Prayers for healing needed

  • Thank you for the suggestions. It's funny you mention soup. She made a big pot of soup the day before John's accident. And she threw in everything, probably even the kitchen sink. She had been eating small portions of this too. And froze the biggest part of it. You know you have to take calcium with your magnesium in order for you body to use them they need to be balanced. They are a natural tranquilizer. She has been having a few bites of banana but can't eat the whole thing. So she is trying to take care. She can't go up stairs and stay where John is at. Too many energies pulling on her. So she stays with the family and they drain so it's a no win situation. I hope she got some rest last night I won't talk to her more than likely till much later today. Thank you all again. I just can't say that enough.

  • Libra please tell Lily I just sent her a healing light of energy. She is a sweetheart. Remind her that the outside world is always in change and the inner world is where she will find answers and peace.

    Love & Light

  • Good reminder LibrasLair about the calcium--don't run out and buy magnesuim unless you really educate yourself first on the way minerals and vitamins need to work together--you have to keep a healthy balance between magnesium calcium and potasium for them to work for you--the B s must work together too and vitamin C helps keep everything working as well. Interesting about the soup--how we are looked after even when we are not so aware. This must be comforting I'm sure--to know she's not alone. I'm shure she must sense how faithfully we have all been praying. Last night I actually could come close enough to see him there and it helped with the healing energy exchange--I sense a lot of others have been getting through as well. As with my friends nephew sometimes it gets a little worse before better with the swelling stage but once that's passed things can mend so quikly--he has youth and regeneration on his side. Hope she heals quike as well once she's over the shock to her body and spirit. She'll be wanting to heal the others soon enough!

  • Thank you Blmoon I just talked to her and she said she slept better last night. I asked about the vitamins and she is loaded up on them and ate about 1/2 a banana. The doctor told he to just eat what she could not to force it and so that is more banana than she has been able to get down. And I take combination's in my vitamins. Cal/mag together, Super B, 1000 C. As well as others. You know the cancer preventives D, A, E dhea. Msm w/ Glucosimine, Fish oil, Flaxseed and a mulitple. She took what she needed so she will hopefully be ready for the day. She has an appointment that will take up probably the whole day and will add to the stress. I will catch her much later today. And thank you all.

  • Blmoon and LL - I keep trying to stay away from this post and can't. My gut and throat constrict & hands shake with what has occurred having just gone through what John, his family & hisbablove are going thru. (Blmoon-u kindly read for me) When those feeling wash away from me, there is so much light & love that flows out to them that it seems to also return to fill me. Wow.

    But ............. LL et al,

    You all are the most loving, giving, generous, thoughtful people! I once said to someone (hisbablove ?? ) how I admire the way you support each other. This thread has taken that to a whole other level ! That caring support Enveloped others and generated love, prayer and single minded purpose for John and his family that is amazing and humbling. I have only a single word for what has happened here.


  • PS. Wenchie I am surprised you haven't started banging on people's doors to get them to post here. or have u, : ) ?? Shame hasn't worked even though you gave ' em a talkin' to! Not surprised, but I still can't believe it. UR the best for trying !!!!

  • I do not believe myself to have psychic abilities or to have any gifts of a healing nature - I am merely a simple person sending out thoughts of love and healing to John x

  • Hi Laie4,

    LOL!!! Nah, just have to get on my high horse every once in a while when I feel people are being stupid and selfish!!!!!! More trying to STOP them posting in instances rather than force them TO post! Although I did do that once, Ahliyah and I got on and posted through a few threads to get people to help out someone in need. It amazes me how some people can only see their own stuff and can't reach out to someone else in need. Well I for those people, I really hope they only receive what they give out.

    Being a Taurus I'm generally pretty easy going and walk away from conflict except where I feel the need to stand up for someone else and back them up when I feel they have been wronged and in those instances when someone gets me upset or angry then I have quite a temper!

    Hisbablove is a very dear friend of the forum, more like a soul sister, who I love dearly. I am going about doing my thing mostly behind the scenes. I have been told John will pull through and do actually feel he will as well. What Summerbutterfly & Blmoon said about miracles feels right and I feel that will happen in this case. Hisbablove IS going through a lot of stress and I invoked every Angel and Ascended Master that I could last night to help in her situation as well as what we are all doing with prayers and sending energy and healing. So we are all doing what we can do and that's all we can do.

    THIS is what it is all about, I know a lot of people on Tarot understand this, that we are here to help each other out and give love and support. But even here there are a lot of takers who don't do too much giving and don't even start me on how people in my every day life just don't get it or me.

  • Thank you John, every good thought and wish and prayer goes a long way. To send love and healing energy is perfect, thank you for your contribution.

    Wenchie :-))

  • Laie4,

    Perhaps I'm just a natural born "ball breaker"!!!!!! :-))

  • Love and Light Wenchie.

    Im sending my thoughts all the way from Wales, UK and my name is Paula.

    Please forgive for the correction, especially on this particular thread x

  • Hey Wenchie 🙂

    As long as you don't collect those "balls" in jars as trophies smirk

    I will work on another reiki healing to send to Lily and John and thoughts to all others involved.

    We are an online family here and I love the fact we support and help each other!! Everyone here should pat themselves on the back now nd again for being amazing! We forget sometimes that we are special

  • Hi Paula,

    I am soooo sorry, I did not read your post properly! Bit fuzzy in the head today, at least that's my excuse for today! 🙂

    Hey Talisa,

    That would be funny and makes me sound dangerous maybe!!!! Luckily for men it doesn't happen!

    Yep, feel like I've got my soul family here because my real family leaves a bit to be desired.

  • Talisa,

    You just watch you don't get caught at work being on this site or you're gonna burn in hell woman!!!!!!!!

  • says "burn in H*ELL", yeah you heathen you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don't think hisbablov expected everyone to post unless they wanted to. I think she was happy if they just read about John and took a little time out of their day to pray or send energy for healing. I know I surely didn't expect them all to post it was enough to know that people care enough for their fellow men, women and children even adding the people in Haiti now to give of their precious time to pray or send energy for help in a mass push for healing of all involved. For this I am thankful to one and all.

  • Sending prayers ,good energy and a miraculous recovery for this young man ., and for all the affected in the very sad situation in Haiti. I too feel as if we are a small family that cares about each other and our fellow man. I am very thankful for this forum.

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  • LOL He's out Wenchie at the moment. I work in a confined space with a lovely Lady who is into the spirits and crystals etc, so I have a partner in "crime" . Whenever things go "missing" in the office we ask the spritis in the office who is the one "playing hide and seek" with us smiles

    Oh I'm damned anyway cos I'm a female and a single mother so someone had better save me a seat cos I wanna be there when it freezes over!

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