I feel he hates me, but unsure.

  • Ok so im goin to give names by initals so its easier to understand. There was a guy named W, and we've been talking for a while now. I spent the night at W's house and the next day we hung out with his friend's, J and J.C. We ended up partying that night and we were having fun. J.C. ended up trying to come on to me, i told him no because I had like W. J.C. told me that W did not like me at all. We went up stairs for an hour, so i could explain to him why I like W and would not do anything to hurt him. J.C had lied to W, said we had sex and now W hates me. Told me he does not want to talk to me and doesnt call me his friend anymore. I tried explaining but he yelled and hung up. I really really like W, for almost 2 months now I have, but he hates me and I dont know what to do to make it up, any advice??

  • Tally, I feel that there is more to this story, hon. But, if I'm wrong, write him a letter or email explaining things or wait for things to settle down and try to talk to him face to face. If he won't see or hear you, you'll know you've done your best. If he won't talk about things this serious AND doubts your character so much at the START of a friendship, it would have ended in disaster later.

    If there is something you forgot or didn't mention in your first post and you're uncomfortable posting it, then you have all the pieces to the puzzle already:)

    Light and Blessings

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