Is there a link between 2012 and the Indigo Children?

  • I'm trying to get me head around the whole 2012 debate and have found interesting information on the Indigo Children and I believe they are linked somehow. I would appreciate anyone's help to enlighten me on the subject.

  • I was an Indigo child and now in my 40's . That is a very interesting question I have been pondering for awhile. It seems to me that I am being drawn to, and they are being drawn to me, people that are enlightened. I have never met so many like minded people in my life. It seems like a gathering.

    Anyone else?

  • Well I am not an Indigo. And from what I can remember, its been so long ago and I loaned that book. But I thought my daughter was an Indigo but she was born in 68' and that was too early for her to fall into that category. But I had questions at that time but never got anyone to answer that one. Now the Crystal children would seem to me to be the ones who would maybe have more to do with 2012. And it isn't the end of the world it's the end of things the way we are used to.

  • I was a mentor for a crystal child. I think it is both indigo and crystal.

  • Someone told me once that my youngest is an Indigo child. What does it actually mean?

  • Indigo children are born with psychic abilities and know they are old souls.

  • Thanks for that she is almost 17 now. She has always been very self contained. x

  • From what i have read the Indigo Children started appearing in the 50's but there was not very many.Then they increased in the 70's and now it's the Crystal children but some Indigo's do progress to Crystal's.

  • Very fascinating!

    I do not believe that the world will end in 2012.

    But I do believe drastic changes are happening, and that they have to do with the precession and natural,cyclical and planetary transits. I also think heightened inner processes are part of it. The end of one era and the beginning of the next - why wouldn't we feel these as strongly as other transits - most of us know intuitively when Mercury is in retrograde...why wouldn't we sense this massive upcoming alignment as well?

    We've (most of the others I've talked with on different forums here) have been experiencing decrease, a winnowing out of that which isn't really needed anymore - whether we want to acknowledge it and let go of it or not - which I think is part of the process as well - just like the decrease after a Full Moon - the emptying out before the new cycle starts with the New Moon. It will be interesting to see the changes it all brings about!

    I don't know much about the Indigo Children or the Crystal Children, but I've heard of them off and on for some time.

    Really interesting!

  • Hi Magic,

    I agree. I was born in 1960. Not many of us then. My abilities have grown stronger and have many more now then when I was a child. I have always I was different. When I was 6 years old, I told my mother, It wasn't fair, I was a very old soul in a little body. I don't feel that way k=now of course!I love the abilities as they have enriched my life. I have extended it to others.

    For me, as well as other people with abilities, we have been meeting more and more for the last 3 years. I am constantly running into past life friends and we recogonize it.

    This was a great topic and has been a question we ask ourselves from time to time. I don't believe in coincidences.

    Blessings to all!

  • Hi All,

    Forgive my ignorance, but I thought we were all born with the psychic abilities but some of us have "forgotten" how to use them or need to develop them more. I would be interested to know more about Indigo and Crystal children and what each is and how do you know what you are? Is it by the year you were born (I was born in 1971) or is it based on abilities or a state of mind or what??!!!! Very curious. :-))

    I think 2012 will see many of us living on a higher level and our energies vibrating at a much higher level, which is why I feel so many of us are going through spiritual growth and awareness now, in readyness for this new era.

  • Wenchie the book I read was Indigo Children By Lee Carroll & JanTabor. I read it about 7 or 8 years ago. And I haven't read anything that says there is anything in common with 2012 myself. So I can't help you with that.

  • indigo, bring the gift of clairvoyant, healing and access to 4th and 5th dimension

    crystal, master of creation, access to 6th dimension

    together they bring these to share with ordinary people, bringing many to the same level of consciousness or some may call it awareness

    so these children are linked to universal awareness

    but not necessarily 2012, unless this period has something to do with it

    some indigo children are making transition to crystal

    I am told that I am one of them. I know I am here to share the universe teachings and I have been here many times, although not all past lives are important to remember for we only need to remember the lessons

    the transition itself certainly takes years for me and it is slow progress

    for I am required to attend to physical matters as for now

    what happens in 2012 is the result of what we have been doing all these years we live on earth

    whether someone is indigo or not, is irrelevant

    the universe sees us as equal and deals with us individually

    live your life the way the universe guides you

    it is the only way to create the future you want to create

    2012 is not the end of the world, but it will be the end of some

    who or what are 'some' ? each of us knows the answer

  • wenchie

    we are all born with physical and psyche traits but they manifest differently for each person

    some need nurturing some are strong since they are born

    to determine indigo or crystal, you can tell from their auras that is if you can see aura

    they are the ones that (as assumed by some people) will share their gifts to bring others to achieve awareness

    in a way of saying, if you do not nurture your ability and do not realize it, they will show you how

    so just because you are not indigo or crystal doesn't mean you don't have the ability

    to the universe, we are equal. there is no bigger better stronger person than the other

    but some are born to lead, some are born to follow

    not because the followers are less than the leader, but because some roles are not meant for everyone or the universe will be full of leaders and no followers, which is confusing

    my father's spirit is now working under an angel for specific assignment, not all spirits work under Angels, only the ones with the knowledge and wisdom needed

    but that doesn't make other spirits less popular or clever, in fact our spirits take the physical form to learn and the spirits with higher level knowledge/wisdom will guide us

    because we are all spirits, come from the spirit world and we all come back and forth here to learn. the physical form is nothing but a temporary tool.

  • Hello LeoScopion - with Leo as my sun sign and Scorpio as as my moon and rising sign I have always had insight to situations that seems lost on many onthers. I started reading about Indigos a few years back when trying to understand why I am so different and alien to others around me (they cant handle my energy - it frightens them)

    But is has been a lonely and difficult path - it makes me cross many are jumping on the band wagon and making a fortune out of something so profoundly special for our highest good. I was told I am an Indigo - which makes perfect sense to me - I meet all the checklist and even as a toddler - it was/is my favourite colour. The challenges and lessons have been hard - but looking back I can now see where my inner strength has come from.

    I noticed years ago - even the cloths I were buying were indigo in colour - and that was before I had an understanding.

    There really is not much information for the Adult Indigo - most of the books were written years ago - there are many books for todays children - but the authors seem to have forgotton that children grow up ?? I am not a lover of todays books on children - they are too onesided in making a parent egotistical on having a special child - my argument is we are all special - we all need love and support to develop - not books on how to "feed" a special child - we are all special - we know we all need good food to develop. (hence authors making a fortune out of this - I see this as bad karma).

    I also understand - especially from my own journey - that the indigo stage transforms into the crystal - like alchemy - the condensing of our energies. Give love, recieve love and make it pure as we possibly can.

    I am looking foward to 2012 - I see the door opening and at last I will find the light I am looking for.

    Love to all 🙂 hoping to find some too !!

  • could a child born in 1992 be either an indigo or a crystal child ? my son was and he does seem to have some of the qualities you describe, but if he uses powers they are used unconscously a lady who said she was clairvoyant said he was an old soul.

    I've been able to "make things happen" since I was a child, which definitely scared the others at my boarding school, and I have physical scars from their reaction. I thought I was a chime child then, born during the midnight chimes but I was born at around 11.30pm. I did lose my abilities for a while but they are coming back much stronger as I get older(I was born in 1958,) with the ability to communicate with animals too, or "see" where they are, through their eyes, but that developed after a furfriend of mine passed on,

    are there books on looking after indigo children in their teen years as if my son is, I would definitely like to help him develop

  • From what I have understood the time for Indigo childrern has passed and now the indigo are turning into crystal. The children born after the 70's are crystal. Don't know if that is true or not.

  • I for one have just encounted this information this year on the Indigo/crystal "children"...I support and have acknowledged the fact that we all have psychic abilities...we just need to fine tune it...

    this reminds me--I was talking with a co-worker who had to write a paper on herself...she said it was the hardest thing to do because she wasn't in touch with her self....

    This opened my eyes to my ignorance that everyone is not like me...whereas I have always been in touch with my 'self" I thought a paper on such should be easy....

    Again the changes are about raising our awarness of spirituality and breaking through the religous dogma. Realizing that we are all one and connected through a greater power....not one is greater than another...yet some are more advanced...having compassion and love for all living beings not trying to over power and dominate others....and lets not forget the TRUTH

  • soapmaker

    I was told I am indigo by someone that reads auras and I knew nothing about it either

    nor I nurture my abilities in anyway , as usual I was just sticking to material path at the time

    which was a dumb move 😞

    the time of indigo children have not passed, they still come

    the universe doesn't stop old souls (indigo children) to keep coming into the physical world

    they have been coming to the physical for many life times, they posses knowledge and wisdom that need to be shared, so there is no need of stopping them from coming

    most crystal children came around 2000, although some came earlier

    again the universe don't bow to our linear timing this is why in any period of time, there is always a visionary, a pioneer, a prophet in any name we call them

    what happens is that the indigo/crystal children/adult will share their knowledge/wisdom to the ordinary people. the interaction will then bring everyone to the universal consciousness, or at least most people that listen and open to guidance. not all indigos are transforming into crystal, only the ones that nurture their abilities or happen to interact with crystal for the crystal possess access to the 6th dimension and indigo only to 4th and 5th.

    a step by step process and interaction is needed, for not all spirits have reached the same level of knowledge and wisdom. not everyone knows how to develop their abilities.

    hence we keep coming back and forth many life times to learn. we can learn from life challenges and from interaction with higher spirits, as spirits or in their physical forms.

    life in the physical world, after all, is about learning.

    the alchemy process when it comes to gems or elements, are natural. but when it comes to spirits, the development depends on the effort spirits make to get there among other things.

    no idea why there is no book about adults, but then again the future is our own making.

    we should always nurture our abilities in any way we can, as early as possible.

  • wheeh that's not for soapmaker

    thats for indigo dance

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