Can someone please do me a reading

  • Oh, pilot 007 thanyou for your knd words,about good karma, it means alot to me to be reminded that my readings do help!!! : )z

    fanofkmm, thank you also for your kind words !!!! : )

    hopin to get back to your readings this weekend

    Blessings to all



  • would like a reading on my life as a whole and my love life.Am in love with scorpio man,My dob 102269,if his is needed it is 110271

  • Dearest libralady2008, will add you to my list, please keep checkin back! : )

    Thank you.

  • Hi Laura GoldenHill

    I am sorry to hear about your job loss, but don't worry too much as one door must close before another can open. I have a feeling it won't be long before you are employed again and doing something you are happier with. Sorry I can't be more specific but that is the feeling I get (so frustrating when I would like more details and don't get them).

    Wenchie :-))

  • Wenchie, thank you for your kind thoughts, they means alot to me, more than words can say!!!!

    and remind me to see things from a clear spiritual perspective

    gets me out of the negative thinking.

    May you be blessed always


  • Hi Goldenhill, I just wanted to thank you even though it is quite late. Now I also know his birthday but I am not going to ask you any flollowing question since you have a long list and I also want to say I am sorry about yout job. I really hope that you can find the job you want to have very soon. Thank you very much again.

  • Lates, thank you for good wishes!

    If you have another question I will be happy to get to as soon

    as am able

    best to you!

  • OK. Thanks, I prefer to ask later . It doesn't sound right to me ask something right now.

  • Ok,Lates

    Best wishes for you...

  • Goldenhill - I was just catching up on your posts and I when I read what you said to pilot007: "Please keep in mind that at times those who are challenged the most are building character,are catalysts for needed change and light bearers- I believe you are experiencing all

    and you do bring much needed light, and when you leave those places, the light "your light" goes with you ,and leaves the place dark the same darkness that was there before you arrived."

    I was just so moved, it's one of the most beautiful thoughts I've ever had the pleasure to hold in my head and I'm going to keep it and let it sink in over time. Wow, I'm not kidding, I just love it.

    I was sorry to hear about your job. I've had my share of job struggles myself the past couple of years. In a good place now, but what a journey. BUT you need to remember that you have a gift of time here for a while. In between your job hunting you have a great gift of freedom. Do the work you need to to get yourself re-employed but in between try to relax and appreciate that you have a wonderful space for your own personal adventures right now. I confess, that there are many days I miss my "under-employed" days and the sense that life was more of an adventure with infinite possibilities. I'm more secure now, yes, but ahhhh there were some good days in all of that space. I went to school, I volunteered, I met all kinds of new people. Adversity does not have to be a bad thing, as always, I guess it's what you make it. You're spirit is so strong, I know you'll be just fine and you'll have the next job before you really even want it, lol.

  • Dearest Jenever7 , thank you for your support! It means alot!!!

    You hav given me alot to think about!! School, sounds like a great idea! We'll see where this road leads.. Right now pretty much trusting and waiting for doors to open.

    Re: insight on" light and when you leave becomes dark"

    this is Kryon material-book nine Channelled by Lee Carroll if you are interested in more let me know and I will type up my fav page Here.

    Thanks again and

    Many blessings to you..

  • Hey Goldenhill- sorry to hear about your job. I know you will bounce back the soonest. We're all here supporting you! Hope all is well and thank you for sharing your gift with us. Much Love.

  • Goldenhill,

    I am on a crazy road right now with my job as well but I do wish you the best of luck and do not give up better oppurtunities shall come your way.

  • Slubear and 143jastin ,

    thank you so much for your support,it means alot to me!!!

    Best always to you both...

  • To all those waiting for a reading or pilot007(response to question after reading)

    My intention is to get back to readings Asap!

    I am going thru transition right now - left job early Nov

    was without work approx 6 weeks till recently and was terminated last week so now on job hunt again.

    I appreciate your patience and understsnding, please know I am commited to completing readings.

    To all on this thread please keep me in your prayers,

    to all who have posted good wishes and support thankyou with all my heart!

    Blessings to all of you!

  • Goldenhill - thank you for the information, I would definitely like to learn more about Kryon material. I will research it on my own so as to save you some trouble (let you know if I need help). I'd enjoy reading your favorite page as well though, when you have some time to share it. If it's anything like the few lines you shared in your post, I'm sure I'd like it.

  • Hi Goldenhill,

    I see the challenge we talked about has arrived, I'm so sorry, but as others have said there is something more positive waiting on the horizon for you.

    Sorry I hadn't posted anything before now, unfortunately my comp went down and I have only just managed to get back online.

    Let me know if you want any help with the readings or just a chat.

    Thinking of you and sending healing thoughts.

    Interestingly the card I quickly drew for you indicated a journey of self discovery is needed before you can move on.

    I hope this makes sense to you and wish you all the best for the future.

    Take care

    blessed be


  • Meandkinds,

    can you do a reading for me fro the next few months or so? Perhaps a celtic cross?

  • Hey Goldenhill, very sorry to hear about your job! I know something better for you will come along... What's for you won't pass you afterall! no rush on reading, i know you've got alot going on right now! Take care! Daisy

  • Meandkids and Daisyfairy, thankyou!!!!

    Meandkids if any insight comes at you I am open,

    need all the help I can get .

    Best to you both, always!

    Jenever, ok, will get to typing that page as things settle here


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