Prayers for healing needed

  • Hey there Wenchie Chicky 🙂 how the heckies are ya gorgeous?? I lost the piece of paper with your email you posted on the forum ages back as a point of contact -mind passing it on again so I can email you?? 🙂

    Absolutely is time for us to give something back, and those of us who can't do readings etc have now a way to pay back for her skills and abilities she willingly shared with others.

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  • Glad to hear all is coming along for you. I have been working on a 6 month plan to work out hwat positive changes I want to make over that time frame. If I can't help myself then I can't help others. I say bring on 2010 as it is going to be a brlliant year for us all!!

  • LL, I'm sorry to hear that the docs aren't giving better news. What an awful accident to have happened the way that it did. Head injuries like John's are always touch and go, and the doctors can't predict how a head injury will go any more than they can predict who will or who won't survive cancer. The doctors can only take it a day at a time, or even an hour at a time, and keep monitoring John for any changes, good or bad. On the plus side, every day that John hangs in there, there's hope for him. Head injuries are just so unpredictable, and I wish that I could offer more hope for his family. Not knowing the severity of the injuries, though, it's very difficult for me to offer much insight. I will still offer my prayers for John, and the hope that this all has a positive outcome.

  • I just talked to her and she was at the hospital. She told me that it looked like John's leg had slipped off of the bed and he was trying to get his leg back on the bed. The nurses told them that it was spasms or something like that. He wasn't trying to put his leg back on the bed.

  • Praying for & thinking of John, Hisbablove & all involved.

  • LibrasLair,

    Wanted to push this up the list again, but decided to let you know, as of right this minute ( 6:51am EST ) I don't feel " tension " about this. I choose to think our thoughts and prayers are doing some good. I hope your day passes uneventfully and with joy. ~ L

  • Dear LibrasLair,

    I just wanted to let you know how very fortunate Hisbablove is to have a friend in you to touch base with for love&support, as well as someone to relay the updates to us here to send energy, love & light where it's needed. One less thing for her to worry about.

    I'm sure I speak for everyone in sending a big "Thank you" for filling us in on what's happening, but also enabling us to help Hisbablove, for we wouldn't know if weren't for you and therefore send our best to her, John and the family.

    I have been working on sending Hisbablove & John reiki energy to help her through this crisis and I keep feeling as though John is having a big rest for now, healing and balancing after the trauma his body's been through. No doubt, everyone there would be draining her of the light she radiates, and we know here from our own experience just how loving, giving & selfless Hisbablove is, so just imagine her in this situation!

    As you've mentioned, she really needs us all to send her energy to hold up through the days ahead, and since I read what you mentioned about her needing to be shielded before, I see her in my mind's eye as though she's got a big, white light beamimg down on her, and John too whereas before it all seemed dim and grey.

    Thanking you again, and everyone for taking the time to read this post and send your personal best,


  • my thoughts and prayers o u that she makes it through and uses her talents in this world of remaining faithful and good amen

  • Here Here, Witch Woman, Well said. Libras lair you have a heart of gold my friend. What a caring and loving heart you have.

    Love & Light to all and healing light coming from to John.


  • Thank you everyone for all the help and the praise but she is doing the hard part. She can't even hear her phone till she goes outside of the hospital so all of the texting I do goes unread till then. When she called me last night she said she wasn't going to stay as later as she has been and one of her Uncles told her to take the day off today as he was leaving. I can only hope she can do that without feeling guilty. Again if you think of it through the day please send energy and help to hold the shield around her to keep the draining energy away. She is staying down stairs for the family because going upstairs is much more draining than being with the family. She is still sick to her stomach and using peppermint to try to keep it settled. Drinking a protein drink because food just isn't agreeing with her. I haven't heard from her today so I can't give anymore news. Thank you for being here for her.

  • Thanks LibrasLair, for the update...Been very worried for her and the family...They are all in my thoughts and prayers and I'll keep the candle going.....

    Peace, Love and light to you!

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  • Continuing to keep john and his family in my thoughts and prayers, hopefully things will improve over the next few days.

  • She is not doing very well right now and is having some anxiety attaches. She is going to go to the doctor for some help of her own. Please be patient with her. She is getting ill from all that is going on with her own life and now with her cousin. She is afraid of getting too emotional if she starts reading what everyone has said. She hasn't made up her mind if she is going to go to the hospital today or not but she is extremely exhausted and unable to eat more than a few bites. Her cousin is on a machine to help him breath and she told me today that they do MRIs in the wee hours of the morning and if anyone understands and can explain she says he is showing a 4. I believe it is very low but it may be because he is in a coma. Someone with knowledge can enlighten us I am sure.

  • Pasted below only thing I could find--nothing listed under MRI

    What is the Glasgow Coma Scale?

    The Glasgow Coma Scale was developed to provide health-caregivers a simple way of measuring the depth of coma based upon observations of eye opening, speech, and movement. Patients in the deepest level of coma:

    do not respond with any body movement to pain,

    do not have any speech, and

    do not open their eyes.

    Those in lighter comas may offer some response, to the point they may even seem wake, yet meet the criteria of coma because they do not respond to their environment.

    Glasgow Coma Scale

    Eye Opening

    Spontaneous 4

    To loud voice 3

    To pain 2

    None 1

    Verbal Response

    Oriented 5

    Confused, Disoriented 4

    Inappropriate words 3

    Incomprehensible words 2

    None 1

    Motor Response

    Obeys commands 6

    Localizes pain 5

    Withdraws from pain 4

    Abnormal flexion posturing 3

    Extensor posturing 2

    None 1

  • If I am interpreting correctly, the 4 she is referring to is the Glasgow coma scale or score. It is a scoring system based on the patient's eye, verbal and motor response. The possible scores for from 3-15 with 3 being deep coma or death and 15 , a wide awake person. If John's score is 4, then the prognosis is not good. Having said that, I have seen a few cases, very few, that have recuperated, albeit not 100%.

    But I also believe in miracles, having been privileged to see quite a few occur. So even though the news is grim, my friends, please keep praying and believing that miracles can, do and will occur, and if G-d wishes it to be, it will be done.

    Thoughts, prayers and lots of love for for John, hisbablove and their family and everyone on this thread.


  • summerbutterfly she was talking so low that I couldn't hear her but I heard the 15. I didn't want to assume anything so I was welcoming someone who know more than myself. Thank you for explaining it. And Blmoon thank you for looking for it. I do appreciate the help. So we all know what has to be done here and lets keep it going. Thank you all for all the help.

  • Thoughts and prayers to this family.

  • Will continue to do so.

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