Prayers for healing needed

  • You all are a miracle in itself. Thank you all.

  • As you know LL, I was told by the psychic that runs our meditation group that she felt John would pull through, that he wouldn't be the same but would heal as best as he could, so I continue to have faith in that outcome. We sent healing energy as a group that night, and I am continuing to pray and ask the Angels for help. As a collective group, all of us here on Tarot, sending our prayers, healing energy and thoughts is all we can do and have faith and with that Hisbablove and John's family are very appreciative. Every little bit we do helps and contributes. I am looking forward to one of those miracles SummerButterfly talked about.

  • LibrasLair, I'm sorry to hear about John's rating on the GCS. I will continue to keep him and his family in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Yes thank you again and his family are ready for what ever John has to deal with they would just like to have him with them, that's have told everyone.

  • I just had a close friend go through the same thing--her young nephew was horsing around in the car his girlfriend driving doing donuts in an empty parking lot and he fell out. He was in a coma and they told the family there was little hope. The strange thing was the night before I had watched a special on the medical channel about miraculous brain recoveries in the young--they highlighted how a young man recovered in ways the doctors could not explain. The next day, not knowing about my friend I had this overwhelming urge to ride up to work and ran into her--she was not telling anyone because as a teacher she was afraid of breaking down and upsetting the children. She was on her lunch and soon as I saw her I said somethings wrong and immediatly grabbed her close to hug and she broke down telling me how she and all the family had been holding vigil at the hospital all weekend and that they were told to expect the worse. She was sure he was soon to pass over. I told her very excitedly about the program I saw and she said later it really changed her feelings of feer and she thought it was a sign as well how just days befor she was in the library and was drawn to a book about the brain even though she was not looking for one and found herself reading about how little the doctors can really predict the outcome of trauma because the brain was such a mystery. This happened at Thanksgiving--for days there was no change and everytime a loved one was sure they saw something in the boy as a response the nurses and doctors always dismissed their hope as wishfull thinking. BUT within two weeks he did come around and he was even able to talk. He surprised the doctors and went home within a month to start therapy which they decided would eventually bring him back to full recovery. Miracles do happen!

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  • ^You're a good person. 🙂

  • Oh Blmoon that is wonderful news and I will be sure to tell her as soon as I talk to her again. Thank you for telling us that.

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  • Thank you Ragbag

  • Anytime 🙂

  • Refuse to dwell on the problem; Dwell on the Problem Solver.

    The path to the possible leads right through the walls

    of impossible.

  • Lily is back home and is doing fine. Dr. gave her something so she can get some sleep and he told her that she was dehydrated. She was also having some tingling in one of her arms and with all the stress she is under he told her that a normal person who didn't work out as hard as she does would have had a heart attack. But that she is doing everything right in trying to eat a little several times a day and drinking protein shakes but that her organs were starting to shrink because she wasn't able to eat much without getting sick. And the anxiety attacks were not helping. But she said to tell everyone thank you and if anyone is picking up on anything she will listen now. Blmoon you confirmed what she has been feeling with the information that you posted and I told her about it.

  • LibrasLair,

    Again, Thanks for the update. So glad she is doing better! Will keep up the payer vigil for everyone concerned.

    Peace and Blessings!


    Please pass on to our dear friend to take an executive/multi-high dose Vitamin B supplement, magnesium and zinc to support her nervous system during this time as it is taking a hammering, and she is on the brink of melt down AND health issues.

    And of course,

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Cos they're the best medicine


  • Thank you . Good to know LibrasLair. Continuing to think of hisbabylove and family.

    Good advice WitchWoman. Hope she feels our giant group cyber hug from all over the globe.


  • AND... RESCUE REMEDY IS A MUST IF NOTHING ELSE. St John's Wort would be beneficial too.

    An apple in the morning works better that caffeine for a boost (fact) and a banana will help sooth the digetive system/ aid nausea. At least she'll have something in her system that's nourishing and giving her body something to work with.

    Chicken soup is known worldwide spanning centuries & cultures to be extremely nourishing and easy to digest. Sounds quaint and cheesy, but it's true. I feel this would help tremendously.

    I'm sure she knows all this but as we all know, during stress this kind of info goes out the window.

    Please be sure to get this info to Hisbablove, as she is my main concern right now and I feel she is fading and will be of no use to anyone unless she regains some strength. Apart from this crisis, she also has her own battles to contend with and I'm sure she needs a gentle reminder to look after herself as well as she cares for everyone else.

    Thanking you for all you're doing everyone,


  • Interesting you should mention that. I cannot live without my magnesium. I stopped taking it for awhile twenty years ago because a nurse told me you shouldn't take magnesium. And I was miserable. I read somewhere that empaths, psychics and healers burn through magnesium. Because it can regulate the heart too much too little is why that nurse kinda freaked when I told her. I have always had a high need for minerals and vitamins in general. Since it's been mentioned, wondering how many other senistives share this extra need for vitamins and minerals--particulary magnesium. I don't do beef or pork so I take plenty of B vitamins as well. Wondering now--am I the only one with two kitchen drawers full of suplements? Maybe we can all send our ailing beatdown friend our favorite remedies. Mine would be a hot bathe full of epson salts--half the box and a long soak and softly glowing sented candles.

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  • Continuing to pray for hisbablove and John and the entire family. I know how difficult this is. Hopefully hibablove is able to disconnnect somewhat from what is happpening with John. I was not able to do this with my son and became very ill myself. I had to limit my time with him while at the hospital, so that when I was present , I was totally calm (I am not a calm person generally). It took enough of a toll on me to be there and keep him at a distance emotionally and still be able to function as his only person to be able to bring him out of the dark places he would go in his mind. I always knew when he was about to have an attack. The trauma Hospital was 30 minutes(depending on traffic) from my house. I knew he was having a problem from a dream that woke me up and immediately called his room. I said nothing when he picked up the phone, He said "HI MOM! Nobody could figure out how he knew that and my daughter was at the nurses station screening calls, but she said I never called. So, it is very exhausting to care deeply for a loved one with a brain injury! my son saw what he referred to as "demons" and all sorts of this type of thing. He could not physically see with his eyes but I turned the sound off on the tv and changed the channels - he described in detail what was on the tv! This went on for so many weeks and then the battle was not over at home. I know that ONLY God could have given me the strength to go through what I did. I just want hisbablove to know that she is not alone if any of this is happening, and I will pray it does not as she would feel it intensely, Bless HER. Sending Love and LIght to you hisbablove. Please, you must TAKE CARE. You are much loved here. In my prayers always, 2fishes

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