Is there a link between 2012 and the Indigo Children?

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  • did once have a job that started at 6.30 am boy that was hard, My theory is that it's to do with the time we are born, Allan my hubby was morning born so can get up easily..unless we've been in the pub the night before, We, my son and I were born at night , and can stay up late for days without too much effort, but struggle with mornings Now he's a postie, he leaves for work at fivethirty, but is asleep before nine pm, sometimes as early as six pm I have been up this week till 4am, and still get Dylan up for college at 6, no trouble, except he would rather stay in bed, but he is a teenager too so I sympathise LOL

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  • yes, I saw someone actually do that, they sort of wilted on the chair

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  • our gyms are not open till 6am and they are more expensive then as it's not off peak, but we sometimes have clubs here turning out at five thirty in London, so you could have the last half hour

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  • yup, but here the minicabs can cost a fair bit but so can black cabs so we have also used night buses (they run all night)to get home

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  • wow it sounds good wish we had that here we could get rid of the aggression from our problems in our lives

  • Dear Amantim,

    I am so glad to hear you are recovering, I know, the sutchers/staples are kind of bizarre, I had them takes time.

    Though I only know of you through this forum, I thought about you and hoped for the best possible results...I have not been on the forum lately, tied up with work, and some health issues within the family, etc. Anyway, I am glad all worked out for you, I hope you will find your health much improved.

    I have dizziness often myself and always felt it was due to either the great amount of blood or fluid loss.

    I saw an irridologist, she suggested a supplement call Gotu Kola, and chloroxygen. She also suggested a formula (it's a supplement also) that is for those with very sensitive nervous systems; there is one for those who are internally sensitive, and one for those who are hyper-sensitive to environmental stimuli and environmental stresses, as well as pressure points/accupressure . I am not recommending you the supplements, but rather, research it a bit and check with your health food store and doctor to see if maybe these might be options...

    I apologize in advance, I realize as I type this that this is a little underbaked, as I rush to get to work and won't be able to get back online for a few days, but I felt like I had to throw this out there, I guess, because I know how frustrating these issues can be, and I just know that there are things that can help, just a matter of finding the right combo for each unique situation/body. And on that note, if anyone here knows of things that can help, please feel free to mention, as I am always seeking non-pharmaceutical methods of dealing with various health problems. Thank you and blessed New Year!

  • Emerald Fields, Gota Kula is an herb that is also used to enhance memory. You should not take it for a long period of time. I have done research on so many herbs. A good place to find more info is Mountain Rose Herbs. Their website has so much info on most of the herbs in the world.

    Love & Light

  • Soapmaker,

    I hope things are geting good at your side

    is Gota Kula the same thing as Gotu Kola ?, and is there a herb that would work at lowering cholesterol at all? they keep asking me to go on statins and as they interfere with my liver function I'd rather not thankyou

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Soap maker,

    How do you know for sure that you are an Indigo child? I have had many experiences in seeing things in thedream state as well as in the conscious state. I have had so many experiences as a child and as and as an adult of seeing beyond the days of what people call today. It has always puzzled me. And different religions have tried to help me explain it but me coming on this site opened up an interest. i have alway felt like I had knowledge beyond my experiences in life. People called me old and said that teh wisdon I have is unbelieveable. i do not FULLy understand "what an Indigo child is?" I was born in a year when the planets changed tremendously and this was 1976 in January on the day I was told by someone who had a knowledge beyond my belief. They told me I was a powerful person in a past life and had not tapped into all of my abilities. I just want some direction as to what and how to move in this area? I spoken in languages that I have never learned...things have been really weird lately. I feel trapped. Help please......

  • Laytee

    there are a few sites online and they have Quizzes to fill in, then they will tell you , if not there are two books which are mentioned earlier in this thread also the Celestine Prophesy may have info there that may help you too

    Good luck

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Thank you. Sorry I have been busy with my work. Do you have nay specific sights that has these quizes on there?

  • if you google indigo children the sites will give you the quizzes I do not remember the specific site I used but if admin haven't taken it down it may be still on the thread somewhere

    Good Luck

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

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  • Chrissi cat, I am going to start again on a fiber drink a doctor and friend of mine makes. He made it for his diabetic and heart patients to help them lower many bad factors in blood.

    Google Dr. Scott Levine. He calls himself the thin doctor because his all natural fiber drink helps to make you feel fuller so you do not each so much at a meal. He is in Orlando Florida. Yes the are the same herbs.

    here is a long article from the site I get my herbs. I use nettle & mint tea in the spring as a immune tonic too: this is what it says about nettle

    Nettle Leaf and Powder Profile

    Also known as

    Urtica dioica, Stinging Nettle, Common Nettle, Gerrais, Isirgan, Kazink, Ortiga, Grande Ortie, Ortie, Urtiga, Chichicaste, and Brennessel


    The common nettle comes by its other name, stinging nettle, honestly. The innocuous plant, a perennial that grows in many parts of the world and that has been naturalized to Brazil, delivers a stinging burn when the hairs on the leaves and stems are touched. Its healing properties are as well known among various cultures and are part of folklore and tradition. Those healing powers are even alluded to in at least one fairy tale, The Swan Princess, in which the heroine must weave shirts of nettle leaf to cure her twelve brothers who have been turned into swans by an evil stepmother. The nettle leaf and root both have medicinal properties, but each is more effective against different complaints. Nettle leaf is used traditionally as a diuretic, and as a treatment for rheumatism and arthritis. In Germany, a standardized extract is sold for the treatment of inflammatory conditions and prostate diseases. Nettle leaf's effectiveness against rheumatism and other inflammatory diseases is well documented, and borne out by chemical analysis of the plant.


    formic acid, histamine, serotonin, choline, minerals, chlorophyll, amino acids, lecithin, carotenoids, flavonoids, sterols, tannins and vitamins. Nettle's main plant chemicals include: acetophenone, acetylcholine, agglutinins, alkaloids, astragalin, butyric acid, caffeic acids, carbonic acid, chlorogenic acid, chlorophyll, choline, coumaric acid, folacin, formic acid, friedelins, histamine, kaempherols, koproporphyrin, lectins, lecithin, lignans, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, neoolivil, palmitic acid, pantothenic acid, quercetin, quinic acid, scopoletin, secoisolariciresinol, serotonin, sitosterols, stigmasterol, succinic acid, terpenes, violaxanthin, and xanthophylls

    Parts Used


    Typical Preparations

    Steamed and eaten in salads, pastas, etc. As a tea, extract and capsule.


    Nettle's purported anti-inflammatory effects have been repeatedly confirmed by modern research over the past ten years. It is particularly effective in treating allergic rhinitis, relieving nearly all the symptoms of itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and runny nose. It also has performed better than the prescription drug furosemide in reducing blood pressure, increasing urine output as a diuretic and increasing salt excretion. It also seems to be effective in reducing pain and producing a sedative effect. It is important to keep in mind that the medicinal effects of the leaf and root of the nettle are markedly different. Nettle root, for instance, shows exceptional efficacy in treating prostate complaints in men. Nettle leaf has some of the same effects, but not to the same extent. The leaf, on the other hand, shows some promise in boosting immune system function and is an effective treatment for many skin conditions. One final use should be noted and that is nettle leaf has been used as a hair and scalp treatment for centuries, and again, those uses are being supported by research as well. Nettle leaf extract seems to promote hair regrowth and thicken hair, as well as reducing dandruff and scalp conditions when used as a rinse.


    Because of its diuretic and hypotensive actions, nettle leaf may lower blood pressure. If you are taking diuretics or other drugs meant to lower blood pressure, consult your doctor before using nettle leaf. Its long term, extended use is not recommended.

    For educational purposes only This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

    This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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