Of Foxes and Tarot

  • I have a fixation, and an affection for foxes; they have stood, for me, as an icon of freedom from the ills of society, and I would very much like to be one, if I had the option... strange as that may seem.

    I won't... explore the details too thoroughly if it's not necessary, but I'm going to outright admit that I'm pretty obsessed with them, even in a sexual sort of way--although I am not deviant. in act, simply in thought. This attachment has concerned me for some time, because while it is an intimate part of my personality, I want it to be the drive in my life, not the governing force.

    That said... I dealt myself a Celtic Cross spread... regarding the question: "Should I move on from my attachment to foxes, since I'm growing older, or should I hold tightly to it as a defining force in my life?"

    The spread came up as so:

    5 10


    4 1&2 8



    1. (indicator) Two of Cups reversed

    2. (present) IV. The Emperor

    3. (source) Nine of Swords reversed

    4. (past) Ace of Swords reversed

    5. (destination) XIX. The Sun

    6. (future) 0. The Fool

    7. (influences from within) Six of Swords reversed

    8. (influences from without) XVIII. The Moon

    9. (hopes and fears) Eight of Swords reversed

    10. (outcome) Four of Wands

    I have been continuously researching this spread, but I would love the perspective of a seasoned reader, regarding this matter. I will divulge further information as is requested.



  • Ah, sorry, that didn't format as I expected. my apologies.

  • This post is deleted!

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