Need insight plz

  • Hi Hanswolfgang

    I could so use some help please if you have the time.I will be losing my job soon and i would like to know what direction i should take as far as a career or going to school.If i should move to San Diego,Missouri or stay where i am at in Illinois.What do you see for me and the man i am involved with his birthday7/28/1955 mine 1/16/1950.I would be grateful for any insight you can give me.

  • Hi,

    you should take that direction which leads you to a career and you should stay where you are at in Illinois. For you and the man you are involved with I see some real love, but your masochism is very distinctive and you do not want to give up being in a delusion.

    So there can be emotional disappointment and personal losses on the affectional level. However there can be also completions in love and of 'Universal Love'. Yes, it can signal the ending of one or more key relationships. If so, it is most likely that these relationships are no longer doing you any good. It is time for them to end, whether or not you realize this at the time they happen.

    I see you helping others by counseling them or in some way sharing your love and compassion with them. It means a giving of love in a more or less selfless manner.

  • Hi Hanswolfgang

    You are right on everything.I don't want to leave here really but i am worried about money as i will be unemployed.I am thinking about going to school and a career to help people.Do see which field i should go into i know i can't be a nurse.

    I don't understand the masochism or delusion could you give me more information please.Is the relationships that will end with the man,children or friends as i don't have a lot of relationships i'm prety much an introvert...few friends.

  • Go to school for a career to help people. You should go into that field you are feeling well about it.

    You are reacting reverse, seeing only that you are not contented with, but ignoring that you could be happy with. The relationships that will end will not with the man, children or friends.

    You plan for tomorrow, and nobody knows whether the tomorrow is going to come or not. In fact it never comes. It is always today.

  • Thanks hanswolfgang

    For clearing things up and for helping me.

    You truly are a great reader.I appreciate everything.

    Thanks again for taking time for my reading.

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