Am I evil?

  • Hello, new here. I think there are some strange things about my birthdate:


    First, it contains three sixes

    Dec. 26 is the 360th day of the year. A 360 degree angle is a circle.

    There are 5 days left in the year, so a 5 lined star surrounded by a circle is a pentagram.

    Also, that makes me a Capricorn, which is a goat!

    Through history, many terrible things have happend on Dec. 26. I know bad things happen on all dates, but it seems major bad things always wait for my birthday.

  • My understanding of 'major bad things always wait for my birthday' is that wonderful 7th cycle we all go through about 30 days before our birthday. It's the last cycle and something always happens for example, you stub your toe really hard every year right before your birthday. Everything just appears major intense before the birthday and I think a lot of us allow ourselves to let the negative kinda slip in which causes more negatives to occur. So your looking back at all of your previous birthdays, keep a log! BUT this time around keep as positive as you can..allow no negatives to come through..we all get a lot sensitive too before our birthdays but I do know that if you just let it roll off like a duck you'll have a much better time before your birthday and during! 🙂

    Goats are cool ..just remember with each number..there's always a positive. You were born ..that's a positive right? yes! So look for the positives, throw those negatives out!

  • As a Theistic Satanist, I WISH I had your birthday. 😄 That is completely awesome.

    Using numerology, 666 is very interesting. First of all, it's 6 energy, the humanitarian energy involving compassion, healing and kindness. Then there's 3 energy (three 6s), which is creativity, optimism and expression of the self. Lastly, 3+3+3=9. 9 energy is about the world, the universe even...

    It's also considered, from what I remember, the "perfect" number. Multiply ANYTHING by nine and add it up until you only have one number... it'll always be nine. Multiply any number that adds up to nine by anything else and do the same... it'll always be nine. 126 times 14, for example, is 1764. 1+8+9+0 = 18. 1+8 = 9.

    360 is, again, 3/6/9 energy. 6+3=9. 6x3=9.

    360 multiplied by 5 = 1800. 1+8 = 9. 🙂

    12261966 = 33 = 6. 6x3=9.

    If you're going to be picking out number, also note the 1221. 😉 12-21-2012 is supposed to be the end of an era. Note that 1221 = 6.

    There's nothing evil about it. On the contrary... it's GOOD!

    Don't let propaganda and fear-based beliefs make you think less of yourself. This set of numbers is about helping humanity, not harming it.

    And goats? Goats rock.

    Baa. m/

  • Ahem, excuse me. A typo...

    3+3+3 does indeed equal nine, but I meant to say that 6+6+6=18. 1+8=9. 🙂

  • In my family bad things happen on all the holidays and birthdays. We have to look past them and see the good in all the holidays and special moments in our lives. Your not evil if god still answers your prayers. What ever God you beleive in. Don't forget the Goddesses.

  • I'm going to have to look up,theisitic satinist,lol,it is interesting,looking at numerology with respect to our birthday,mine being 11/22/1953.

    11 + 22 + 1953

    2 + 4 + 9 = 15 - 1+ 5 = 6

    Of course,president Kennedy ,was assasinated on that day in 1963,my tenth birthday.

    Needless to say it wasn't a happy one,but it only shows that negative as well as positive insidents ,bring people together !

    Hope,springs eternal,what manifests as negative,can be a positive,depending on our freewill or outlook on life,and our perception of it,and our relationship to it.

    Some curious examples of this manifestation are ;

    6 upsidedown is 9

    DOG backwards is GOD

    EVIL backwards is LIVE

    DEVIL backwards is LIVED

    666 upsidedown is 999

    6+6+6 =18 1+8=9

    9+9+9 =27 2+7=9

    Now,this is getting a little off of ,my intended message,but it does have a link to numerology

    Y ou can search the web for this info also,when looking up " 666 "

    If you take the number " 6" and assign it to the letter " A " in the English Alphabet adding 6 to each letter following the letter A ,for example, you will get the following;

    A= 6

    B= 12

    C= 18

    D= 24

    E= 30

    F= 36

    G= 42

    H= 48

    I= 54

    J= 60

    K= 66

    L= 72

    M= 78

    N= 84

    O= 90

    P= 96

    Q= 102

    R= 108

    S= 114

    T= 120

    U= 126

    V= 132

    W= 138

    X= 144

    Y= 150

    Z= 156

    Now this is information that relates to September 11,2001,and the World trade center disaster.

    You can find it ,when researching "666"

    If you add all of the letters from the following words,they all add up to 666

    A skyjacking =666

    Arab suicides =666

    Newyork =666

    You will also,be able to find a host of words or combonation of words and letters,that add up to 666,listed on the same website.

    There is even a calculator,on on website,that lets you put in, your own word an letter combonations to, see if it adds up to 666.

  • no one evil just cause their birthdate is like yours it dosent make you a bad person if things where based on stuff like that we all would be in trouble cause we all have something but that dosent make us all evil!

  • Well, I think I am safe as my birthdate is: 10/09/


    1+0=1 0+9=9 (1+9+6+3=19 which is: 1+9=10 which is: )1+0=1 when put all together if Im doing this righ should equal:

    1+9+1=11 which is 1+1=2 so the answer for my birthdate is: 2...? Right?

  • These are interesting comments.. isn't it strange how easily numbers have a strange way of repeating themselves. I am quite new , but have been fascinated by the Sept 11th numbers. They sent shivers down my spine as 11 is my strongest number... my year, month are 11 and with 1951... also add up to 11... but my name does too.

    What is all this about?? I asked on a different thread as sometimes it feels almost spooky.

  • Sorry I meant to say my (Birthday) Month and total add up to 11. Laugh. and you wouldn't believe the number I was given by the phone company...211122192. No Kidding!

  • Greetings FireFalcon! (cool name!!!)

    I have always looked at 666 as a total of 9, also; it's a shame that a number can be given such a bad reputation.

    my bday is 8/16, so I had to deal with my crying mother when Elvis died.....happy birthday to me 😛

  • Hi, Wanted to ask you if the number 6 or 9 or combinations seem to assign themselves to you in your everyday life. The number 5 and combinations of it follow me wherever I go. No matter how much things may change in my life, I am always the same. I see the number 5 as a number change. But, it's almost like this number haunts me. Do numbers correspond to planets.

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