Is there a link between 2012 and the Indigo Children?

  • scarlattina

    I was told that would happen in 2012

    I asked my mentor about 2012 and her guide showed her what will happen

    but she is not allowed to tell anyone including me

    my guide doesn't want to talk about it either

    I was just told that what will happen is the result of our own doing

    only a few have listened and changed our way of living but most haven't

    regrettable, but nonetheless, it is our choice how we live our lives

    I will live for the current and the future, the way I supposed to live my life

    many people I know fear the future, fear is negative energy and will bring nothing

    the future will come no matter what, so fearing it is useless

    the physical is only temporary, we will all return in the next life time

    so we should live our life to the fullest, to the best we can in each life time

    whatever happens in 2012 I'm going to spend my time living to serve my purpose

  • leoscorpion, that is really intriguing I wish I knew more about it, you're absolutely right though, fear is negative energy and brings negativity...I need to think about that more because I do dwell in fear a lot actually. (and I do bring a lot of negative energy to myself 😕 ) that being said, I love your perspective. It's interesting how the earth will sustain itself somehow or another, with or without us. I guess that's true of everything.

  • is that our own doing to others or the earth I wonder, it sounds like a cosmic version of the law of returns, everything you do comes back to you x3

  • I'm not really sure. I know for me I have had a lot of bad unjust things happen to me despite having love and forgiveness in my heart all the time. I worked customer service for a long time and would have to stand and be yelled at by people all the time (I don't work in the best part of town). I used to be the nicest most naive person when I worked customer service and have toughened up a lot getting out of it, and although my intentions are the same I use a lot of my more tough Gemini rising sign to deal with things socially and it has improved my luck. Since I left that department things have improved tremendously for me. I now believe that people can inflict negative energy onto others. And then by our actions and internalized energy we can shift what karma we get. I think we can have control over our lives by using positive thinking and energy just the same as feeling down can get you down. Someone can be the most generous person ever, give to charity, what have you and still have very bad things happen to them. Luckily we can learn, grow, adapt from them...but just dwelling in negative situations like a bad relationship for example can attract more negativity. When I was naive and innocent I had more bad things happen to me than at any other time in my life. Although I still have a rough time I've been getting more good days than bad, I find myself saying "man that was a lucky break!" a lot 🙂 It's not anything I've done just been trying to reorient my thinking and get out of depression and believing bad things will happen to me all the time, Pisces' curse.

  • Scarlattina

    I think you'e right about the negative energy, I've showered it off sometimes, after all, a shower is running water, and you can use running water to cleanse crystals

  • Thanks for the tips, I was going to post a topic about how to get rid of negative energy but I was afraid that would bring more negative energy to me because I was afraid people would start blaming me for it you have any other tips? What are crystals for? And is it bad to use crystals that belonged to someone else that you care about if you want to leave their energy in it? I have some huge crystals rose quartz and regular under my bed in a wooden box that my dad used to keep.

  • oops i meant *how can i get rid of negative energy?

  • Scarlattina

    that's ok we all have typos at some time,now, from my experience rose quartz is to attract love, and loving energy, and clear quartz is general purpose, sounds like you could do with getting those crystals out into the sunshine, if there is any where you are, you shouldn't need to cleanse them with the running water unless your dad used them for healing, or they were from a shop, there is a visualisation that can be used, I think, it is a long time since i needed to cleanse anything lightly and at our place ma in law is quite a bit negative so those over our stairs are cleaned every week under running water if I remember rightly you visualise white light passing into the stone, and ask for the negative energy to be removed, but someone else may correct me on that

  • To get rid of negativity in your life I would recomend to anyone watching a film called 'the secret' its all about the law of attraction and it can truly change your life. theres a book that accompanies it as well.

    I also read Eckhart tole's The power of now book. its not an easy read but i think it's brilliant.

  • Forgive me for imposing myself on your thread. Love and light to you all!

    This message is for everyone who has some love to spare.

    KAY in the Psychic Forum needs our assistance, so please give her your love and wisdom now at the Wondering about the Holidays thread.

    Thank you!


  • chrissicat- thanks a lot for your help, I left the crystals in the sun today before I left for class. My dad went through some horribly dark times before he chose to leave and I think those crystals were with him the whole time until the end. I never realized until now that there might be some heavy pain stored in those crystals, especially right under my bed...I've always felt uneasy holding them for some reason and whenever I show them to my siblings they turn away very quickly. Is it good to run them under water?

    i also have a great link for you that you might enjoy- i love cats so much too!!

  • Dear Scarlattina,

    I am a metaphysician, specializing in energy and psychic phenomenon. I hear your words and concerns about 2012. I believe you are an empath and you can feel the energy change happening on the planet. PLEASE do yourself a favor and "unplug" from the fear. As the planet continues to shift to its higher vibration it is rocking people from their foundations. Fear is produced. My advice to my clients and to you is to continue to do your meditation to help keep yourself grounded and to continue to raise up your personal vibration which will be more compatible to that of mother earth.

    Many felt this similar change happening prior to 9/11 and life did change after that. What saddens me is that the movie "2012" just came out and it plays upon the fear that everyone is currently experiencing. Many people on this planet have the choice to "check out" now if they wish. Those who remain will do major healing work on the planet and the people left on it.

    It is under divine guidance that this change is taking place. Many are awakening to their psychic and extraordinary gifts which is why they are frightened. Most have never even walked this path and suddenly find themselves stranded not knowing the answers which is why this forum is such a blessing for many.

    Eat more green foods (vegetables and fresh fruits) and less dead (meats and canned goods) to maintain your balance. Meditate or if that seems daunting focus on taking 3 cleansing breaths....breath in through the nose and exhale through the mouth. This practice opens up your diaphram and activates your parasympathetic nervous system which helps you to relax.

    Remember your faith in the universal divine....and be open to the not fear. You are not alone...we are in this together.


  • Scarlattina

    thanks for that link, will probably spend a load of time there, looking up my furfriends, unfortunately the majority of mine are no longer in the fur, and the gentleman whose photo I have was a guest on our allotment , until he was scanned and returned to his grateful owners, I always wanted a black cat, but until then had only been given tabbies a van cat colour (mostly white, tortie markings) and a tortie, I say given because all my cats were rescue cats, those no-one else wanted either because of their age or behavioural problems, except for one who I personally rescued because the owner was not looking after her, the story is on another thread as to why I no longer can have another cat, at least till I either have my own house or mother in law passes on, as much as I may wish otherwise.

  • the thread is cat on doorstep, mine is the last post on it

  • scarlattina

    thread for protection and cleansing

    here is the thread

    go to page 2, 7th post down

    everything in nature, is part of the universe and the universe regulates all

    not all of us sends negative energies out, it's just there are more recently than centuries ago

    natural resources has declined more in the last 50 years than ever and then hole in the atmosphere, according to some experts

    the future is our own making. we are responsible of creating the future that supports life

    our lives, family life, community life, life of relationship, life on earth, life of future generations

    what the universe is asking of us is that we try our best

    do not be afraid, especially of mistakes. mistakes and failures are opportunities to learn.

    learn from them and keep trying to live in positivity and balance.

    with practice this will be a healthy habit for you and those around you will learn from you.

    I hope the universe sends you support and blessing

    any question just shoot

  • I feel a bit alien with my thoughts here.... most seem to express fear . I feel no fear with 2012.

    Like a purification - just cleansing for the highest good ??? (by that I mean from what we hold within our inner selves - not as in devastation - although some might see it that way ??)

    Relinquishment of all the greed and negativity.

    I can't wait 🙂

  • yeah indigo

    I am curious of 2012 not fear

    but then again many people emphasize on the physical

    and therefore fear of the unknown, espcially the future since the physical can not see beyond what 2 eyes can see

    the time has come though that more people turn to the psyche for guidance

    which is great to know

  • no, there is no fear in 2012, but I have the London Olympics to "look forward to", but I think we will find out more closer to the time

  • I knew they got that wrong they said that was in the late 70s hubby has the deep set eyes, my eyes are apparently creepy if I stare at someone, and Dylan has very expressive eyes, he can't really hide what he really thinks about something though I think sometimes he'd like to, but I usually am the one who sees it, but that's probably a good thing too

  • there are indigo children, also crystal children, from what i haev read there are two sets born, the first set was born in the 60s the second set in the 90s, you never know, she maybe a indigo or crystal child....peace

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