Can someone please do me a reading

  • goldenhill you said you could not peply to my question and to find someone who could . so I just forgot about it , then I receive one tonight from bimoon saying he/she had received the message after reading my post . confused .

  • I am open to whom ever would like to do a reading for me.

    Love and Light

  • Khemosabie, am happy to read for you, plz check ror posting within a day or so

    hopin for late tonite 10-11 pm ish MST

    or for sure w/ in 24 hrs

    tx for your patience plz let me know dates of birth for you

    and if have others ok if not no worry

  • Lindieloo, tx for your recent response.

    I will try again over next 2 days or sooooo

    sooner if get clear info, had diff with yours

    will certainly try again as "screen clears "for your

    query, sense alot of scattered and fizzle sizzle type

    data whatever that means Lol

    Best to you

  • Oh yes Goldenhill u 2 x

  • Azure2 ?????, tx 2 ??

  • My birthday is 2/18/ 58. I don't have specific dates for the guys but I know for a fact that both fall in the first week of Jan (3-6) sometime. I also don't know the year they where born either. Thank you again.

    Love and Light

  • Khemosabie, tx this helps

    talk at ya later

    blessings your way!

  • Goldenhill,

    One question: when do you think the choice will have to be made?

  • Blady, hi, it's all up to you, you may have best of both worlds and keep them both

    it's all a matter of free will and choice, yea...?

  • Khemosabie, here goes, please know this is just insight nothing more nothing less.

    Past- see things more stable , more security financial and other wise, much taken/ given away by

    / to an older taller male. Things changed and you contemplated much, present- seclusion-get out more there is something

    to do with 9's that haunt you either 9 people or ????

    Re 2 males potential much greater with the one you receive writings from even "if" it may only be a friendship.,,, am wondering of the gent your emailing is older than you? And or he may be the one you tend to in future and in future I see those 9's again people or timeline???? Seen in future in more favorable light ( some merging to do with 9's???)

    this is it, . Message of Light Card:Focus on your inner calling-and know that all situations in life that cause resentments are opprtunities to work on inner self- Best to you

  • Destiny9709- thank you for your statement re: cont to read, Ty Ty Ty : )

    I love this, it is not always easy work, in fact it us not easy for me at all re: say what is sedn and maint a balance....

    What I see is Gentleman ( Gentle. Man)

    is genuine, have no regrets of past, you had to travel on your path to become the gentle ever so caring radiant being that you are and all past events allow U to be that ONE to touch all who cross your path in a way that only U can.

    See you now surrounded by "8"

    you are really contemplating much..... Especially regards to 4 people or 4 issues.... See 2 wands behind you and 1 that U hold on to..., this could also be that a negative influence has a hold on you....Hang on to all that is positive and beautiful you will find joy and serenity

    once more.Blessings ...

    All the best to you....

  • Goldenhill i took your advice of using a pendulum, i was asking it question i allready knew like Is the weather cold today, after i had finished i put it in my little pink bag with crystals inside, I woke up this morning to have another go and the middle bit has been knotted so tight that it cant possibly be undone, do you think this is a warning sign for me not to use it because it was perfectly fine when it put it in the bag?

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • Angelgirl1, wow that is strange, the sense that am getting is that you may me somewhat timid and afraid Re: this esoteric stuff, of sooo if you have fears about pendulum

    cleanse in sea salt ask That all negativity go to Violet Flame and be transmuted,

    and then bury it special place, and may try use of coin

    tell me about you, do you pray or ground yourselfvregularly

    with this work comes big responsibility you may wish to stop here. As " ignorance us bliss"

    once you start on this path um, you can't go backwards not a bad thing just comes with much responsibility, I see you have gifts, am not sure what your goals are

    Guardian Angel Prayer helps me along with others ghat I do as well

    I don want to preach to you,

    If you are not afraid keep pendulum after cleanse and put it away, did You buy yourself or was it given to you, also must ask it to show you a yes show you no and ask permission tou

    use it , please get back to me I an curious

    best to you

  • I think it was divine intervention. and what beautiful wisdom to share!

  • The proceeding comment was to bmoon

  • Thank you Goldenhill, I will contemplate all I have learned and yes somehow no matter how hard I try a form of negativity clings to me. I will be focusing on that, I may try clearing my chakra. Have you heard of that?

  • just looking at it again there was another knott so i did what you said i was abit scared in using it and while i was asking it personal questions so i think its a warning for me not to use it so i think i might stop im quite worried now why there were knotts i made it myself its a stone off a beach i went to before i thought it would be nice idea to use it as one.

  • Angelgirl1, trust your intuition,

    don't use if doesn't feel right,

    find sources that feel right to guide you to ways of protecting


    Best to you...

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