Forgiving someone who hurt you...

  • Leo>>>I've also heard putting your name out there like I did, isn't always a good idea.

    I'm glad you mentioned my reading. I've got a question. The last 4 days, I've just done a quick 3 card reading ( I've been busy and tired with my newborn) anyway, I'm at a crossroad in my life. One path, things stay as they are, and the other, everything changes. My cards tell me a change is in my future. - My cards have never lead me astray, I trust them with everything I am. - Now, I'm not sure if this change is what I want. So, my question is; can we change our fate? I believe we all have choices, I also believe whats gonna be will be. I trust your opinion. So, do I let go, have blind trust, or do I take actions/make choices that could ensure what I want?

    Love, Light and confusion................

  • wendy

    we are here to learn, move forward and evolve if necessary

    changes will not always be what you want but they are the whole package of lessons

    and so they are meant to be experienced

    we all have choices and the future is our own making

    this doesn't mean we can change what is fated by the universe

    but we can choose how we deal with life experiences and how we live our lives

    are we going to accept the challenges and learn from them or are we going to refuse to learn?

    psyche is the link to the universe guidance, it never lied to you before, it will not lie later

    trust your psyche (in your case, the cards) go with the flow and be prepared for the worst

    keep living your life in balance and positivity, nurture your physical and psyche

    worry/fear nothing, not even the uncertainty of the future

    do your best to be prepared for what may come and listen closely to guidance

    if you don't mind telling me, what is this reading about? money, job, relationship...?

  • @deirdre10 --- To forgive someone who hurt us in any way is indeed a very courageous thing to do! I want to congratulate you on this endeavour of yours and I pray to God that the one who deserves your wisdom and love comes along soon. Well, to forget and forgive are the two most important lessons we're here to learn...and th toughest too!!! I wouldn't wanna lie saying I CAN forget and forgive others (esp. the ones who hurt me/my loved ones) BUT yes, I am trying....

    @leoscorpion --- What wisdom Lady !!! :):):) Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts with all of us on here 🙂

  • thanks astrodame

    knowledge and wisdom come from the universe sent to me through helpful people and spirits

    bye now have a good weekend

  • librasangel

    I missed the first part you are saying

    yes I don't like putting my real name online anymore

    nickname I've used it instead

  • Hello leoscorpion, I just want to add to the comments made on your response to this post :, very intelligent , inspirational and enlightening. I really am impressed with so many of the comments that you provide as I also feel the energy and you are a great asset to this site. Many Thanks for being there when we need you..........Leonida

  • would like to offer the following: Even the best of us get taken for a ride sometimes...a really crazy confusing ride. You may find that it happened as an "in between" right before you meet the right person you DO want in your life. It may have happened to make you realize who and what you really need in your life.

  • leonida

    thank you for the kind words

    knowledge and wisdom come from the universe

    we are all here to learn, from challenges, from each other

    I remember you, how are things with you and your family?

    I hope the universe sends you blessings and support when things are difficult

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