual Guidance,

    Babies did not show up---does not mean not possible I do see it is possible, soo what are you waiting for- if and when babes start coming, see 3 girls dancing-ballerinas???

    If you are a teacher, remember a good teacher is one who is able to learn something from his students and is not afraid to confront his fears

    Best wishes...

    Best to you

  • Goldenhill,

    Thank you so much for the reading. I have one more question. Back in April, I met who I thought was my soulmate, but as he was already in a relationship, I did nothing. As life would have it, we both share the same professional mentor, a gentle, sweet, very intuitive 50 year old woman who has helped both of us enormously with our careers. I have the feeling that his partner as well as our mentor, whom I know well enough to know that she would not stand for me to be relegated to the "other" woman position and considers that I deserve more, kept us separated. Looking back, I see that this was for the best.

    Yet he continues to come up in my readings. His tarot card is the Emperor according to his birthdate (08/22/1972 ) . Is this the controlling individual you see? He fits the description of being able to offer support and so many things more.

    Thank you so much for the insight and the advice. I truly appreciate it.


  • Summerbutterfly, what I saw was an older chunky heavy set wise male

    it seems like there us an attraction there eh?

    Do not know your love experiences but if live sooo sheltered we don't experience

    love nor learn what we must

    hope that helps am here if you need any ???

    Answered best to you

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