Prayers for healing needed

  • Just saw this post... sending all my love and prayers Johns way!! Will keep him and his family in my thoughts. xx

  • First I would like to give thanks to all of you in this forum that do so much for others. I am sending my positive thoughts,love and prayers to Hisbabylove, John and his family. Love, light and happiness.

  • Ditto.

  • Libra I am sending healing love and a prayer. Ty for letting us know.

    Blessed Be

  • Thank you everyone. I got a text last night that she had just gotten home. I don't know anything about John yet. She had another appointment today that she was trying to extend but I don't know if that was done. I am sure when she knows something we will hear from her.

  • to all concerned i have just prayed, all thanks be to god jesus and the angels, peace be with all concerned at this time.

  • LL, Thank you for the update!! had difficulty sleeping last nite and was a bit worried for her concerning today. still vigilent. Light & love to you.

  • Thanks for the update LibrasLair. They have been and continue to be in my prayers and thoughts.

  • ragbag, your earlier reply was beautiful ---emotional sincerity counts and you will certainly be an asset to this site!

  • In love and light, I have prayed for you John and those close to you . May all the blessings of healing and strength be with you John and those caring for you emotional and physically.

  • Laie4, You have no idea how I needed to hear that. Or maybe you did! Thank you 🙂

    Still praying.

  • She has just text me and she couldn't get out of the other appointment and so I didn't ask her about John. She could very well be tied up all day before we know anything. One of us will let everyone know. She is exhausted already from lack of sleep with everything that she is dealing with in her own life so she does appreciate everyone helping her. She did tell me last night that they removed the top of John's skull to drain and I am sure it had something to do with the swelling also. That was after he was out of surgery and the family were waiting. Just waiting I believe to hear if there were any changes. Wish I had more. Thank you once again.

  • having just gone down this road a few months ago my heart is breaking for the family ....

  • LibrasLair,

    Please let her know that what the doctor's are doing is absolutely the right thing, and isn't as horrifying as it seems. Swelling of the brain and fluids on the brain need to be relieved, because the skull is an enclosed box that doesn't really allow for drainage or expansion. And head injuries take a long time to heal...either the doctors will keep John in a drug-induced coma for now, or he will stay that way on his own. Either way, please let her know that this is the bodies' way of shutting down everything else it doesn't need to do, so that it can focus and redirect ALL of its' own energies towards healing. Tell her that it's important that the family keeps talking to John (don't whisper around him, talk in normal tones), and touches him...these contacts can help him. Don't try to wake him up, though...let his body do what it needs to do. I will keep John in my prayers, and send strength to his family.

  • Thank you for that information Darkness angel. I am hoping that is what they told the family last night. I was in bed when she sent the text and I haven't had a chance to ask anything. I'm sure that when she is able to come online she will want to thank everyone. She could be tied up all day on this other thing she was committed to. You enlightened us and made it less fearful for me at least.

  • Libraslair,

    I have tried texting her and not sure if she is receiving my texts from Down Under. Please let her know if you can that while at meditation group last night, we sent collective healing energy to John. Also the psychic lady that runs the meditation group said that she feels John will pull through, he has a long road ahead of him, but he will be ok, not quite the same but sees a long period of recovery and he will be almost as good as before.

  • As you are aware Wenchie where she is today she can't answer any text but when I hear from her I will ask if she got it. And I hope she fells like getting online and reading what everyone has said. She is running on a thin thread right now anyway. Thank you for the information from your group. Much appreciated.

  • Still thinking of hisbablove and John and sending prayers. Wanted to bump this to the top again so more people can see the message and join in prayers, good thoughts, vibes...whatever will help.

  • They continue to be in my thoughts and prayers also.

  • Prayer and thoughts are still coming from my way...I have a candle burning for all those concerned. Hoping for good news soon....

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