Prayers for healing needed

  • Amen darkness Angel.Your son's story is inspiring.Love to both of you and will keep John in my prayers.Libraslair, thank you for keeping us all posted.

    love and light

  • Well I have tried her house phone and the cell and then I text. No answers as of yet.

  • Ok I have her on the phone now. John is getting oxygen threw his traq and they are doing the surgery for feeding tube tomorrow. No other injuries. He had internal ones but nothing more has been said about them. He was driving but at the time of the accident he was stopped. Upon impact on the drivers side of the car. His head flew like it would with a whiplash. His right side of his brain was injured and the brain shifted 6 centimeters. I hope this gives you more information Darkness Angel. And thank you for talking about your son I know that was a very devastating time in your life. But it sure does give me a lot of hope knowing he has been in remission for over 13 yrs. Cause I only have 2 yrs. under my belt. Looking forward to a lot more. Thank you again for explaining this for me and others.

  • Thank you for the update Libraslair. I am saying many prayers for healing for them.

    Love to all!

  • Wow! That's fabulous news about John breathing on his own.

    As has been said, one more day here for healing & miracles to occur.

    It's great to have a little bit more clarity Darkness, thanks for that bit of info. And a truly wonderful story about your son. Stories such as that, inspire and lift our hopes and therefore poitive energy directed at John and Hisbablove.

    Thanks yet again Libra for relaying what's going on with John.

    And yeah, I never thought of it that way, but when we read the prayers and indeed all of the sincere, heart felt messages posted here, we are in fact collectively reiterating them.


  • WitchWoman hisbablov was asking me about you yesterday. Wanted to know if I had talk to you yet. I told her that I didn't think that we had talked before. She sure had a lot of great things to say about you. So you have made a big impression on her. She just loves you. What are you guys downunder doing still up? Get some beauty sleep.

  • Beauty sleep......hah what's that!!!!! Over and out from down under!

  • feeding tube is a simple procedure so no worries, k. for the brain healing comes slowly & that is how it should be. (having studied physiology & anatomy in depth --it is unlike any other organ.well, there all amazing to me, : ) )

    Prognosis really looks good so far. Rest & loving prayer will take care of the rest. Peace,Joy & Love to All.

  • Libra thank-you for the encourging words,i'll be o.k.and thanks for the update on john,as i woke up this morning i asked for him and the whole family to be surrounded with the white light.

    Darkness Angel as i read about your son i got such chills, i too went through something like that ,my daughter was 2 when she started having sezures,after sevral months of this and trying to find the right kind of med.'s to control them,tons of scans,spinal taps,hospital stays,well they told us that they thought that my daughter had a cond. where her brain was being destroyed,i can not spell what they called it but it was rye.something,well her doc. told us to take her and go away for a little while because there was nothing more that they could do and he gave her less than 3 months to live.we lived in up state n.y. at the time so we took her to alabama so my mom and sis.could see her.i got very ill and we had to return 3 days later,when we did there was a message on our answering machine from her doc. wanting us to call him asap. so i did and as it turned out after we left he got in touch with a doc. friend of his at a childrens hospital,he sent him a copy of all of my daughters test and said you call the family and then i will fly in,so he did and 2 weeks later he operated on my daughter and removed a brain tumor,left temprel lob,the size of a quarter,non cancer. the doc. can not exsplain it, 24 hour after the surgery she was sitting up in ICU with this big heavy turben of gauze on her head and both eyes so blk. & blue and swelled up that she really could not see out of them and well she was demanding her favorite thing to eat, dorito' the 3rd day she was out of icu,everyone was amazed! Now she is 16 yrs.old,with no learning dis. she will have to take sez. med.s the rest of her life,and she now wears glasses to see faraway,and she has bad asma. and takes inhalers for that but all and all she is very active in school,this year she is a cheerleader. she would like to be a nurse or maybe even a doc. she says, miracle DO happen ,our children are proof of that...

  • It's great to hear happy endings. Your very lucky that they found it in time. And you see everything happens for a reason. You getting sick so you had to go home. See how the universe works?

  • Aww...Patricia1970libra, your story about your daughter gave me chills in return, too! What a wonderful, happy ending, and I'm so happy for her and for you! I'm surprised that the doctor didn't go with a tumor right away, because it's one of the first things you rule out when someone is having seizures. Your doctor did the right thing by not giving up, though.

    My son also lost 40% of his hearing in each ear due to the extensive chemotherapy he received. He was born with perfect hearing, but the docs bombarded him with very high doses of chemotherapy because of how aggressive his cancer was. As a result, his hearing was damaged. At 16 he refuses to wear hearing aids anymore, and he taught himself to read lips when he was younger, so he gets along just fine. In fact, most of the time you can't even tell that he's hearing impaired. There are signs, like he needs to turn the tv and music up a bit higher than normal, and he can miss you speaking if you're behind him, but for the most part, you can't tell.

    LibrasLair, Laie is right, that a feeding tube is a very simple procedure. And the brain does take a long time to heal, longer than any other part of the body. John is beating the odds right now, just by hanging in there. And congratulations to you for having 2 years! You're another miracle...just keep doing what you're doing! 🙂

    Laie, are you in the medical field? And I agree with you, the human body and all its' organs are amazing. It's unbelievable how it all works the way that it does.

  • Well I just say I was too mean for cancer to beat me that's all. The last two treatments they decreased the treatment because it was finally doing damage to my heart. The first 6 had done enough that they scanned me before the 7th and again before the 8th. But I was concerned they would decrease them too much. Well unlike some people I am very thankful for a great many things and I can deal with the other junk day to day and know it will be ok.

  • Bless you all for sharing your stories and may God heal all of you my friends.

  • Libra,

    Your right,when i think about it now,how things worked out, there was with out a dout another force behind everything that happened at that time, befor we left on our trip my doc.told me that i had gerds and put me on med.'s for it and i had really bad headaches everyday so i went and got my back strightened out,got a buckwheat pillow and took a ton of advil everyday,prob. the reason for the gerds,anyway befor the doc. put me on the med.'s she said that first she had to do a urine and blood preg.test, she did and they were both neg. so i took my med.'s and left to go see my family,well by the second day i was very ill and my then husband had to stay in the shower with me cause i was afraid that i would pass out,well i had soap in my eyes and he started laughing and i said i di not find that funny, he said no i'm not laughing at that, i said are you going nuts then? he said no,you are pregnant.well then i started laughing too and said no you know they did the test,he said you are.i payed no more mind to what he said,by the next day i was 10 times more sick and thought for sure that i caught something bad,and just had an over wellming need to get home,thats when we left.i also called my obgyn when i got back and 2 days later i was in the office,my normal doc. was on vac. and there was a young good looking one filling in,well he did a test,still neg. felt my stomach and said its enlarged,i damanded an ultrasound right then and there,so he said ok and to everyones surprise ,except my husband, i was pregnant,in fact 4 1/2 months with another it is funny how our higher powers make things work out.

    any new info. on john or how hisbablove is holding up?

    thank-you soapmaker you are a sweetheart,:-)

    Many Blessings All and May John and Hisbablove and their family be surrounded by the white light...

  • I haven't been able to get her on the phone at all today. She is trying to set up sites for some jobs. Getting boxes to do her packing and I don't know if she was going to get to the hospital or not. Can't reach her but I will try again this evening. She is trying to get a lot done in a month so she won't be easy to reach. See lots of reasons that you had been sent home. Wonderful how if you let it move on its own it will take care of you. But we are never patient. We want everything and we want it now.

  • I got a call a little after 10 and John is as well as he can be right now and he has his feeding tube and still breathing on his own. No progress that can be seen as yet.

  • From here on out it's just a waiting game. The docs will take it day by day, and keep monitoring him until something changes. The best news is that he's still hanging in there, and that alone is good.

    Let hisbablove know that it's going to be important for John to have his family visit him and talk to him. The hearing is always the last thing to go, even when patients pass on...people who have been resuscitated after being in full arrest have often repeated the things that were said while they were technically dead. I'm not saying that John is going to leave us, rather that nobody can really monitor what his hearing is like. He may be in a vegetative state, but his hearing might be the only thing that's linking him to the outside world right now. Tell them to talk to him, and to touch him, hold his hand, keep him up to date on things that are happening in his world outside of the know, about his friends and family. Don't whisper around him...that's what you do when you don't want to disturb someone and wake them up. But don't try to wake him up either, because his body may really need to be shut down right now in order to focus all its' energy on healing. Let them know that they should talk in normal tones, though, as a way of including him in every conversation.

  • From what she said they are going to monitor him for a while longer and then discuss either sending him to a nursing home or taking him home. His mom wants him home and hire a nurse to come in and take care of him. So time will tell.

  • Thanks for the update. I have been wondering how he was. How about Hisbablove? Is she feeling any better? I noticed in an earlier post that she was also not feeling well and that coupled with the stress, well we all know that is a bad combination. I will continue to remember them in my prayers.

    🙂 RB

  • She is doing better this week but has a lot on her plate still. Thanks for asking.

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