Is there a link between 2012 and the Indigo Children?

  • Leoscopion - hello from Indigodance - I will find the name of the two and only books and let you know.... perhaps its time to write one !!! Thanks for the additional info...

    I do think this is all aligend to 2012 as well... what I do know - the last few months things are moving very fast for me - can barely keep up with the insight that is being directed at me.

    I have found the last two years, many of the younger staff at work are a lot more sensative and seem to be drawn to me to help them adapt to the working world (just to get through it) but their sensativity is such I help them not to be disolusioned and keep on going with the good things they want to do. The changes they want to see and make - I feel priviledge to support them.

    Love to all 🙂

  • Thanks Leo. That was good info. I truly was born Indigo. Knew from when I was 6 yrs old but didn't know what it was called then. When I met the crystal teen, she could not control the gifts. I taught her how to protect herself and tune out some of it to live her life. I do believe myself that indigos are still being born. I could talk to my granddaughter, now 21 months old, in the womb. She has a very old soul and I know she will have the abilities I have.

    My spiritual path has been at a rapid rate for about 9 years. And I am learning now to take it higher because I believe that is what I have been told by Edgar,

    Hugs to you and all for sharing all the info!!

    Brightest Blessings 🙂

  • you are welcome Indigo and soapmaker

    we are all sharing here

    I don't have gifts like you two and hanswolfgang have

    so all I can share is what I am taught

    yes please let me know the books Indigo

    and soapmaker if you know any more CD for meditation pls let me know

    I look up the one you mentioned last week it was on ebay I want to get it before christmas 🙂

  • This is what i've been told.

    Indigos are old souls sent to the earth to help prepare the population for the 2012 shift in consciousness.

    In 2012 the eart will align with the sun and will be the closest to the centre of the universe in our galaxy's orbit. It is a gradual change as opposed to a sudden event.

    For more information on indigos i recomend The Indigo children by Lee Carrol and The care and feeding of indigo children by Doreen Virtue (2 different tastes on the Indigo phenomenon)

    I have also been researching 2012 and have been reading Fractal Time which talks about cycles and links 2012 to a cycle of world ages, and also Diana Coopers new book 2012 and beyond (again, 2 very different tastes) you might get these from your library.

    If anyone else has a greater understanding on these events than I do, please keep posting.

  • Here is one on the Crystal children:

    The Crystal Children : A Guide to the Newest Generation of Psychic and Sensitive Children (ISBN: 1401902294 / 1-4019-0229-4)

    Virtue, Doreen

  • thankyou will look it up in our library asap

  • by the way here he is

  • chrissicat you can get a used copy good condition from get this quick or they will remove it from the thread unlike the spammers.

  • Leo the cd I use when meditating is Chakra Balance by Deepak Chopra. It is a 2 CD set one with guided meditation and one with just the music. It is my favorite. I go very deep inside with this music and have the strongest visions and gain the strongest insight and clarity.

    As I melt into the relaxation and get a quiet mind, I visualize a red beam of light coming from the lowest seat bone chakra going down into the earth, I keep it going in a narrow circle and when it gets to the point that I can send it into the earth and bring it up to my head, then I add a white beam of light to connect me to the universe. I keep this rotating red, and white light going at all times in meditation. It grounds me as well as connects me to higher clarity

    When doing a simple meditation for quiet, when listening, is when I see Edgar and the ethereal dimension.

    When listening and meditating for clearity in communicating with the other side, like All Hallows Eve, As I melt in relaxation, I visualize first a green, mist going through my body, then indigo, then white. Then put my tongue on the roof of my mouth to hold and contain the clarity.

    It fully opens my third eye.

    When I listen to Depeche Mode, Night will fall, I go out of body too easily!!! So I can't listen to it when I am driving!!!!

    Light and love

  • Yes Chrissy I see it and feel it from him

  • ok soapmaker

    you told me another one before that and I found that one on ebay

    I'll look up this new one later thanks!

  • LeoScopion - from Indigodance.

    Books for adults are The Indigo Survival Guide (Oct 2006) by Olena M A Gill ( I enjoyed this one)


    Indigo Adults by Kabir Jaffe and Ritama Davidson - Forerunners of the New Civilization (2005) (this one seems better known) - this seems mega expensive on I didnt pay any where near the £15 asking price ? it only a paper back ??? All I can assume is the lack of availbility factor pushing the price up

    There is a new one out by Kabir and Ritams - Indigo Adults Understanding Who You Are and What You Can Become (May 2009): . I have not read this one - not sure how much may be repeated in the last one - hence reluctant to purchase till sure. £8 approx on

    Gave a different perspective on the subject - happy reading 🙂

  • Indigo I know if that's not a new book that in the UK may have it on there. Check before they remove the link. I have look for book on there and there's lots of books I want there in the UK but more expensive there than here for me.

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