New Planet Alert!!!

  • NASA just released photos of 4 distant planets, including Fomalhaut B... the first-ever images of a planet outside our solar system. Fomalhaut B along with two of his friends orbit the star Fomalhaut (Arabic for "mouth of the fish.") in the constellation Piscis Austrinus, and the fourth circles a different star.

    The article is pretty interesting, but being written by astronomers, it is strictly scientific and therefore doesn't tell me anything I really want or need to know. I mean, knowing that it's a 200 million-year-old exoplanet located a mere 148 trillion miles away with a temperature of 260 degrees, sure will make me sound smart and impress people at parties, but honestly, this information does nothing for me. I need some news I can use!!

    Does anyone have any comments from an astrological standpoint? Is there an astrological interpretation of this planet yet?? If so, where can it be found in the chart? Any other questions/comments are welcome!

    Here are some pictures: The second photo shows the actual location of the planet inside of the massive red dust ring surrounding the star.

  • Oops! The photos uploaded in reverse order. The 1st photo, not the 2nd, is the one that shows the actual planet.

  • Another thing: Supposing that there isn't an astrological interpretation already out there... From the description I gave and the photos shown, does anyone have a logical interpretation of what this planet might mean in a person's chart???

    I have one in the thought process and will post it once I come to a conclusion on my theory. This oughta get you thinking outside the box! I am interested in hearing your responses!

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