Can someone please do me a reading

  • I would be very greatfull is someone could do me a reading as if i do my own it may not be as accurate

  • DOB?

  • oh i forgot to mention a tarot reading... sorry

  • DOB?

  • 13th sep 1990

  • Dear AngelGirl1, tx for responding , Transition!

    I see lots of change and confusion, change in sense of search for path

    which way to go???? There is counsel avail to guide you a Fe figure

    you are in midst of neagativity, could be of own doing, neg thoughts....a strong mail figure comes offers mon and stars, weighs you down, you come from comfortable type of living situation, someone who toiled by sweat of her brow

    comforts in life are fine and good, you seek greater meaning and depth v. Superficiality

    Go forth... Be open to wise counsel

    Blessings you Dear Precious One

  • i know what you mean life hasen't been easey for me lately and im just stuck in a rut not knowing which way to turn, im such in a negative place at the moment and i cant seem to be happy or postitive about anything im allways thinking ''whats the point nothing works out anyway'' thanks alot goldenhill

  • Dear AngelGirl1, you are soo welcome,

    you are much too young to give up, this is life... You hav many gifts Much light to share with all who cross and are destined to cross your path, a very tough lesson to learn early on, it is you and you and you affecting U, you are a powerful mighty young being, learning much too early how to control "Energy" hav a choice always

    May the Blessings be to thee...

  • I'd like a reading if anyone doesn't mind.


    : )

  • Persphone74, will be happy to over next day or so

    Blessings to you

  • do you no when im going to be happy lol because it isn't happening right now

  • Hello , nice to c u again why r u not happpy, what exactly is it that u seek?

  • hello, thanks for replying, would been 2 yrs tomarrow that i was with my ex and to top that my close friends have fallen out with me, I can't see us reuniting, I just want to know when im ment 2 meet this person or if i allready know them and more about them so i have some hope to hold onto to appeciate the feedback you have given

  • Angelgirl1- be aware of your energy you r putting out there, "be the change you wish to see"

    give to others, anybody that which U seek and it will come back to you 10 fold

    May you be Blessed

  • Persephone74 , Much contemplTion in past as to when will see better days sat humdrum and complAcent gave uch of yourself away, at present lost and forlorn wondering how to get it back, much lost and given away, in future half here half there not grounded, path of negativity

    chosen ,clean it up if u choose, otherwise no possitive change

    Best to you

  • thanks goldenhill you've been great help, can you see my life looking up at all?

  • Angelgirl1- it all depends on you and you and you a d you, what you put into "it" and " out there

    what r your hobbies, what stirs your creativity? CN you walk, see, feel,?????

    Plz write 10 things you are grateful for, and then be hAppy for that moment

    hold on to list, Message of Light-from Mario Duguay for Angelgirl1-I am health,

    each and every one of my cells is constantly regenerating and radiat light. I attune to divine love w in me and let it flow thru every cell I. My body. I breathe in life and the energy flows freel w in me I am eternal youth, eternal health, and eternal Light

    Blessed Be You

  • Hi Goldenhill,

    I was wondering if you could share any insight on my near future (dob 7/14/61) and of my relationship with 2 men - one's dob is 9/21/58 and the other is 7/19/59. Also any insight on my career?

    Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

  • I am new to forum but not to I love this site! I do my own readings and have a done a few for close friends. I am a libra with a Scorpio moon. I seek balance with a unbridled passion. Lately I have lost my balance, I gave my children to my mom to care for until I can get us back on our feet, meaning a roof over our heads. We have been living with family for the last 6 months and it is just not working out as I had hoped it would. My children left today and try as I may to focus on the future all I can do is cry. My mind, I can't think clearly and am afraid any reading I would do I could not trust in the present moment.. If anyone has the time to do a reading it might help, DOB is 10/21/1971. Thanks

  • Blady, would be happy to! Happy Thanksgiving Day to you too!

    Will get to reading Asap,

    Within a day,thankyou

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