Thank you universe

  • I started 2009 with no job and not a lot of hope of finding one. I am ending this year on quite a high!...Still no job but my daughter survived a stroke, my elder daughter and her family found a nice place to live, my son is at last having his bad back treated and I won some money. Thank you universe. You know how grateful I am!

  • it's been 2 months I just found this thread today

    I'm glad things worked out well for you in 2009

    my year didn't start well either, with the recession in 2008

    but it got better and better starting march/ april if I remember

    this year 2010 is busy as soon as it kicks in

    hope the best for you and family in 2010 too 🙂

  • Good!! So happy for you, ddawnyy. You and your loved ones made it through the"fire". I love it

    when someone is grateful. It's the purest form of prayer....

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