Sun in Sag

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    As we head into the season of holiday parties, let's take a closer look at gregarious Sagittarius:

    Sagittarius psyche

    It's never a dull moment with Sag. The Archer lives for adventure. It's the least domestic sign of the zodiac and likes to explore new territories, whether it's a trip into the wilds of Africa or investigating a New Age philosophy. The Archer is a restless creature. The saying "the grass is always greener on the other side" was invented for Sagittarius. It's not about being dissatisfied, mind you; it's that the next adventure might be right around the corner.

    Idealistic Sag is the teacher and philosopher. Because Sagittarius rules higher education, sharing their wisdom comes naturally to them. Plus, Archers are riveting storytellers who aren't above exaggerating just a little (or a lot!) for the sake of entertainment. The eternal optimist that never looks back, Sag maintains faith that the universe will provide opportunities. This positive attitude attracts good things into the Archer's life. As such, Sag has a reputation for being extremely lucky. Also, Sag is the sign of prophesy. People born under this sign are often guided to be in the right place at the right time, as if they had a view into the future. Like we said -- lucky!

    Sagittarius in love

    Sag loves to laugh. These amusing souls need a partner who appreciates their sense of humor, which can carry over into the bedroom. They like to have a good time there, too, and are pretty direct in what they want sexually. No lack of enthusiasm here! They also need someone who can handle their bluntness outside the bedroom. Foot-in-mouth syndrome is one of their biggest foibles. Not to mention being very opinionated. When angry, they're quick to boil but get over it quickly. And unless they have Scorpio placements in their chart, they don't usually hold a grudge.

    Sag is the free spirit of the zodiac. Archers dislike being tied down and controlled. They're the Peter Pans of the cosmos who resist growing up. That doesn't mean they can't be monogamous -- they're certainly capable of loyalty. But if you're in love with an Archer, you'll need to accept their wide circle of friends, varied interests and lack of practicality. And be prepared to jaunt off to parts unknown at a moment's notice.

    Strangely, as outgoing as they are, Archers are often shy initially. But with a little encouragement, Sag can be an amusing, charming and passionate partner. You may not have a homebody, but one thing is for certain: you'll never be bored with your Sag!

    Sagittarius at work

    Archers excel in careers that use their quick mind, enthusiasm and versatility. Feeling the call of the great outdoors, Sagittarians are usually drawn to non-office careers that allow them freedom of movement, like forestry, firefighting, law or law enforcement, construction, travel or hospitality. As natural communicators with a thirst for knowledge, they can be talented teachers, public speakers, counselors or film directors (think Steven Spielberg). Their spiritual leanings can prompt them to become philosophers or ministers. And with generous Jupiter as their ruler, Sag and philanthropy go hand-in-hand.

    So get ready for some heightened enthusiasm, adventure and faith as we immerse ourselves in the fiery energy of Sagittarius.

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