Need help figuring out this feeling

  • Hey everyone!

    Ok, so I'm having this feeling, something that is troubling me but I don't know what it is and I can't quite figure out what this feeling is or in what direction it is trying to lead me! I don't know if it something I need to be doing, something I need assistance with or someone I am supposed to help? I found or was led to this site a few weeks ago, and I find myself drawn to it over and over and I know there is a purpose because I believe everything happens for a reason.

    I don't know if this feeling has something to do with me, my son or family, someone that is in my life presently or has been or someone that will enter soon. I don't know if it has to do with career, family, relationship or someone I am supposed to help? It's just a feeling that I can't shake and I am at a loss trying to figure out what it is and in what direction it is trying to lead me? It's hard to know exactly what kinda guidance I am asking for because I do not know in what area of my life or someone I am supposed to help that this affects? I just feel that there is something I need to be doing or should be focusing on but I don't know what it is? I would very much appreciate anyone that has any insight, can do a reading or has any thoughts to help guide me and figure out what this feeling is, what it is trying to tell me and in what direction it is trying to lead me .

    My dob is 5/21/64, I was born at 6:05 am in Athens, Greece. I am a Gemini, that much I already knew. But I have been told that I am a Gemini on the cusp of Taurus, sun sign Gemini, moon Libra and rising Gemini...but I don't know what all that means, yet? I am open, willing and have the desire to learn more about higher awareness and explore in greater depths what all this means.

    Thank you in advance for anyone that can help. Wishing all that read this, a beautiful day, a beautiful life, many blessings and much happiness always 😃

  • Good Morning Danr,

    Just wanted to say hello and tell you to hang of us get something for you, I'm sure:) For now, I can't say I feel anything "bad" coming your way, so that's good:)


  • Thanks, you're a sweetie 😃 It's good you don't sense anything bad as I don't get the feeling it's bad, just something, that I can't figure out that is causing me a bit of frustration.

    Took some time this afternoon to try to relax a bit with my heating pad as my neck is causing me so much pain and the pain meds don't seem to be helping. Thought it was the weather, overdoing it a bit and not sleeping well that was the cause of the flair up of a 25 year old injury. But, my stepmom's niece had surgery a few days ago to remove & replace 2 ruptured disks that are just 1 off from my own injury so I may be picking up on some of her pain.

    I have been on the go all week between work and dashing everyday to get to my son's b-ball tourney games (they placed 3rd, not bad at all for their 1st ever tourney, yay!) and I have not been sleeping well. My sleep has been restless and I wake suddenly, heartbeat racing, not able to recall anything about my dreams but with a feeling I need to be doing something but I don't know what it is? Maybe my body starting to go thru the change, lol! Had the same thing happen a few months back but I could recall parts of the dreams and they were very disturbing. Turned out a friend was in a very dark place, contemplating suicide and needed help to work thru things and figure it all out. Things worked out and all is well there now, as far as I know, though we haven't spoken in 2 months with both of us always on the go with our kids. But this time, this time the feeling is different.

    In the past I have sensed things but shrugged them off then de ja vue, something would happen and viola it would all make sense. This past year I have been feeling things more frequently, maybe I always have but I am just becoming more aware but I haven't learned yet how to interpret the feelings and figure out what they mean. We almost lost my stepmom this past summer and even though the dr's were running out of options and told us to prepare for her passing, I somehow knew that was not going to happen. During that time my own mother was diagnosed with Lupus but she did not tell me because she knew of my stepmom's crisis but I knew something was wrong and I can sense when she is not having a good day even though she lives far away. I have had personal & financial obstacles & struggles this past year, as many have, but I've gotten thru them. I don't worry so much about the financial, I'm not a "material" person, we have a roof over our head, a car to get me to work, food and our basic needs are met. I have faith because things always work out just when I need them too, my ex will send child support (which he doesn't do very often and is 5 years behind, lol!) or I will get an unexpected bonus, etc just at the right time! It's the people in my life I care about and those in need that cause me worry and concern!

    I just can't figure out this feeling and I have no idea what it is trying to tell me or in what direction it is trying to lead me? I thought I would put it out there today and see if anyone gets anything to at least help guide me to what it is or in what area I am to be focusing on. I thought maybe I was trying to focus too hard, that I am being impatient, but no matter what I am doing, no kinda distraction or relaxation seems to lessen the intensity of what it is, I just don't know??

    Anyway, if anyone can provide any assistance or guidance, I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks and many blessings and peace to all 😃

  • Ok, so right after I posted the previous message, I checked a facebook notification and this is what it said:

    "On this day, God wants you to know that God sees you as you truly are, - a holy child of light:

    I see you strong and whole. I see you blessed and prospered. I see you courageous and confident. I see you capable and successful. I see you free from all limitations or bondage of any kind. I see you as the spiritually perfect being you truly are."

    So I still don't know what it is I am sensing but get the feeling it's about something good!

    Anyone have any thoughts?

  • danr , i too am a gemini and i am going thru a simular type experiance over the last 2 yrs, almost exact! i am rushing too to get to the bottom of it .. must b the gemini thing lol.... but i think now i may back off a little and stop trying so hard and see what happens. the facebook message is wild.

  • You are a Gemini, Libra moon, Gemini Ascendant. I would guess that you are going to feel rather ungrounded on a regular basis...maybe everyday. You might benefit from doing things that prevent you from thinking for awhile. This will help you calm down and feel more grounded and you might forget all about these random thoughts you've been having.

    Try the following: athletic activity, yoga, make something creative like paint or do pottery.

    or even volunteer to help someone or an organization.

  • Earthwindandfire ~ thank you for your reply. Yes, the fb message is wild but in a good way! Especially since it didn't come from anyone but is an app I subscribe too that sends messages everyday! Makes me wonder and gives me something to think about! I am a very patient person but have a tendency to become a bit impatient with myself at times. Lol! I'm working on it though! Lol! I will keep you in my thoughts that you also will be able to get to the bottom of your situation.

    Take care my friend and thanks again 😃

  • Thank you bluewatermamma! Yes, I am a deep thinker and do think WAY too much! Lol!

    I actively volunteer with school activities and at our senior citizen center which I am so proud and humbled that I had the opportunity to be a part in helping my Dad build the center for them. I bought a pilates series as I thought it might help strengthen my neck and spine from an injury I sustained but hadn't thought about trying yoga but I think I will check into it. Although I have a great appreciation for art, I don't consider myself very artistic so I'm not so sure about the painting but pottery may be an option. Thanks for the input, I really do appreciate it greatly!

  • Well danr on a lighter note you sound very airy with all three of those signs and you make me want to recommend some Gas X just to clear it up. Just my warped sense of humor ya know. I am so tired of taking myself so serious. Really the yoga I would love to do but with my carpel tunnel I was afraid. Do you do resistance exercise on your neck? I didn't think I could paint either because I could draw stick people. I took some tole painting classes and with them showing me some techniques I found out I did have some talent. I don't know is there are many classes around anymore for that and I was doing decorative painting more that tole. I could sit for hours and paint so I was surprised. I don't like to sew because of setting for so long but I did it painting and surprised myself. Take care my Okie buddy.

  • Libra-LMAO still

    Danr-sorry I've been slow to respond. I'm all over the place today. You're welcome, though it wasn't much. I do feel that something is coming your way, a good thing. Just wish I knew what. Is there someone on your mind, a male with salt and pepper hair,by any chance? I also feel like you're head is in too many places,jumping from one thing to another. Try to be still and not search under every rock. Congratulations to your son! YAY!!

    EWF-Hello! How are you? So nice to see you plunging in! How is your quest for figuring this empath life out going?

    Blessings and Light!

  • Libra ~ ROFLMAO! You are too funny! I appreciate a warped sense of humor as I have one myself! If the gas x could blow all these thoughts outta my head, I'd be willing to give it a try! Lol! The man I had been involved with was so serious all the time that I kinda lost a bit of my humor for a while...but it's back! Lol! I'm with ya on the stick people...I can picture things but just can't get my hands to draw what's in my son on the other hand is quite talented. Actually his talents & gifts in many areas amaze me and I wonder where he got it from. He is the joy of my life and I am a better person for having been blessed with him 😃

    Hisbablove ~ No worry, things come when they are meant to come...I just have to remind myself to be patient. I have a ton of patience with others just not so much with myself! Yes, there is someone on my mind but not salt n pepper more sandy blonde. In fact he hadn't been on myspace for over a month but I saw he changed his status & updated his info yesterday so I checked it out. Can't quite figure him out? He we broke up a year ago and he still has not deleted my comments from his page, we have remained friends but the comments were from when we were together and have the obvious nature of being from more then just a friend. He'll delete comments from other women when he's no longer involved with them but the only comments he leaves are from his kids and me. Don't quite understand that? But then there are several things he says and does that I don't understand! Lol!

    Well it looks like it's gonna be another dreary day here in good ole OK, but I have so many blessings in my life that I can feel the warmth and brightness of the sun shining! Wishing everyone a fabulous SUNday 😃

  • Good morning danr the fog is just starting to clear here. They say by 10 we will have sunshine and going to be warm. Great I can hardly wait. Yes I thought that would throw you. I hesitated cause I don't know how others will take humor when the subject is serious. Was this guy the serious one? You may want to wait and see the other fish in the sea. And I think the men in our part of the country are more old fashioned in what they think a woman should be like that us coastal women scare them. They want to be the king of the castle still and macho turns me off. And far as the talent your son has I know I was like the only one who didn't have any, I thought. But I didn't take anything in school because I didn't think I had any. And no one to encourage it. My sister did china painting and even started teaching. She taught my mom. My children could draw and I encouraged them. But I just thought all I could do was have good looking babies. If you can find a class I think you will find you have talent you had no idea you had. But some can just set down and do it not me I had to practice. Well stiff upper lip and go for it. keep smiling and enjoy the day. Peace and harmony

  • signs and symbols, There is an energy center in your neck that is linked to communication. Are you open to speaking your truth? Are you or someone in your life being a pain in the neck? The neck is the connection between the head [intellect] and the heart [emotions]. Do you need to balance your emotions with your intellect or vice versa? The neck can be a sign of flexibility, as the neck can represent being willing to see both sides of an issue. Being "stiff necked' means being immovable. Are you being immovable in your life?

  • hey hisbalov, im still trying to figure it out but getting a little tired as well. i find myself thinking im crazy for having thoughts that could be sesative an empth and then i will have something else happen or remember things that blow me away.. i read something i saw online the other day that

    was titled...... Have you been awakened spiritialy..... if so , it gave insite to how you may be feeling

    and what you may be inclined to start doing or acting...

    it was very acurate to how i feel now but the things to come scared me a little.. i cant remember now what it was i didnt like. i will have to find it and re read it.

    anyway thanks for asking! i will be on here im sure a lot . i have so many questions and the people here have been so nice and helpful.

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