Can someone please do me a reading

  • destiny9709, can do reading for you asap as well, if you like.

  • Hello Blady and Destiny9709

    you still out there????

  • I am here!

  • This post is deleted!

  • this is an ad

  • Blady, I am here thx for your response not sure what " ad "


    Read to follow shortly

    tx for your patience

  • hi Goldenhill,

    I flagged an ad, but hit reply instead of 'report abuse'. Looking forward to your reading.

    Thanks for taking the time and Happy Thanksgiving!

  • General insight- Past you sat waitin and wonderin, given counsel/ advice by-present/ he and went with him as if traveled lost in barren trecherous sea, you are left cold and barren and await the filling of your vessel/ cup future / near. At crossroads torn by relationship and career

    must choose and the way made clear. Re "he" is chosen the tall one he who needs support and will empyty you again, the other is the o e who would support you he was not to be the chosen one

    the one not chosen most balanced and fair 9/58

    the other w total of # 5 7/59 be the one of much change and need and unsettlement

    this is the story.....


    Re career offered position female type teach/ counsel helping field

    offered by older woman will prosper but all given to man

    Share feelings, assert self as you release regain lightness of your being

    per Messages of Light card

    Blessings be to you

  • Blady, above read is for you, feedback welcome as only recently hav gotten back Into reading

    could barely do 2 at a whack , I know all transmissions acurate,

    not always well rec'd not all peachy and rosy as I would like them to be but am obligated to speak/ say what I see

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to you as well. : )

  • Destiny9709 -insight past is cofirmed 2 male figures

    at your side, you keep them at bay,present you are surrounded by those who love you, an older man offers you support and security, take from the cup he offers you, in the present there were 9

    in the future only seven, see sadness in future sick frail men needing to be tended to

    sweet message of consolation

    Messages of Light Card

    let go, accept life as is, no judgement or dramatization,let events come freely& welcome

    lessons conveyed, stop struggling now, let go & know that God always gives thAt which is most

    appropriate for the soul.

    Blessings to you

  • Goldenhill, Thanks for the reading. I was married to a man with Multiple Sclerosis, I was finally allowed to leave the state with my kids. for him to be back in my future, he would have to fight me in court to get my kids to stay in MI or die. Either way scary read. I will keep trying. I just dont understand what I have ever done to deserve so much pain and sadness. I volunteer when I can, I donate things to those not as fortunate as some. I am about to move to Fl, away from all my family, and start over just like I did 16 years ago. Blessing to you also! Have a great Thanksgiving! Thanks for takin a min to help me!

  • goldenhill. Plz plz plz can you help me . My heart is broken in two . Met my Indian cancer b/f 15 mths ago online . Communicated daily and got on really well . Then we met I drove over 300 miles to see him we connected instantly and we fell in love , This continued over the following year meeting a further 4 times , In july he went back to India on holiday for 6 weeks and while there his parents arranged a marriage for him As you can imagine i was distraught and gutted . Up until then i supported him with his education and paid for his University fees and Visa to stay in the UK which amounted to over 4,000 pounds , Anyway things were not the same text maeesges bacame less also his phone calls . In october he tells me he is going back to India something to do with his studies but i'm thinking is he getting married. He assured me he was neither getting engaged or married , that was 4 weeks ago and i have not heard a word from him since Tried texting andd sent an offline message no response Did he just use me for his education. All he kept saying was that he loved me and dident want what his parents wanted of him . I am soo hurt . Why cant he just be honest with me and explain why he is doing this to me . Just dump me like that . He wa s so nice and caring towards me. Is he avoiding me as not to hurt me further or does he not give a s*** .. If iIwrite or email he wont reply so now my only option is to drive that 300 miles and confront him Whay do you see for me ? Hope you can help . God bless you and thank you x

  • Destiny9709, thank for response, can U plz clarify what is scary???

    Am jst gettin back to reading and has been quite an exper for me, re what I see,

    will be happy to read again for U in a few weeks,

    keep your chin up U will be blesses for all you give out

  • Llindieloo, please see another reader, cannot read anything on this matter,

    best to you.

  • welcome back goldenhill you've been a great help and i was wondering if you could read any more on my matter, and that if the person im going to persue a relationship with is allready in my life, or are they a stranger.

  • Angelgirl1, I am about to sign off, if you can be patient, and still wish for a read, let me know and can get back over the next day or soo,

    best to you.

  • ok thanks goldenhill best to you to

  • Angelgirl1, r u still wishing for read over next day or so?

  • yes please if you wouldn't mind

  • Angelgirl1, hope to have a posting for you by 1000pm MST

    will do my best to get to earlier if possible,

    Hope you hav great day!

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