Is there a link between 2012 and the Indigo Children?

  • Hello my name is Stacey and I have a son who is going on the age of 4, He has been diagnosed as being mildly autistic,,, I have been reading these posts and have found alot of the info to be quite familiar with things my son and I have experienced. Is autism anything related to these sort of children? Also someone was telling me I had a star child does anyone know what that is?

  • meow2night, the book I read on indigo children said that a lot of them have been diagnosed as ADD, and given ritalin, but apparently a lot of theories on autism do say that it may be that they are more sensitive to the chemicals used in everyday foods and yes, may function on a higher vibratory rate than the rest of us. The names and details of the books are somewhere on this thread, I think one is called the care and feeding of indigo children but I don't remember the author's name you could find it useful .

    Soapmaker thanks for that, I will google that dr, unfortunately I am allergic to nettle, I discovered this after badly ulcerating my mouth when I was drinking nettle tea regularly, I didn't link the two until Allan asked me what pollens triggered my hayfever and as soon as I stopped the ulcers healed, I actually end up with sores wherever I get stung, the skin kind of falls apart, just like it does if I get bitten by insects too

    love and light

    blessed be

  • Hello! How do you know if you are an Indigo child or a Chrystal child? I have two children on the Autism Spectrum. This is all very fascinating, how do you test for it? Thank you! ~Susan

  • This is very interesting! A boy aged 16 added me on facebook out of nowhere... I accepted and he told me hes an indigo/crystal child, and that he sees faeries... I finally understand what he meant!

    But indigo or not (and I don't think I am one), we're all part of the universe, the one being... meaning that in the end we'll all get back to source...

    If this is correct, then I believe it's right to assume we're all in this together! 😛

    (Think when you get into a fight with someone - ''Why the hell am I fighting myself? That's just ret@rded!!'')

  • If anyone is interested in Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children, please google any of these words. There are many sites dedicated to this subject and will give you information on all and also star children, star seeds and gallactic beings. Indigo children are the movers and shakers, they don't make rules in their life. Most have ADD, ADHD and some even with Bi-polar tendancies. They are here to tear down the old sytems and rebuild the new. Crystal children are Full of Love and most have autistic tendancies....These children already have telepathic ablities. All the children are here to be our teachers....The children that are being born now throughout 2012 and on will be very gifted and have special abilities to teach us all. Here are three links to help with your questions. . Be prepared for a whole new pardigym. Blessings and Love to all!

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