Helppp need some insight

  • Im a virgo and this year i was distraught when my ex cheated on me, I haven't had any luck lately with finding someone else, and i was wondering if anybody could see if im going to find anyone soon, and what they look like ect...

    really much appreciate all the feedback

  • Hi

    1st of all allow urself to mourn ur ex n rebuild urself. I feel u are now forcing pushing urself to find an replacement n in that u come across desperate needy n that scares off the ones that would b good for u. I must ask, what is the rush? whats wrong with being single n lick ur wounds? If u aint happy being alone, what makes u think u will be happy with a man?

    Also right now i feel whichever man will b under suspicion for cheating since ur ex did that.

    i know it is a lot to ask BUT i will anyhows. Is it fair to the new decent good man to b suspected of cheating bc ur ex did that? I feel whoever u land as a man in life now will b under surveillance bc u are insecure of his intentions. One bad apple all bad apples.

    So plz, dont haunyt urself bc society n pals says u MUST b with a man. Find peace with urself n rebuild heal urself. TRUST me when u are fully ready n leadst expect it the man for u will stand there n say the most corny cheesy line to ya.

    blessed be

  • oh my god that is so true, everything you have said is true, and i do need to rebuild myself. Thanks so much you have been of great help, i was just wondering is this man allready in my life, do i know him, all will he be a stranger? thanks alot CharmedWitchBente

  • Hi Angelgirl11;

    Its funny you used this,as I go by nowangelgirl;I do read tarot cards,and do astrology,but I need your birth time to see what your rising sign is.I can tell you more astrology wise..Alot of the virgos are going through some testing right now,spiritually and emotionally..they have alot on their plates right now,and it seems like they never get any extra time to do the things they really want to do..They are so busy taking care of other people..They have also had someone extra come to live with them in the past 6 months,or have extra work,other than what they had.I like the person I read to shuffle the cards after I say a prayer over them..and since you can't do that,I'm not sure if I read them if it would be accurate for you..Let me know what your birth time is,and year,and date,and I can look up your mars,and tell you what type of man,and what sign would understand you the most..or you can do it,just get a book from the library,under sun signs,and rising signs,and look up your date,and year..the rising sign is done by the time(exact)that you were born..if you get me the time,I will do it for you..I could tell you alot more that way..take care,and good luck,I will say a prayer for you to do better,and find love,just say,please let God's white light surround me and my loved ones,and help us to be happy and healthy..and protect us from evil and really works,another one is,with God and Jesus all things are possible,if you say it 10 times a day,you will see an improvement in 2 days..May God bless you,and your family nowangelgirl

  • Hi Angelgirll:

    I read the post from charmedwitchbente,she does make alot of sense..also,remember you can't expect a man to make you have to make you happy,it took me 45 figure that out..Don't give up hope,I've had 2 ex husbands,and my husband now,is an angel,I can count on one hand how many fights we've had in 20 yrs..I'm his 3rd wife,he's my 3rd husband,all the tarot readers were right I went to before I read tarot..they all said you can stay with the 2nd but the third on is the one that you've been waiting for all your life..they were right..he's a libra and my mars is

    in libra,henceforth the mars theory,and yes,he does understand me,and accepts me for what I am,and doesn't try to change me..thats a special gift in itself..but you have to make yourself happy right now,and if a man comes along,(which he probably will)that will be a plus,when you least expect it,it happens,it did for me..Just ask God to help send you someone normal,that won't cheat on you,and believe me,he hears all..I know,I use to ask him to send me someone,he husband.Take up some hobbies,and take more walks outside when you get frustrated,as virgos need to get outside everyday if only for observe nature,it calms them down..virgos are usually high strung,and worry alot about things they can't change...don't give up,I feel you will meet someone through one of your friends,or family,yes,there is a man out there for you right now..look up,or give me your year,so I can see what your mars is in...Blessing to you,from nowangelgirl

  • Hi Pure Tarot. Astrologically, I am aware that if your rising is your love's sunsign or viceversa, or if your moon is your lovers sunsign or viceversa, but I haven't heard of the Mars theory. Would you please expand on that for me? Thanks, Nanette

  • Well hon i didnt get he has been or was in ur life now but that he will be. so again breathe n rebuild heal urself first.

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  • Moshiach1

    this looks like u wanna promote or sell stuff which here is seen as spam, you need TRUELY to rephrase ur posts. its so ick! be careful!

  • Gotta agree with CharmedWitchBente.

    I've been cheated on more than once and you need to heal yourself and get your power back.

    It's taken me more than 2yrs but I'm a lot stronger person now and happy I allowed myself to heal.

    There will always be a bit of a ting of pain but you will trust people again but it will take time.

    It won't happen over night but believe me you will get over it.

  • I fight as hell not to become The other woman. I can understand the alure of it all, but deep down all those that asks us me in particular, i gotta say youmiss something in ur life in ur relationship, n what u dont get we tend to seek elsewhere.

    many are aware of the ouch bad move, n yes we are only human, n we feel bad. many do some dont.

    we cant always reply on out partner to change what missing bc how do they know if we dont show em or tell em? im always befuddle when i hear i cheated my wife i cheated my hiusband, i did this i did that, but i never see i tried this n that to save it n it fell into a pit each time, im done trying. what to do?

    all in all it is a missing brick in theor lives

    we dont get it from the man we r with so we seek it elsewhere instead of hello i have the power to change it i dont need the man to rely on to do it

    any relationship is a twoway

    I reckon why i bother with em is because many of these distraught ones forgot they themselves can change n reinstall what is missing.

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