Hans...would it be possible?

  • I would love your views on my relationship with a Libra man...Oct 10 1953 who seems to have little touch with reality. Seems to think that money doesn't matter and if I don't watch it, I end up spending my money on keeping things afloat and paying the bills. Thinks anyone with money is ripping off someone and seems always knocks people who have money.Though he likes good things and is happy when someone else pays for them! He's romantic and has some lovely attributes, but.. ...do I end it, before he drives me crazy ?

    I'm 15 Sept 1949.

    Thanks Hans, very much.

  • I would love your views on my relationship with a Libra man: this is a strong impulse, to bring you back to live, to be more spontaneous and playful. Expand your influence by reaffirming your decisions and carrying out your promises. Small, persistent, focused effort brings success. Gentle persuasion is the key in this instance. Though the words are soft, you, their speaker, must be firm, calm and confident. Gentle words are worthless if spoken with trepidation. Wordless influence by example is also effective in this situation. All persuasion should be almost unfelt, yet consistent and persistent. Ask for feedback from someone you know to be an effective persuader.

    do I end it, before he drives me crazy ? yes.

    I'm 15 Sept 1949: though there is expanded consciousness, there is also negative thinking. You must let go of many negative mental patterns accumulated from past lives if you are to access the inherent power. If you do, you will reach the very heights of recognition. There is sexual enjoyment and pleasure seeking. If this is allowed to dominate, much time and energy is wasted that would otherwise elevate you to great accomplishment. You are here to end a major cycle in your soul's development, a completion that should see you giving your wealth of knowledge to the world. There are some debts to be paid, but once these debts are paid, you can proceed with your cosmic task of enlightening the world. Financially you are always assisted by men and you do well in your own business if they don't let it spoil your spiritual values. You cannot be totally materialistic or mercenary.

    And this is your investment: the investment is that

    you have a very subtle ego and the ego feels very good

    when you feel 'I am not mature'. Now this is a very

    tricky way. Ordinarily a man who is an egoist declares,

    'I am the most perfect man'. Then it is very direct,

    gross; it is not very subtle. You are also declaring

    the same: you are declaring, 'I want to be the most

    perfect woman; in fact that is my potentiality. I will

    become it one day, but right now I am not, so I have to

    suffer and I have to really suffer so that I become

    perfect'. This is your investment.

  • Thankyou Hans....I shall absorb what you say and have a long think about it. I do appreciate you answering so promptly. I always enjoy your words and knowledge.....thanks again.

    May you have a happy and peaceful June, Hans!

  • Thank you antionette,

    so while sitting, walking, always remember that the

    words are insignificant but the intervals between the

    words are immensely significant; that will change your

    gestalt. Emphasise the gap, look more into the gap,

    enjoy the gap, and neglect the words. One word comes,

    another comes; ignore them, just don't pay much

    attention to them, keep your back to them. But when a

    gap comes, jump into it, nourish it, cherish it,

    delight in it. Through your delight, it will come more

    and more, through your delight it will become bigger

    and bigger. And that is the door to the divine....

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