Is there a link between 2012 and the Indigo Children?

  • Leoscorpion, my moon is in Capricorn,

    Scarlattina you and I both, Dad always said I wasted my brain because I always was too far ahead of what they wanted me to be. Must find those quizzes!!

    It is just so wonderful to finally see an explanation of myself and find out I'm not the only one, I always felt so excluded at work and school, like as if there was a glass wall between me and them, now I know why, all I can say is wow, now I understand why I have more furfriends than people friends

  • Aww it's so great to relate to people on here with all of our unusualness!! I definitely feel the same way, I know what you mean about the glass wall, and it never seemed to make sense since I have great social skills but now I understand. I bet there are many indigo's on this message board because it relates to our spiritual interests!

    There are many quizzes if you google them, but I thought this one was the most professional:

    This one not so much, but offers some different unique questions 🙂

    (Like this question...>>"Before reaching adulthood did you come close to death, either because of medical reasons or because of an accident?" it threw me off bc when I was very little I ate all my mom's medication since she had the bottle open and my dad had to drive over 100 mph to the hospital so they could save me and pump my stomach up with charcoal! I didn't expect it to be part of the indigo thing )

  • well..... I did both the quizzes and I got 99.9% , the not understanding time one is so me, now I can say what I am it helps to understand why I am, I was always pushing my luck though, and it's very surprising that I didn't come close to death, my poor guardian angel was probably worn out before I was a teenager ! would two indigo children get together though, I was drawn to my hubby very strongly, and as Dylan is crystal, would that be planned, more questions!!!!! Amazon has loadsof books on both crystal and indigo children at the moment I just checked.

  • Ahh me too about not understanding time!!! People always make fun of me for that, I just don't care about time! no wonder we are both up at this hour hahah. I always wondered why it was not important for me, I thought it might be a cultural thing but my younger sister (1 yr younger) is always very prompt and rushes me when I meet her for things.

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    This post is deleted!

  • Ladies this posts are wonderful!!! Indigo that is cool about your eyes. Remember that we beat to the sound of the universal drum and think outside the box to a fuller and richer existence. Not all people can think outside the box so they fear the unknown and we sometimes represent that with how we live our life.

    Leo , my sun sign is Sag, moon sign is Cancer, rising is Gemini

    Yes I had my stomach pumuped when I was little and had a near death experience after the brith of my son.

  • Do you ladies in the UK have new age stores near you to buy these books from or can they order them for you? Libra sun, Taurus moon, Sag. rising.

  • How about used book stores?

  • Do you believe this commerical posted on here!

  • Libra's Lair I found some on amazon this morning,

    am in the library having got the care and feeding of indigo children, by doreen virtue, and the indigo children by lee carroll, and jan tober, which I found under child care, didn't see the commercial though, must've been pulled, hopefully

    Scarlattina, this is early evening in the uk where I am, it's four o'clock in the afternoon lol, my last post was about lunchtime, last week when hubby was away I could be online late night but he has to be up for work at 4.30 am when he's home, and he's doing a home learning course as well so he has to get online time when he gets home

  • chrissi the seem to have removed that commercial. I reported it as abuse. Thank goodness they are listen sometimes. An I for one appreciate that. Now if they disappear in the list of threads I know they listen to us.

  • this is very nice to know

    that Indigos are here in the forum

    thanks for the info and the quiz

    and no Scarlattina I wouldn't call that disillusioned

    I've had people call me that most of my life I wouldn't want to call anyone that

    just hope that they will find this forum and read through

    so their eyes will be open and stop calling names

  • that is also a yes from me, it does no good to anyone

    blessed be and goodnight every one

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • intresting aries pisces cusp! I took that quiz and got a 94% I think it was because the questions referring to did I feel like I belong here I had to answer no. I dont feel like this is my natural home. anyone else have that experience?

  • soapmaker, that is amazing that you had a similar experience as me even though it's a scary situation, i'm also a gemini rising btw!

    leoscorpion & ariespisces you're welcome for the links of course~thanks for not thinking I'm disillusioned 😛 i didn't want to go into heavy detail and make everyone snore hehheh.

  • lovinmylife, i have to say I don't feel like this is my natural home either...maybe that's why so many of us here are just seeking out what's beyond the veil, trying to see where we really come from. i should also mention that I didn't actually calculate my percentage with the quiz, I just went hmm yup yup yessss.....too lazy to bother

  • I was introduced to the book Indigo Children when my son, born in the mid 80's was diagnosed as one by his pediatric doctor.

    Since that time, I have done a lot of reading on the subject and we now have both Crystal children and Rainbow children.

    I believe all are being sent to the planet at this time to help heal our world and yes, 2012 will not be the end of the world, just the end to the way we have been living in this world on this planet.

  • ~8house, that is an interesting thought, "2012 will not be the end of the world, just the end to the way we have been living in this world on this planet."

    I had a frightening scifi-esque dream last night about the end of the world after reading about indigos/crystals. Sometimes I get these scary dreams where I can see changes in the cosmos ahh, disturbing image.

    Your take on it is something I hope for! It just seems like people keep getting more bloodthirsty, the world is becoming more crowded/competitive, and the instant gratification we have so available to us just makes the world spoiled. All the negativity keeps brewing up in this small world, even I have a hard time staying out of it. I will become more frightened as this phenomena starts to exhaust itself....towards 2012...

    Does anyone think that in 2012 the north and south pole will switch polarities? It's supposed to happen ever 29000 years or so and we're also supposed to be due for this among other strange things.

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