Is there a link between 2012 and the Indigo Children?

  • Wow you guys continue to amaze me! I have never even heard of indigo children before or crystal children. I took a quiz and found myself in the 94 th percentile. I could identify with almost everything except that I ve been told my aura is combinations of yellows and oranges. What does that mean? This really helped me understand myself better. Thanks for sharing. I could never understand why I couldnt just "fall i line" with what everyone else was doing. Going to school was absolute torture for me and I can not stand doing the typical 9-5 and I absolutely hate the school schedule that my kids are on. I get really annoyed when people start any sentence with "you should" it makes me cringe and want to do exact opposite. I was always told I have very big exotic looking eyes and people have a hard time making eye contact with me. I have always felt like I have a bigger purpose in this life then just to be here living and I was afraid to let people know that because they might think i am being arrogant. I have been told since I was a child that I am wise beyond my years and I have had a difficult time making alot of friends. I am more a lone wolf type even though I am friendly and sociable. My parents could never understand why I was always bringing home "stray " types of people. And wanting to "fix" them. They would tell me you are so much better than so and so why are you friends with that? My response would be I want to help, Dont you care? I have been accused of knowing things about people that I should not as if its a bad thing. Really? I could go on and on about this I am so excited! But I will spare the rest of you on here all my rambling and just say thank you know I am understanding even more. Reading about this has been like going through 20 years of therapy for me. I also want to say that I had been told also that I had symptoms of a person with ADD. I thought they were nuts. I like being "different" and I wish I had known that this was okay years ago. That I was created this way for a reason that Im not just a big underachiever LOSER. Thanks so much!!!!! xoxoxoxox

  • Sweetie, you are most definitely NOT a loser, not by any stretch of the imagination.


  • Lovin, I was just told again today that I have amazing eyes. I get it all the time. It doesn't bother me any more because I am at peace with myself. People are always seeing my gift in my eyes.

    I am so glad you find comfort here as I do to. You are a very gifted lady with love and light in your heart!

    Wenchie you are right on the money


  • Doesn't it make you feel more like you belong because your not alone? Your like a lot of others and never had a clue. It almost feels like a weight is lifted isn't it. Knowledge kind of frees you. So keep reading because there's a reason for the awakening. I have been told that in my next like I will be a protector for children that they will be looking for to use in warfare for their abilities. They have always used people with abilities we are just starting to hear about it. They used them in the wars to find where they are keeping out soldiers prisoners. Well they will be used in the future if the governments have their way as weapons. We won't be talking out in the open then about abilities it will be like an underground society. And keeping the children safe. Does that blow my mind. How did you think they have been trying to find Osama. and that was on the news.

  • Lovin, LL, Soapmaker,

    Hi Lovlies,

    You won't hear much from me today, I'm tired as h e l l and got a thumping headache. So I'm not ignoring any of you, just struggling to do what I need to at work today.

    Hugs to you all, have a good day (I guess night where you are!)

  • Wenchie and soapmaker you ladies make me feel so good, so accepted, thanks so much for that. I have so many problems with my relationships people dont know when to stop asking me to help and its only appreciated until I say NO yourself please. Or they want to be around and enjoy my caring and lightheartedness only to turn around and make fun of me or talk behind my back. Which I actually dream about it when people gossip about me exactly who and what was said and its hilarious. Libras lair you are great too! You have a no nonsense approach and I love that. I tend to be flighty all over the place never firm on anything. hahaha. And oh the stuff you are saying about those poor kids, NOOOO, I cant take that please spare my sensitive spirit the details that will haunt me for weeks. ) :

  • And of course Hello to the other lovlies, Bab & Chris, even though they have't been on here today, don't want to leave you out!

  • Awe Wenchie, I hope you feel better. As with anyone on here I feel that there is no time restrictions on when or how often we chat. Everyone should feel free to come and go as they can or want to. I would never restrict any friends to a time schedule. As you all can see I dont always respond quickly to emails and coming here to chat. We all have lives away from our computers and I respect that. I will be especially absent starting in January when I go back to school to get my nursing liscense. Ill just be poking my head in here and there. Ill let you know when the time is closer. Love to you all. ( :

  • Thanks hon. :-))

  • You have a good evening lovin and Wenchie it' 6 pm here and 5 at soapmakers house. Sorry your having a bad headache and hope you took something so it will go away. Talk when your better. Peace

  • Hi wencjie, please feel better hugs coming your way. It is 7:45 pm here in pa a rainy & cold night

  • thanks indigodance for the name of books

    not sure if I will get them but I'll look them up later

    thanks anyway

  • Wenchie,

    I'm in the UK, different timezone, hubby's on in the evening now, he's doing homework for his health and safety course, so I'm on in the morning 7am UK time, when you are all in bed sleeping,or at least resting


    you have exactly the same lifestyle problems as myself are you Aquarius with capricorn moon and scorpio rising, I could never stick at mainstream jobs, I always ended up doing something to get myself sacked. the longest job I ever had was two years

  • very wet here too, some places are flooded, but so far luckily not near us in Sutton, Surrey, we're near London so maybe that's why

  • Soapmaker - I am always being told I have amazing eyes - they seem to penetrate right through people - it either fascinates them or scares them.... hee hee....

    Chrissicat - this is the longest I have been in a job (being a bit older now - I knew I had to keep some security around me - but don’t really enjoy the work - just cant settle into one).

    What does seemed to have happened though is others are being drawn to me in the work place to find solace - nice to think others have such confidence in me - but a bit over whelming when I am still trying to come to terms with my own issues..

    Leoscopion - books are ok - but only when you are ready. I tend not to purchase unless I really feel the need to. If I don’t enjoy a book or get nothing from it - it feels a bit of a let down ?

    The internet unfortunately is starting to overflow - but I do feel a lot of the sites are copies of each other making their own mark - that’s not what this is about - makes me sad. Yes others have good intentions’ - but they not looking beyond what they are doing - which is what Indigos are all about - moving forward our consciousness. These sites are ok for those who have newly found this energy – but very frustrating for those ready to take the bigger steps.

    There seems to be a link with Scorpio coming out with this - never noticed this before ??

    I did an internet search last night to see if I could find anything new - I was dismayed to come across a blog that was about Adult Indigos, but the writers were seeking abundance - law of attraction (money !!!) they seemed to think money was the only way forward - yes they had good intentions to use the money - but totally missed the point - they could not see that money is only a tool - pure love lasts forever. The power of love can move the consciousness of the universe.

    I am near Portsmouth, UK - very wet and grim.... 😞

  • I was beginning to wonder if there were any UK people here, last week hubby was away so I got the computer all the time, he's a postie, so comes home around half two or three so if he's doing a course I am off then unless he's away.

    my son loves going down your way he goes to Eastliegh to train spot every time he can afford it, he wants to be a freight train driver

    I know what you mean about jobs, I managed to actually keep two at onceup to january of this year, but the boss at one didn't like the idea of me wanting to join the union so that went just after christmas , and the other one didn't last after I said I was not on permanent call(for bar work would you believe),

    I'm hoping our library has some books on both Indigo and Crystal children, as Dylan is definitely a strong crystal child according to soapmaker, and I want to do the best I can for him the indigo/crystal discussion has appeared on another thread too on past livesI think some books were mentioned there one was 'Indigo Adults,Understanding who you are', but if they are american books Amazon might be the only way to get them, I cheat and put key words on the searches then use their wish list function to keep the relevant info, I do that on e-bay too it can be very useful:)

    now very dull and windy here, but more rain has been promised later yuk!!

  • forgot to say, I actually have a scorpio rising sign

  • indigodance

    yeah that's why I'll look it up later

    I have quite a few things to read already and the info coming to me when I do yoga is also overwhelming I wil take a break from exercising it next month

    thanks for the info though if you find any more good read, let me know

    not sure what interest, but we both have leo sun and scorp rising so I'll see what you recommend and decide from there


    hey didn't know you have scorp rising too. where's everyon'es moon? mine in gemini

  • My moon and rising sign are both in Scopio - my sun is in Leo

  • I hope no one thinks I am disillusioned, but I literally want to cry reading about this since it resonates so deeply with my soul. I've never heard of indigo/crystal children breaks my heart now to hear about it because it explains so much about my behavior from childhood through now. Just as an example, my mom used to blame me for these traits, always singling me out as the black sheep among my brother and sisters...but she always told me that I was the most intelligent of my sisters, and that I learned to walk and potty-trained so fast that it was strange to them. I even remember learning to walk. She didn't like that I questioned and did things differently than she expected. Many of my teachers have talked to my parents about me being intelligent and different (i'm not trying to brag sorry). It's so weird to me to see all these characteristics just laid out so plainly here that it is part of something bigger than myself. In my job I have some customers that only come to me for help (probably hard for them to get quality help), they are from Estonia (near Russia), and the past two interactions with them they kept trying to figure out if I was religious -I told them I am deeply spiritual but not necessarily religious. Recently they told me that I seem to have an old soul and that they really like me! 🙂 it was very sweet. I have always thought I had an old soul. Often, I break into tears when I think about a lot of the shallowness of my peers. In high school, many people told me that they were intimidated by me...not gonna go into too much detail but weird. I always have been different than them and at times wondered if I had narcissistic tendencies-this would be a contradiction of my actual nature, but now it makes sense because I just know who I am and try to teach people by example or other ways to be peaceful or reach higher goals. I always wondered why I did this and assumed it was because I must've had many past lives? And the arts have always been at the center of my thinking, everything is about art (i'm pisces w/ leo moon), dance & drawing/painting etc etc.

    Sorry I don't mean to go on and on, I just want to express how exciting it is to learn about this...not even because it is particularly good, just that I see much of who I am as a part of something greater and something with reason to it finally...especially a reason for being different than people I know and never being able to fully mesh but just barely. Or if I do, many of my friendships I've terminated because they ended up being toxic friends. I took the quizzes but it didn't even really seem necessary since it all just made such perfect sense, like a 99% match with me. I feel almost indulgent posting this since a lot of the traits sound like bragging or something, but I feel it so much.

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