Can someone please do me a reading

  • Mark64720-

    Past-See a female figure,she has much to offer you in partnership/marriage, you are very concerned about the future

    Present-you are very creative you are one who can make things happen, look over the horizon, the sun shines brighter for you-there may be things you need to look at within yourself, if you dont "See" them ask those around you who you trust and can confide in, and work there to create the new.

    Future-looks bright, with much success, wealth and love

    you will look up and see that things are better, do not give up on your dreams, keep your eyes on the stars your head in the clouds-to create and dream... some more--you will have to work and you will have to work long and hard, "it will come"

    Best to you Mark!

  • Hi Goldenhill

    Thank you for the reading and using your gift to help meThe reading is accurate about a lot but i don't understand the artist man nor the two men as there are not two men in my life.

    Could you please tell me what type career you see please as i am totally lost on what i should start.

    You are dead on about the past.That was my son i took care of my grandson for 3 years until his mother could take him.

    How much change is there going to be as i don't feel strong any longer just tired.

  • Thanks Goldenhill, Best to you for your time

  • Magicsouldream2003,thank you for your response, will get back to you asap! : )

    Mark64720, thank you for your response.

  • Hello Goldenhill,

    I have read some of your readings to others, and you are insightful, helpful and caring.

    I would like a general reading, dob, 09/21/1959. My life or perspecive on life seems to be changing. I hope you can help.

    Prayers and hugs 🙂

  • Cyw39, I would be happy to read for you! : )

    should have something for you over next day or so...

  • Thank you for your time and energy 🙂

  • : )

  • Goldenhill ~

    Hello my dear friend! How are you? It's a busy time with all the preparations for the holiday that is very fast approaching and I hope you are taking time to enjoy all the blessing of the season. I have read and re-read the reading you have done for me and putting much thought in to all of it. I am so thankful that you gave of your precious time to do this for me and the honor is all mine my friend 😃 For some reason I keep coming back to "Danr, forgot to mention, the two of you are "always starting over, in "ONE" way or another". Funny that it was an additional post. We both seem to be always starting over in one way or another, that is very true, but what strikes me is the "ONE". I somehow feel in the way it came to you, that it was an additional post, the way it was stated "ONE", that there is a message there. While I am giving all the parts of the reading great thought, this part just seems to stand out for me, as if there is a message in that sentence and I don't quite know yet why? But I will let you know more when I figure it out and if you sense anything more I would appreciate any additional insight. And oh yeah "Success- is in the cards, and you my dear are "tempted" by another", yes I do think I know of who that part refers too. After I read your reading, this one came to my home that same evening. Someone that has pursued for over 2 years now but I have absolutely no interest past, present or future. This man is the husband of my former stepmom's niece and having marital problems for some time now. I have tried to advise and counsel as we were once kinda family of sorts through marriages. Because I am still very close with my former stepmom and she will always be grandma to my son, this man knows of times when I am struggling, and I feel he thinks he can take advantage and tempt me but he is so wrong! So I think he may be the one who the message refers too. Although I see no temptation, he still continues to try. Some men just don't get the message that you have no interest! Lol! And those men you do want to be with, well they don't get the message either =(

    Take care of yourself my dear friend!

    Love & Hugs ~ Deb

  • Hello My Dearest Friend Danr!!! : )

    Great to hear from you again! YOur holiday wishes mean alot to me!

    Re: your feedback It is sooo valuable to me it keeps me continuuing forward with the readings, as at times, I contemplate whether to continue or not, sooo thanks for your valuable feedback, it is an honor to do this, when the assistance is requested...

    Re: your "ONE" question my dear you and your friends are 1's-so see, there you are...

    you are right about those men!! Lol... I will be reviewing another reading I did, I will see if any thing else comes up, feel free to ask another question...please always keep in touch, nice communicating with you, As always, wish you only the very best always...


  • Magicsouldream2003,

    Ok, just to let you know, the same card shows up and stands out again, so this means there is a male figure who is very creative, can be "the handyman type"---

    Now-referring back to your reading, I saw 2 men one each side of horse, and a dark sorcerer over looking, in future position-could one man be some one from your past?, may wish to look at your relationship with son or sons? But the sense I got were 2 -suitors.

    RE: Caree- if youve been bored and depressed in current job, it will soon lift, you will have a change in attitude, Follow your ideas, philosphical pursuits, See Teaching- book mentions-writing,directing,, lecturing, fashion, arts, motion pics, radio, dealing with public, you are capable of having 2 or more jobs at the same time-A Human Potential type would be great-where you motivate others thru self actualization and creative interaction- yoga teaching, fitness/personal trainer?????

    Good luck to you, let me know what you think....

  • Dear Goldenhill

    Thank you for clarifying the reading for me.I have an idea who the artist man may be.As far as the suitors i know one for sure and is from my past.

    I would like to tell you again thank you so much for your reading it truly was accurate.I look forward to a new career.

  • Magicsouldream2003, thank you for feedback. : )

    Wish you only the best...

  • Cyw39, will get to your reading as soon as am able, haven't forgotten about you. : )

  • Thank you. I wish you the best. 🙂

  • Hi cyw39, see you on forum.... Again plz know haven't forgotten you. : )

  • Dearest cyw39, I appreciate your patience in getting this reading out to you! We have alot of "matching pictures" It was quite difficult to commit to sit still long enough to do, as It is always good to to readings because it not only benefits the readee but also benefits, the reader...

    Here goes:

    Past:There is a union with a man, dark, negative male figure--if not spouse, could be father or father figure, I am really getting that it is a spouse...

    Present- I see a man-magical, creative type who comes to you,although you have his companionship and perhaps heart, I see strong turbulent seas, not to say he is wrong for you but you must always be true to yourself. You feel very isolated, and live a very solitude, quiet type of life...much time spent in contemplation, and have a strong connectin with spirit -other worldly insight--- "you are not alone."

    Future- you continue to travel with this man , you will be torn, not knowing, and wondering whether you should go this way or that way, others will point you in certain directions, you must remain true to self and follow your own path... knowing what is right and good for you-

    If you ever forget lose your way and get lost, Connect to your "Spiritual Source"!

    CYW- you are a healer, AM also getting that you are an Empath-much affected by others!

    Arch Angel -Raphael will help you heal physical challenges in yourself and others-

    Re: emotional and mental healing-it would be helpful to see the other persons point of view with compassion.

    Release-all judgement and grudges, express yourself, share your feelings, this will help you regain a sense of being.

    I hope this has been helpful, your query was about your life and changes in your perceptions of it, ----I wish you a happy journey to yourself!!! : ) no matter how rough it gets, or how many rattle your cage- never for a second forget WHO YOU TRULY ARE---and always remember the light, that BLAZING LIGHT that you shine and only you can shine in the way that YOU DO, to ALL who cross your path.....

    CYW39----I realize it took awhile to get this to you, you and I are of same age group, and working on same issues, and my Psyche, just wasnt quite ready to see this alll over again!!!

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to read for you,

    Feedback is greatly appreciated.

    May your Blessings Be Many today and always...

  • Dear Goldenhill,

    Thank you so much for the reading. Your insight is remarkable. You are correct the past male figure was a spouse. I suppose I didn't see the darkness in the union until later in the relationship. I waited to get out of the relationship. I felt there could be negative actions from him. I suppose that was a spritual connection. Since then, I have felt more like I am living, instead of just existing. I am divorced now, but my life is rather solitary. Much of the time when I am alone I don't think of myself as lonely.

    I wonder if turbulance you speak of in my present relationship is causing me feel a little off center? Or, is it the connection to others and their feelings. I have wondered about healing.

    I plan to follow my own path..., Thank you for helping me understand who I am. 🙂

  • Thank you again.

    I truly appreciate the time and effort you put in this reading. You are kind and helpful and encouraging. I am sorry you had to see this all over again, but many people go through the same things, and just sharing helps greatly. I smile as I write this . I feel we are similar in a number of ways. I pleased to meet you. I hope you can continue to help others as you have helped me.

    Be blessed always

  • Cwy39, You are sooo welcome! It was an honor to read for you. I Thank you for your feedback and your encouragement to continue helping people, you hav no idea how much this means !!!!

    : )

    Re: your question about the turbulence

    I believe it us both----1) relationship, you are torn and being pulled or persuaded against what you Know to be true and best for you.2) other people causes you to be. And feel off balance and for this also you must remain true to yourself and feel likevyou must do for others out of guilt fear or obligation cuz you givevyourself away also if you can fund ways to ground and protect yourself this would help as well. Nice to meet you too!

    Wish you only the vest today and always...

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