Can someone please do me a reading

  • Ok, Laura found your pic. That helps a lot. Never saw that site before. You can put me at the bottom of any list you like. I am a very patient person.


    Both you and Goldenhill refer to the aggressive people? Which threads are they on? I must say, so far I have only encountered genuinely caring and loving people, so I would like to know where to avoid.


  • Hi Scorpioreader.

    It's just a been few people who are probably having bad days. We all have them. Mostly people here ARE caring and supportive.

    Just saw you on the practice tarot thread earlier and saw that you'd be willing to let someone try for you. i'd love to if you're ok with that. i have a few other people i promised readings to first but maybe in a week or two i could try and read for you?

    Have a good night!

  • Dearest Stoneyeye, no need to apologize for hoppin on thread nor should you regret your post it is Truth, and I keep seeing it ! Yes you are right about just not posting to that thread

    nice to see you here your support re: staying on means alot to me! Yes,,there are many wonderful people here and you are one of them!!!

    Dear Scorpioreader, please continue on your course here, you will find the threads In

    time, for now it is not your time....please let it rest...,continue on your journey here on forum

    there us much to learn and much to gain

    i will add you to my reading list

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Scorpioreader, cannot find you at above e mail address says Invalid

  • I see there is a period after the "m" is the period throwing it off?

  • Scorpioreader,I don't see . After m,I sent it anyway did you receive email?

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