Can someone please do me a reading

  • Goldenhill,

    re; the court, I've one expert saying it's basically all made up, but he's not sure on some bits ( not over positive)

    and another saying yes it's clear kids are not very happy with the situation and that one is very favourable.

    The last hearing went ahead without either of us being there,still waiting for the results of that one, but basically just gotta wait for the next battle to come along. ( I have the eye of the tiger playing in my head

    I know you have been really busy trying to catch up with all the readings, so if it helps then take me off the list for now.

    For anyone that wants a reading my thread is at 'I would like a reading of any kind'

    If anyone wants to leave a request then I will get to it as soon as I am able.

    I need a first name, d.o.b and rough whereabouts


    please be aware that I only do a maximum of 3 reads a day as otherwise it drains me.

    Also sometimes it may be the cards do not answer your original question as on occassions the spirits intervene and provide me with the answer to a more important event in your life.

    I ask that you take time to read between the lines of your readings and what they may mean to you and situations in your lives.

    I am only the messenger, so offer these readings as guidance only.

    Please leave feedback as it not only helps me to improve, but I use some of the positive energy you send to recharge my batteries.


    love and light crystal

  • Dearest Crystal,

    thankyou for posting, I am committed to doing all reads

    listed, including yours so please check back your post of reading will be here at some point lol. : (

    hopefully sooner than later

    Best to you Crystal, as always nice hearin from you,


  • No probs, just thought might help.

    I look forward to seeing what comes up, don't forget to take care of yourself though too in all this will you, as Iyou are using a lot energy at present.

    wishing you all the best in your life too.

    May the Goddess light your path


  • Dearest Crystal,

    I don't mind your offer to help, I hav seen how busy your thread gets at times when you hav had to pull back, I hav also wanted to jump in to help, so your offer is appreciated,

    and welcome,

    at same time I want all to know I will maintain my offer as well

    and glad you are still open to me reading for you! : )

    thanks for reminder if self care,

    I wish you all the best to and especially your continued contact!

    It means alot to me!

  • Hi Goldenhill,

    I hope things are going well for you and a job comes up for you. I wanted to let you know not to worry about doing a reading for me. Thank you for the offer, I realise you are very busy right now and I am leaving the forum so I would rather you not waste your time as I wont see it.

    Thanks and good luck

    Wenchie 🙂

  • Wenchie!!! Why are you leaving?

  • Wenchie, thankyou for good wishes

    I wish you only the best!! Always...

    You will be missed!!!!

  • Hello

    Nice to see your still doing the forum Goldenhill

    I hope your doing well 🙂

    My life seems to be looking up alot lately

    after i lost my grandad not so long ago

    I've had a good look at myself

    I've decided to give relationships a miss for a while

    I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration and advice you gave me

    You and few others have helped me along the way

    Your a kind person and i could only wish you the best in life

    yet again nice to know your helping other people out there

    God bless you

  • This post is deleted!

  • Your reading ......

    ""Hankster58-you requested insight re: near future and direction whether things will go as planned or another direction, got strong sense, "The Other Direction, Direction not planned"

    not sure why but 2 women showed up 1 with book in hand the other reading, these are young women who look up to you???? I see a man teaching 2 young boys-

    I see art, a man drawing as an outlet

    Past: I see Transition above the young girl reading

    Present: male comes calling -some one offering you advice or insight?

    Future- There will be Justice

    Synopsis---I see things not going as planned, going in "THE Different Direction", cards came out upside down, see Transformation and change--things get shaken up

    Strongly see a need for you to focus on "SELF" nurture self, self care is the only way to advance at this time, Balance will be restored

    Best to you Hankster, thanks for your patience,""

    Well at first I didn't see it.... thought I had it all mapped out!! But...things went the OPPOSITE direction!! I QUIT instead. Needed to be done...and things are certainly getting shaken up!! But the future, if I work at it, looks very promising!! And the wife agrees I need to get my"SELF" back on an even keel...and balance WILL come back!! So, even tho I looked at your read at the time and thought, uh, ok.... it basically came down exactly as you said! Thanks!!

  • Dearest Hankster, thank you for the feed back!

    I hope things go well for you, I had to quit my job, really hav no regrets but it has been difficult finding fulltime work . I wish you a happy and smooth transition ,

    best at you...

  • hey could someone please do me a reading. DOB 31/08/67. i had the year from hell last year, as i found out my husband had an affair and he left. we are now separated, his DOB 27/04/65. do you see a better year for me this year? will i find love again?

  • Goldenhill/Laura I am new to this forum. I started reading this thread toward the end and couldn't help but pick up on the similarities as we are both Scorpios. I work for myself (outdoors I might add) and circumstances have not been so kind in the recent past. I am also an avid follower of Susan Miller's Astrology Zone. Although there were things going on before December, when Mars (our ruler) went retrograde in December, we had a blizzard here on the East coast and it has been nuts ever since. According to AZ, Mars goes direct March 10 and all this job-related stuff is supposed to fall back into place. I sincerely hope for both of us that this is true, but admittedly sometimes it feels like too little, too late. Whereas it sounds like you haven't been reading as much lately because of your personal problems, I have felt the need for distraction and felt as though since my hands are tied due to the weather (supposed to be a big snowstorm again Friday night) maybe I should meet some new people and see what I can do for them. I have other issues just as pressing as the lack of work and am curious if any other Scorpios have had difficulties following the same timelines as me. In July. my brother, he is the youngest, was working with me and asked if he could leave early because he didn't feel well. He drove himself to the hospital and was airlifted to Philadelphia as a heart rescue. While there, he turned 51, had a quadruple bypass. He has yet to make it home. 3 weeks later he had a stroke. I am the emergency contact, so this has consumed my life, it has also distracted me from my business. He has not shown any drastic improvement until the 3rd week in January, which has somehow opened up a new can of worms. There are many details between July and the present, but I am curious if I am the only 1 with a stressful situation starting late July.

    Laura, I wish you well finding a new job, but you and I just might be playing a waiting game till March 10. Good luck

  • Iker09, I will add you to my list , if you are willing to wait patiently let me know, thanks

    Best to you ...

    Scorpioleader, yes!!! I believe, we hav experienced same difficulties

    Jan has not been much easier, hav strung a couple if jobs

    together, had prof reading done in Dec

    was told Things won't ease up till march

    I hope you all are right I wish your Brother a speedy recovery

    and for you a Safe and happy journey, if you feel like " helping "

    with any insight??? I will accept it gratefully

    best to you ...

  • Goldenhill, maybe we can get each other through this. March 10 certainly seems a long way off, doesn't it? Back in 1997, I believe it was, I met a psychic I became friends with, but in June 2008 she simply shut me out of her life. The story she told me over the years was very consistent, and I am presently living it. My brothers lengthy illness and this weekend's blizzard are a part of it. Which brings us to March, and I am now certain this must be the right year. The events of March must be the new beginning, or turning point, I've needed in my life for a long time. And someone else as well.

    I would be happy to read for you. Maybe you could bring some sanity to my scrambled brain as well. Can you get back to me by Saturday, as I will be in all day due to the snow. Tell me as much as you like and what you would like to know. I will have plenty of time on my hands.

  • Dear Scorpioreader, I am sure needing a new beginning and turning point,

    hav not been able to keep a job for past 6 yrs hav gotten fired or left due to horrendous working conditions hAv always had difficulty in personal, love and work relationships

    ugh! Just don't fit In. And lately feeling and sensing aggression,

    hostility here in forum , not

    on this thread thank goodness!!! Am planning to leave once all abi e readings are co

    pleted so Any insight you hav will be truly appreciated

    thank you, ps

    re: your read ha ha

    well keep I. Mind that we ate like mirrors soooo

    more than likely what you see for me are same for you..I will give you I sight and feed back later

    as you remind me,

    Thank you

  • thankyou for adding me to your wish list. i am more than happy to be patient and wait for a reading. look forward to hearing from you.

  • Goldenhill

    Very funny! Mirrors! I love it. Certainly some of the patterns are mirrored. I know your name is Laura. It seems you are not from around here. Where do you live? Has no bearing on me reading your cards. I'm just curious.

    I have a hard time keeping up with these threads. What is your dob? Do you have a Facebook profile pic by any chance? My focus is even greater when I can see who I am reading for, but I'm sure I can do it without it.

    Would love your input on my situation, as well. My dob 11/11/56, his 07/18/56. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Goldenhill, sorry for jumping in this thread. I happened to read what you wrote about the aggression here lately and really agree. I got frustated and was going to post about it but thought I'd better not. Might add fuel to the fire but this critical stuff that's going on totally negates the reason why so many people come to these forums. It is usually a place of non-judgement. Please don't go though! Lol! I'm hearing the KC and Sunshine Band's song entitled "Please Don't Go" playing in my head as I type. It's only a few people and it's always so good to read your posts. I think the best thing is to just stay away and not comment on the negative posts. Probably shouldn't even write this. Also, I just read a post by DarknessAngel that was really good. It was tips for leading a happy and positive life under the Anything Goes Forum. Posts like that are also the reason to stay here! x

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