Prayers for healing needed

  • Friday shows a ripple of something stiring and Sunday brings a big change. Heal on John and may we all be blessed by knowing you so closely from a distance. This outpouring of hearts and prayers. Blessings to all--as much to give as receive.

  • Blmoon,

    Good to hear about the change coming.

    I read quickly your post about reaching John in his room. I was overcome by your description. One of things i go through is feeling the pain of others. When my grandson was in the accident I felt pain in the thoracic area, pain in my neck, & my head felt immobile and like ... not really congested, but compressed with pressure on all sides.

    I am awestruck that you would willingly go through that. My heart says John sensed when you did that and it helped him know he wasn't alone while suspended. May you always be blessed in all that you do!

    John & Family -- May you follow a calm, steady stream towards healing.

  • Thank you Blmoon that is something to look forward to.

  • LibrasLair, I'm glad to hear that the hospital is wanting to send John to either a nursing home or his own home. On the downside, it tells me that the hospital feels that they've done all they can. On the up side, it tells me that they have hope that John may someday improve. Home would be a much better choice than a nursing home, because I believe that John will somehow know that he's at home, surrounded by familiar voices and family energy. It's always better when people can be at home.

    His care will be difficult for the family, because they are taking on quite a task, but at the same time, they will have 24 hour contact with John, and will be able to talk to him and to touch him more often, which is good medicine, too.

    I will continue to keep him in my prayers.

  • Yes Darkness Angel his mom wants him there and I know she doesn't really have an idea just how hard it will be. Just having to turn him every so often to prevent bed sores and keeping everything clean. But with a nurse there I know she will learn pretty quick all that will have to be done. He is the youngest of their children and I think I was told there is a daughter still in college. The others may be married. My mom took care of my sister but she took care of her from a baby so it's so much more easy if it's something you have done from the start. And my sister wasn't in a coma she had muscular dystrophy and my mom used a draw sheet to turn her and had a lift to move her from her bed to a toilet chair or to her wheel chair. But it is even harder if you haven't done this before and it is a 17 yr. old male. Although dead weight is dead weight. I hope she doesn't hurt herself trying to do this without training. But with the family's help she may just be ok.

  • Hi Everyone,

    LibrasLair, you can tell hisbablove that I think she's an amazing, beautiful soul sister that I've been blessed and honoured to have made such a connection with:-) And thank you for your message the other night, it really lifted my spirits, and of course for the regular updates too.

    I think being at home will be a better environment for healing to take place - no hospital bright lighting, sounds and smells just homey, familiar ones. Strangely, it's near impossible to relax completely and feel comfortable in hospital. Perhaps being at home will give John the impression or message that he's on the road to recovery too which can only be positive. This will be a far more natural environment for family & friends to visit or just include him in everyday happenings and touch him as they're going about their business, play whatever music they want without worrying about disturbing other patients as well. And there's nothing like feeling that familiar energy of home. This will surely prove to be less taxing on everyone concerned with and affected by John's recovery.

    Please pass on to hisbablove that all of these love, prayers and well wishing are for her as well, I'm sure I speak for her friends here at the forum that we are sending our love and light to help her through her own rough patch at the moment and we pray that abundant happiness outways any sadness experiences thus far this year, and makes it a distant memory real soonXXX

  • Thank you WitchWoman when I talked to her this evening she was really starting to sound more like her old self and she is packing while she talks and has found a new place to live but still wants to look at a few others and she spent the greater part of the days talking to people in the industry to drum up some business for herself. And one called while we were talking and she had to get off the phone. She is starting to look forward to a new place because she has been at the same place for 10 years and is more than ready for a change and the one is just blocks from where she is now. And everything about it sounds very good. She is trying very hard to take care of herself now too. But she is running around like a chicken with her head cut off. LOL I will tell her what everyone says. She is afraid to get on and start reading everything cause she has so much to do and she may have a hard time pulling away from here if she does.

  • Please can everyone continue to post on the new thread

    Hisbablove will try to have this one removed as she is nervous about the personal details referenced here and there in this thread due to a serious stalker from her past.

    Thank you for understanding.

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