Can someone please do me a reading

  • No worries, I can wait that long Goldenhill... Happy New Year!

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  • Hello all, I haven't forgotten you, just now bouncen back from a "bug",and starting new job on top of that----

    I did 7 readings over weekend up to and including Meandkids

    will enter data soon , appreciate your patience and understanding!

    Please remember you all have the answers within, trust your gut as to the outcome you've been wonderin about- seek the lessons this brings and know that this too shall pass if not in your favor

    With much gratitude for entrusting your

    queries to me...

    Love and Light to You


  • Goldehill,

    Hello I am sorry for being another bug but would you be able to do a reading for me?

  • Hello 143Jastin, yours was one of first reads I did, lots of negativity, with that man. Hm????

    Will post complete reading for you hopin tonite after work ok, did read post last nite by Leoscorp.

    my read did not come out even close, one reason I hav hArd time am new to this and must say what I see, not what I wish result would be I.e peachy and rosy

    thanx for patience will vet back here soon!

  • Goldenhill,

    I am so sorry perhaps I had missed it. I tried going back and do see that I had put in a request on 12/28/2009 and was told to check back in a week or so being that there were several ahead of me.

  • 143jastin, please check back will hav reading posted tonite tx

  • Dear Goldenhill,

    Happy New year. Sending positive energy:), You are helping people with your readings. Take care of yourself.


  • okay thank you I am so sorry I just am interested in hearing your insight being that I think maybe you are much closer to what is going on.

  • Cool!! Still hanging and waiting....and THANKS!

  • Cyw39, thanks for your support, it means more than I can say!!!!

    Still second guessing, but thanks for your encouragement keeps me moving forward w/ readings hoping it is of value

    best to ya

    to all those waiting for readplease be kind to respond even a small acknowledgement

    pos or neg. It helps put closure to all

    thanks. Laura

    Hankster, hang on, movin to my computer now( on iPhone now. Yes your reading is done : )

    you are #3 to type

    Jastin you are #6 for typin in. Will be done tonite!

  • Pilot007--You mentioned "its been quite a year" I still see challenges

    Please keep in mind that at times those who are challenged the most are building character,are catalysts for needed change and light bearers- I believe you are experiencing all

    and you do bring much needed light, and when you leave those places, the light "your light" goes with you ,and leaves the place dark the same darkness that was there before you arrived

    Past : I see 2 men in your life, and you stand alone, others are jealous of you- I see 2 women who backbite and are jealous

    Present: you are surrounded by many who love you - 3- I see three children this equals six- who are surrounding you who love and support you, I see an older man in present -he offers you counsel and security.

    Future: Yes there is a man who comes calling for you in approx the next 5 months

    as far as job area appears a repition of same challenges that have been encountered-Chanllenge! May wish to ponder what types of job situatioins have you been attracting and please do same for relationships as well(ask self, what type of partner do I attract?)

    Soul Cards-Chouquette---"Reach for Stars" Rejuvinate have faith and believe you will succeed!

    focus on inner harmony, look at life in a positive manner, Hold on to Your Truth! Believe you will recieve what is best for you.

    Lates-you requested insight re: general love/career

    Past : you contemplated much about 2 males

    Present: you are full of love your HEART wide open for the TAKING!!!! you become strangulated in relationships and career.

    Future: I see you reaching for the stars both in Love and Career , in regards to the man of your interest look at where you may be controlling or strangulation in relationship if you do, if this is happening to you, chances are you have these same traits deep inside. I see some strong Power and Control issues in relationships.

    Goddess cards Saravati and Nemetona-Express self via creative activities, connect with the Divine

    Wisdon card Purity- set aside time ezch day to meditate and connect with your Spiritual Self and know that in doing so your life will regain purity---which you seek

    Best to you

    Hankster58-you requested insight re: near future and directionwhether things will go as planned or another direction, got strong sense, "The Other Direction, Direction not planned"

    not sure why but 2 women showed up 1 with book in hand the other reading, these are young women who look up to you???? I see a man teaching 2 young boys-

    I see art, a man drawing as an outlet

    Past: I see Transition above the young girl reading

    Present: male comes calling -some one offering you advice or insight?

    Future- There will be Justice

    Synopsis---I see things not going as planned, going in "THE Different Direction", cards came out upside down, see Transformation and change--things get shaken up

    Strongly see a need for you to focus on "SELF" nurture self, self care is the only way to advance at this time, Balance will be restored

    Best to you Hankster, thanks for your patience,

  • goldenhill, i made a mistake my dob june 18 1969


  • Thank You so much for the excellent reading! Your reading has really shed light on my past and current situation. I will keep you posted!

  • OH! Goldenhill one more question. The man that you say who will be calling for me in the in the next five months. I was wondering if that will be my Exboyfriend? Will he call me in regard to working for him again, or for romance related.

    ExBoyfriend: 06-30-50

    Myself: 04-21-73

  • 4390evans-general reading

    Past: A handsome man came dashing into your life, you had much to offer much to give.

    Present: HE for awhile-carries the load "Beast of Burden" Brings negativity for which you are now putting out the fires -Burning embers.

    Future: See you basking content- like basking in the sun soaking it all in/relaxing / in the past you continue to serv him.

    you may have been hurt recently see new friendships/opportunites are coming your way...

    from Wisdom Oracle Deck I drew a card -Rainbow-picture of scarlet heart sun on top and on sides white angel wings pointing up- 0ne wing each side--a rainbow is the aura of angels wings which shines even in the midst of storms. It lifts spirits gives us hope,shining light into our hearts. By drawing this card the angels are confirming you are on the right path, keep focused on your dreams and honour your inner child-they ask you to focus on this.

    Follow your heart and dont give up hope.

    Draw a pic of a rainbow and pin up on wall and imagine yourself protected and guided by the angels and ask them to shed light on your path..

    Blessed be you...

  • Purita- request for insight re: where relationship headed

    Past: this man came dashing thru, there was a period of happiness, you are both opposites!

    different as nite/day, black/white, see discord and bitterness

    Present: Dont see you in harmony with this person I see aggression, strong aggresive tendencies

    Near Future: See you alone in contemplation, pondering the burden once carried. YOu know the outcome of this relationship!!!!! You know!

    I drew Amethyst Angel- Wisdom Oracle --Amethyst Angel has appeared in your reading today-Sun-1-3-10 to bless you and let you know that the tumoil you are experincing is there to clear the way for transformation, ask the angels to guide you and keep you safe! Amethyst is a crystal that transmutes energies, that no longer serve us.

    May you be blessed today and always...

  • 143jastin-request for many answers

    although I new not what was going on, twice a card came up with much negativity and toxicity

    I had to pull a special card to give you insight and guidance, and will give that to you at end of your reading, You must protect yourself, follow Leoscorpions insight regarding protection, her tools are awesome!!!! ok on to reading

    Past: I see a family- there are three man woman and child, the woman is older than the man

    could be representing your family or a child raised by a grandmother...could be a time when there was harmony and balance, not like in present time, with much strife and chaos

    Present: Much strife-much negativity,toxicity-perhaps vengeance from this man--you are the one putting out all the fires!! His fires-the ones he sets/creates....

    Future: I see Justice and Balance, I see you finally with 3 dancing girls-ballerinas---this represents children of yours-- I see you benifiting from the toils of your labor receive the fruits so to speak- after much strife and exhaustion.

    The special card I picked from Wisdom Oracle Deck-Return to Silence -a pic of orange/white hazy flowers and card says "as you observe this image reflect on your beauty within! This card shows up to remind you that the true essence of life exists not in the external world but within.

    If there is confusion or trouble in your life at this time remember, the clarity you seek will not be found in the outside world . Confusion is a result of scattered energy, the constant thoughts we emanate as we struggle for answers. Return to the peace and tranquility that exists within your soul. The harder we try, the greater confusion we create. Life is not meant to be a struggle, so stop getting caught up in external events and start listening to YOUR inner voice. Meditate---The Peace and Clarity you seek is within you!!!!!!

    I see you hoppin from thread to thread---Stop! relax breathe in and out , and above all start the Protection recommended I wish you only the very best always and always.

    Much love and light your way!!!!

  • Meandkids, I do have your read done, did on Sun-1-3-10

    I will have to type up asap! calling it a nite I of course saw challenges at court,fill me in on the ex and all-saw challenges for both, his worse than yours, and he will be payin his dueand yes I do see a man dashin his way to ya! will get back here as soon as am able,

    3 readees after meandkids, I will get to you as soon as am able, please bear with me,

    good nite all...

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