Lost love

  • Can you help me? Should I contact an old friend which I haven't seen in 16 years. We have a doughter together and he hasen't seen her as well. He apeaers in my dreams in the last 2 years but i AM SCARED TO MEET HIM. What you think I find I missed out on a love affair. I was the first who went away and so on.

  • It wouldnt hurt to contact him, its better to know how things went then not do it and wonder. You only live once. Just drop a line and see how he is doing and take it from there.

  • Hi, I don't think it would hurt unless you are expecting something. Seems like he would want to see his daughter. If not, that would be reason enough for me to just leave it alone. What are the dreams about. The reason I'm asking is because of something that happened to me recently. I saw a couple of people that looked like my ex-boyfriend close to my house. Few weeks later I met someone who was interested in me. He e-mailed me and I got to get to know him for about 6 wks. I have to tell you, I have never seen 2 people more alike in my whole life (my ex and this guy.) It's almost like I was being warned in advance. Anyway, nothing major transpired. If you are scared to meet him, don't forget that. That's warning enough isn't it. I like to get to know people. I already have a boyfriend. My father used to tell me not to act or be too friendly because most of the time you can't be just friends w/guys. But, if you are going into it thinking of a love affair you have to remember the past and how long it's been--right. Just some of my thoughts.

  • I met him in a supermarket and we started to talk. He was unfriendly towards me first and told me that he did not liked me. Then at the end I got kiss from him, tj.

    I gave him my email number and it is now 2 weeks and he hasn't written to me. He scares me and I can't trust him and I don't have his number I can't call him, but strangewise he goes in the same supermarket shopping and he lives near us and I have seen several guys who look similar.

  • He is frightening and not anymore good looking. And was angry that I got pregnant and then he believed that this was from my exboyfriend. And up to that he believed that so to learn he has a daughter is something.

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