Can someone please do me a reading

  • thank you, hope you have a great day to.

  • goldenhill, Happy Thanksgiving! What is scary is that I left Mi to leave that frail sick man behind. He had abused me for years. Physically and mentally. Now that i am out of state he cant reach me anymore. but I have just sent the kids back to MI to live with my mom until June. My fear is that he will try to make them stay in MI and all of my work will have been for nothing. I will be right back where I started with nothing to show. I am focused though and I have no intention of wasitng my energy and time, as long as I can prove I make enough money to care for the kids, I wont have any problems but that will mean at least 11.00 hour. It is just that I am scared, in my weaker moments. I am at a crossroads and though I try to be positive. Somedays just arent as good as others. u said you saw 9 men but in the future only 7? I dont really know what that means, I am moving to the area where I met my first love, he found me after 11 years, but is just now officially divorced. I have never loved another man like I love this one, I thought of him often over the years we were apart. He helped me through the bad experience of my marriage though he knew nothing of it. Just things he said to me while we were together. He is a Cancer man. and as much as I love him I am in no all fire hurry to rush into things and have my heartbroke. He is brutally honest and understands what I am saying if I cant get the words out. I am sorry I am just going on and on. I am alone this holiday and this hurts much more than words can say. Forgive my rambling.

  • Destiny9709

    Dearest Destiny, thanks for your response, it means alot to me

    I see you as a very strong person,

    wow your feed back is important for me , for validating whether to cont reading or not tx again

    re: 7 and 9 people. I cant recall all details but do remember 7 and 9 referred to people, loved ones round about you

    wish you only the best and hope you are able to have therapy or stay in close contact with center for domestic violence till self us built up again

    i wish you only the best always

  • Angelgirl1,your patience In getting back to you is appreciated!

    Re your query, the man referred to in last read is in future will be a man who comes and swoops you off your feet, very charming, will appear to be all you desire, he wiil offer you the moon and the stars, yet he will weigh you down . Re to potential suitors in present" the potentials are there right now" they are not who I referred to in reading

    you must be clear , about what it is you want, need and what you will do to get there I see a need for you to

    work thru last relationship or else keep attracting same over and over again. Work on self growth self empowerment , find the answers you seek out there within and fill the empy void with self and not other.... Go and live your life and leave these readings behind and when in doubt read for yourself and trust what you get, get a pendulum for yes no questions or a quarter- breathe into it 3 x and fill it with your energy and ask universe question and heads is for yes and tails for no

    I wish you all the best

    Blessed Be You

    you can find all the answers you seek on your own it is in you!!!

  • thankkk you so much for that i hope he dont weigh me down to much i;ve had to put up with all that in the past but hopefully it all works out least ive got someone else to look forward ot in my life now but for right now im going to focuse on myself so im ready thanks alot im gonig to forget readings for now because i think i know what i need to do and its been ur great help thats made me see things clearly god bless you.

  • Angelgirl1,

    thanx for feedback, wish you only the best, Gods Blessings to You!

  • Goldenhill, Ofcourse you should keep reading. I thank you for taking the time. I will be fine, I would love you to do another reading in the future. I wonder about my first love if we were truly meant to be together, I know what my instincts say but would love to hear what your cards say. His birthday is 06/28/1973. His name is Mike and he is th everloving and loyal Cancer man. Let me know what you get when you have time. thanks

  • What a sad time for you--I am very sorry. No one really wants to validate your worst fears. I almost pass this post on. But must tell you the truth because the truth will set you free. Empty words for the moment but when this dark storm passes the sun will come out again, the birds will sing and you will rebuild. When we rebuild ourselves from nothing and that is exactly how he's left you--shattered--you rebuild with a stronger version of yourself. This will not mean much at the moment because right now all you feel is the betrayal. He was not honorable--you know it. Resist looking for threads of hope to change the story--to force believing it's not so is only prolongs the inevitable. You need to heal not a quik fix. If he does contact you it will be a bandaid and not a long term change.. It will only make the healing process that much longer. Here's the thing, even if he did come back to you as before he still is who he is and unfortunetly not who you fell in love with anyway. He is a lie--he presented himself as a person he knew you wanted to hear and see. You did nothing wrong and you are not dumb--do NOT feel ashamed as no matter how bright or intuitive we are we can only know as much about someone as they reveal to us. You will in the future pick up on warning signals you missed. This will have not been all for nothing but will be a lesson well learned if you choose the free will to accept it as that. Your future now depends so much on self love and forgiveness--what ever you do, refrain from any sefl punishment over this as it will only attract another man who will also be of that darker energy. Bottom line--he does not love you (how sad for him!)--he is not the one and don't waste energy wishing him punishment because he has reaped a karma that will not be any more kind than that he has inflicted on you. Remember always that no one can betray you unless you betray yourself first. I know it doesn't make sense but it will and it will be the truth that will set you free.

  • llindieloo

    the above response was meant for llindieloo and don't know how it ended up here! Unless it was spirited divine intervention and has an answer for someone else as well!

  • Goldenhill,

    thank you so much for the reading. I am pondering what you wrote...

    Wishing you lots of warmth and light!

  • Blady, you are welcome!

    Best to you...

  • Blmoon, no accident, I was not able to get a read...

  • Destiny9709 will get back to you over next day or so, hopefully tonite

    best to you

  • blmoon how do you know this is for me ?

  • I recieved the message after reading your post.

  • I would appreciate a reading from you Blmoon. 🙂

  • I would love to have a reading. I would like to know if you see any guys coming into my life in the near future. I have this guy that I work with who I think is interested but not sure. Then there is this other guy who I have been friends with and haven't seen in about two years. He has been e-mailing me but that is as far as it goes up to this point. Please tell me what you see and feel for me in reguards to having a relationship. Both men are Cappy's if that helps any. Thank you for your time.

    Love and Light

  • are you a psychic ?

  • Khemosabie


    Lindieloo corresponding to Blmoon or Goldenhill?

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