Prayers for healing needed

  • lets bump it thru space & time to a place where love resonates and returns to fill us all

  • I got a text this evening that she was on her way to the hospital I haven't talked to her as yet. No new news and I am sorry that I can't give anything to anyone. Maybe if she isn't at the hospital too late we may hear from her. She is on the west coast so she is 2 hours behind me.

  • Just got on and saw the post.

    I know that with the little news we have it sounds disheartening, but many times I have seen the power of prayer do so much more than what we have been able to do with our limited medical knowledge.

    So let's keep the prayers going for John, his family and friends and still believe that miracles can, do and will occur.

    My prayers, thoughts and heart are with them as well as as everyone here who is showing what friendship and love are all about.

  • I just saw this; I haven't had the time to check the forum in awhile. I'm sending lots of prayers and healing energy.

  • My heart goes to hisbabylove and John's family.Am sending more prayers and healing.May God

    heal John..

    Love and light

  • Sending out prayers for John and his family. Hisbablove, hang in there! We all are sending love and healing for all of you!

  • Thoughts with all involved. sending healing love and energy to all xx

  • Good morning all,

    I just now came across this thread and would like to add that my thoughts and prayers are with Hisbablove, John and his family and friends. I pray for strength, comfort, patience, and of course a full recovery for John.

    With love and light,


  • Thank you LibrasLair for making us aware of what has happened. My heart goes out to Hisbablove , John and the entire family. Prayers have already been sent their way from me and I do understand the heartache and suddeness of a car accident as my son was in or near John's struggle at this time , just a few short years ago. Head injuries are difficult to understand, but I did witness a miracle with my son, we all did! That is what I am praying for You and your family Hisbablove. And blessings of comfort , peace and strength to All. God Bless, 2fishes

    My prayers will not cease.

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  • Good morning I heard from her last night after I went to bed and she was feeling very sick to her stomach. She can't eat very much without feeling sick so it's not helping her strength wise. This is a huge family that is going to the hospital and so some are down stairs while others are up closer to John. They are taking turns she said going in to see him. I believe she said they move him to childrens floor for ICU. She said he is in a coma and it's not drug induced. She felt like she had to see him before 4 yesterday afternoon and insisted that her uncle let her take her turn. She told me she just held her hand above his body and she stared feeling this shaking and tingling through her body. And then the finally touched him and she really had this even stronger.They aren't given much hope at this point but the whole family is on watch. She isn't sleeping and I am hoping that she slept last night. She said she just needed to try to sleep and couldn't get on the forum last night. From what she says John was setting at a signal and a woman petting her dog wasn't paying attention and ran into the side of his car on his side as he was the driver. I was told to tell you all that if she got on last night she would have felt like she had to thank everyone individually and she was just too exhausted to even think at this point. She hopes everyone understands. Thank you again, I hope we hear something one way or another soon. But it isn't looking good.

  • Thank you for the update. So sorry it isnt better news. I truly hope she can get a little rest so she doesn't wear herself out. I believe in miracles and I know all things are possible if we only believe.

    Where two or more are gathered in His name and come into agreement. it shall be done for them by our Father in Heaven. I remembered after I posted earlier that this is the rest of Matthew 18:18-20 that I was refering to. The prayer of agreement. Will someone please come into it with me now for healing, in all areas, for all concerned in this family? It is stated in my words, not verbatim, so I hope It isnt taken as offensive to anyone. That is not my intention. All my best...

  • LL,

    Your post brings back all the feelings of a few months ago ... I have four grown children and spouses/ SO's and extended family that kept a vigil, loving watch over my grandson. I know how tough it is for extended family having to wait their turn to enter the pedi -icu when all they want is to see their loved one. It becomes more stress-filled for someone like Hisbablove because she Knows the outcome .... (again been there and it is an awful feeling!!) Comfort can only come when acknowledging that it is out of our hands and turned over to God, the universal spirit or whatever. Thankfully, with hisbablove's beautiful soul she knows this.

    Thanks for the update; I'm so glad she has you to turn to. I'm sure you have already told her that no one here wants her to feel any pressure to reply. Her heart and mind must be set on the "spin cycle" right now! It may be months before she Can comfortably sit and type a reply without overwhelming sorrow. Everyone has loved and lost someone and can understand.

    May our prayers and loving thoughts carry a sense of calming peace to their hearts.

  • Amen, ragbag ...

  • I try to keep her surrounded with the white light to keep them from draining her and she says she feels it so off and on during the days if eveyone can help me to hold the shield around her that means she can help the parents better. I am pushing energy everytime I think of her. Thanks for helping. Peace

  • will do!

  • I have taken all of my green candles out to "Stonehenge" in my back yard and lit them and a white one in the center. I am hoping that this will help send some healing energy. I have to go to work so I hope that they stay lit. I will try to send positive thoughts and light towards the boy as much as I might be able to.

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  • I will work on reiki healings for her and John to assist them in this terrible time. How very wonderful that such a community such as ours band together to offer such love and support. I am proud to be a part of this community - love to all xx

  • Well said Talisa72, especially as we all know how caring and giving Hisbablove is and how she never lets on about her own problems while continually helping others with theirs.

    Now it is time for us all to give back to her and her loved ones, she deserves it.

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