• Hi there everyone

    I thought I'd post this up, even though it might put a few noses out of joint, but it must be said before it gets out of hand:

    My personal email address is exactly that: my personal email address. I have offered it to those who have asked me for it, or to those whose situations I was interested in keeping track of.

    But a few others have seen that address and contacted me outside of Tarot asking for readings.

    I'm really sorry, but this is not on! Either ask me if I'm happy to have contact with you outside of here, or I'll simply ignore your emails, which I don't like doing. It is an invasion of my privacy and is something I would never do to others.

    Like a lot of people, my time and effort is given freely on here and I don't want to feel like that time and effort is being taken advantage of. While I realise this is an open Forum and we post our private addresses at our own risk, I am asking for my personal space to be given due respect, and consideration offered for the simple fact that there's only ONE of each of us who do this!

    I'm sure this has happened to others, so hopefully this thread will help you out too.

    Thanks all, and I hope you have a fine day!

  • OMG! That is not on. chris1962, I am sitting here trying to get SMART into my head. You need to pull back and take some time to yourself. Close everything down now. You need to enjoy yourself and as giving as you are, give to yourself. That is my advice anyway and I am one who probably has pestered you slightly...sorry. x

  • Chris,

    You have every right to say what you have said. Yes, you have been very giving of your time and energy on and others need to respect that you have a life away from here (as we all do) and that you have your own issues going on. Grieving over a friend's death and going through a marriage breakdown is enough for anyone to be dealing with without the added pressure of the EXPECTATION that you can help every one else with their problems also.

    Take care of you sweetness.


  • Hi Cris,

    So sorry hon. I saw it and thought to ask you that way.


  • Cris your right I took advantage yesterday of doing that myself. It isn't a habit in fact it was a first and even if I felt like it was important information it may not be to the one I sent it to. So to you and Lovin I do apologize. Peace and harmony and kick back. Do you know anyone with a hot tub? If you do tell them you'll bring a bottle over if they want some company. LOL

  • Hey!!

    This for those who I don't know! Not the ones who I've befriended already; I don't have a problem reading for my friends one iota. If I can't get to something, I'll say so. But as said, this thread is for those who I don't know from Adam, or may have done one or two readings on here for, who then email me privately asking for further help.

    So to those who are my friends and who I'm in contact with outside of here, you are not the "target" of this thread at all. It's for the unknowns who pick up my email address and don't ask me first.

    azure, you ain't been a bother; I hope I've made it clear that this thread is not for people such as yourself :))

  • Libra,

    Nah, no girls' night out tonite. Just me and the two litre red I've got in the fridge (hate it room temp). The only hot tub I'll be soaking in will be the one in the bathroom down the hall and my only company that aforesaid two litre red and some choc ... ah life can be such wonesome wide sometimes ... sniff ... :(((

    Best get used to it I spose!

  • Not for long!!!!!!!!!!


  • And do you have a good book or some candles? How about some of that music you downloaded? I finally remembered the one I wanted you to check on. Its Spiritland by John Huling. He also has a Return to Spiritland oh and others but I love the first one best. See if you can find it.

  • Cris,

    my apologies if my posting my private e-mail on the forum and asking you to please e-mail me outside of the forum upset you. It's just that after Hpriestess's response and the sensitive nature of the question, I was hesistant to post it. My apologies again.

  • Cris, enjoy a quiet and peaceful evening. Light and Blessings to you. I have done so many readings myself with love and light!

  • I am with you, Cris.

    Everyone PLEASE remember that Cris, like many others here, is a very caring and giving person. She has said that it wasn't meant for those she has befriended, so we, her LUCKY friends aren't being singled out.

    BUT, seeing someone's email posted for ANOTHER PERSON does not give anyone the right to go ahead and use it themselves. We can easily start a thread in the forums with whomever's name in the title we want to connect with, without taking liberties with peoples private information

    You are all wonderful and sensitive, its those who think ANYTHING they want to say and do is ok that are a problem.

    Cris, you enjoy that litre and toss one down for me, too:)

    Blessings and Light

  • Hey all


    Candles I got, good book(s) I got, plus I got a three hour tape of CSI from the other night to watch with ALL of 'em in it, yeeha! It's all good, and some space without ANYONE asking anything of me will be much welcome.


    Sorry, I do remember you asking to chat privately now you mention it, but I got distracted and then forgot, so forgive me for that! It wouldn't have been a problem anyway, as you asked me first, which is why I posted this: for those who don't. This is simply a matter of common courtesy and you showed that, so don't go worrying about it!


    I'm glad you can see my point of view here. I didn't want to make anyone feel bad, but sometimes these things just get yer goat, especially when you've already spent quite a bit of time reading for people on here. I have no problem if someone asks to talk to me privately, but to a fair degree, I don't want to encourage too many readings in my private time as like all of us, I have my own issues to deal with at the moment. When I'm on here, I'm ready, willing and able to do whatever, but outside of that, it's largely down time 🙂

    I also saw your post in my need a house thread and I thank you for that. I sure hope what you say does happen! Am tired of ringing up about this one and that one to find that no, they're not moving out, or no, have sold it or God knows what else. Or you go driving out to look at a place from the outside that's supposed to be empty to discover cars in the driveway and kids in the yard ... It makes me wonder if I'm meant to leave here, but I can't as my daughter goes to school here. Bah!

    I'll get on to your reading request asap, but I do have another one pending before yours, so hopefully in a few days.

    Again, thanks for seeing my point of view here, and sorry if it felt like a bit of a slap in the face!

    Cheers all (incl. you m'dear Wenchie. "not for long", eh? Hmmm, we'll see about that, won't we? 🙂 Did you hear from you know who?

  • hisbablove

    I most certainly will enjoy that litre or so, and I'll toast your fine self while I'm doin it! Thanks for your support here and your understanding of what I was saying. I have no problem with my mates, otherwise I wouldn't have any ... or are you all just pretending, hmmm? C'mon ... fess up ... ah, enough already ... I think I need a cerebral enema ... 🙂

    You take care of yourself hbl, and if you start feeling a bit woozy and/or see your life flashing before your eyes later on tonight that's because I drank more than a litre and went to sleep in the bath ... :))

    Anyway, we'll all just keep on plodding on with the status quo and see what comes shall we? I think this month is one I'd like to see the back of, although I'm worrying about getting in the christmas spirit when December comes. Usually I'm right in there decorating the tree, doin all that, but this time? I'd like to crawl under a rock. Anyone care to join me?

    Thanks again. x oxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo

  • I'm kidding!

  • My goodness, since when is "e n e m a" a bad word???? Did ya see that? *****!!!!! Too far, just a bit too far ... ah, what the heck ...


  • chris1962,

    did you find a new place to live yet?

  • Hey bluewater,

    Nah, not yet. Seems like I might have to change me name to Forest Gump: walk alot, run alot, go fishing, and come back in two years ... 🙂 Thanks for asking though; very nice of you!

  • Chris, know who being you know who......of course I haven't heard from him. He never does anything in a hurry! Silly @#&%^!$@#%$ (just come up with your own word here!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    I may not have as much faith in my own situation, or silly boys waking up to themselves and knowing the difference between shite and clay, I DO have LOTS of faith in your yes, soon you will have a place to move to and not for long will you be alone.

    Never fear my dear


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