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    ============================================================== The Sun is in freewheeling Sagittarius, and this month's Cosmic Craft Challenge, sponsored by, challenges you to look at your own world with Sagittarius-style awe and pay tribute to your favorite journey.

    +++++++++++++++++++++THE CHALLENGE: +++++++++++++++++++++

    Think of all the traveling you've done -- literally or figuratively -- and then tell a visual story of your favorite trip by gathering souvenirs, artifacts and mixed media to chronicle your experience. Create a collage, an entire scrapbook, postcard or something else entirely to reflect the amazing places you've been, the life-changing people you've met or the lessons you've learned!

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++ THE RULES:++++++++++++++++++++++++

    -Post a picture of your creation by December 17 in the Sagittarius Craft Challenge Forum (here). Each entrant will receive a copy of the book Divination by founder Paul O’Brien, which includes a gift certificate for $15!

    • Photo file requirements: Photo file size must be less than 300 KB. If you have difficulty uploading your image, please submit it to

    • Polling will happen from December 18 to December 20, with live results displayed on the Sagittarius Craft Challenge rules page.

    • The lucky winner will be announced and notified on December 21, when the Sun is in Capricorn

    +++++++++++++++++++++++++ THE PRIZE: +++++++++++++++++++++++++

    The winning craftser will receive an autographed copy of Paul O'Brien's expert Divination book, which also includes a $15 gift certificate to The winner will also receive 100 FREE Karma Coins.

    But everyone who participates gets a copy of Paul's book, so be sure to participate!

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  • A photo "quilt" of my trip to the Galapagos Islands

  • take 2! 🙂

  • third time's the charm?

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  • This is a submission from Patri.

  • Banned

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